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A grim pile of skulls

Decapitate 100 Uruks.

21 Oct 2014 until 28 Oct 2014

A grim pile of skulls
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Challenge Guide for A grim pile of skulls

  • The RoeshamboThe Roeshambo349,331
    21 Oct 2014 21 Oct 2014
    57 0 1
    If you use the lethal shadow strike it is a guaranteed decapitation. Quick and easy, just use the lethal shadow strike until you run out of focus and use drain to refill it.
  • Frankie DrumsNYFrankie DrumsNY351,859
    21 Oct 2014 20 Oct 2014 24 Oct 2014
    22 1 1
    A great spot for this is the South Uruk base on the second map, Fort Morn. I used this spot for 500 Uruk kills last week and noticed that most of my finishers were decapitations (I was looking out for it because I knew that was this week's challenge). Aggro groups of Uruks and one will eventually light the signal to call for back up. Once surrounded, jump over an enemy and use Vault Stun to freeze them, stab them in the back 5 times using Critical Strike 2 to triple the value of your hits, and use the cn_Y & cn_B finisher to kill them. Prioritize shield enemies over berserkers over javelin throwers over plain Uruks, which will let you keep the combo going and spam the cn_Y & cn_B finisher to decapitate. Throw in the occasional bow shot to kill fleeing enemies and a Shadow Strike or two to get enemies who are positioned far away and the kills rack up quickly.

    I tried to see if one enemy type was decapitated quicker than others or if my position in relation to the enemy changed my kill animation, but it appeared to be random.


    MysticWeirdo o said: cn_Y + cn_B is not a guaranteed decapitation; too often you'll just run through the uruk. He used wraith stun and flurry attack (with wraith finisher unlocked) cn_B, cn_X repeated which makes the uruk's head explode and is considered a decapitation by the game.
  • KaelseKaelse223,026
    21 Oct 2014 21 Oct 2014 21 Oct 2014
    13 0 0
    Another method to complete this is to dominate regular Uruks, gain intel or send death threats, and then kill instead of dismissing them; Celebrimbor will detonate their head, and the challenge will count the kill as decapitation. In addition, Combat and/or Stealth Branding combined with the Dispatch ability will also mass decapitate all of your in-range branded Uruks.

    This may take slightly longer (and the little cutscene gets kind of annoying), but it is more reliably decapitating than executions, which don't always end with severed trophies *ahem* I mean heads.
  • Triple G AndyTriple G Andy568,014
    21 Oct 2014 21 Oct 2014
    7 0 0
    Okay this is how I did this in about 15-20 minutes.

    Go to the South Uruk stronghold 'Fort Morn' in the second overworld 'Nunin'.

    Get the Uruks to signal the alarm and bunch them together.

    Use the cn_A + cn_B domination execution to brand anything from 6-10 Uruks. Then use cn_down to kill the pack. This will help recharge your 'Storm of Urfael' (?) ability wherein you get infinite executions for 20 seconds in combat.

    Use this time to brand as many Uruks as you can.

    When it runs out, pop their skulls and you should get a re-filled super meter.

    If done correctly you can have a never-ending supply of enemies and brand-executions.

    Hope this helps!
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