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"Flip" a map twice.

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How to unlock the Flip Flop achievement

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    To obtain the Flip Flop achievement you must flip a map twice in one game of Exo-Survival. This is achieved essentially by completing 50 waves. The first time you "flip" the map will be at 25 waves completed (this will also earn you the Exo Flip achievement). The wave counter will go back down to 1 but with a squared number above it. Also, enemies will be a little more tougher. It is highly recommended to go for this achievement with at least 2 people.

    I got this with 2 players, me and a friend. We did it on the map Bio Lab, with him running the Light class and me running the Heavy class. The best spot we found to survive in was the starting area with the Exo upgrade station. Camping in the back of this room near the windows gave us a clear view of all the enemies rushing towards us (with the exception of the drones that shot at us from behind). I recommend maxing out your damage and armor as soon as possible, this is vital. I also recommend completing the reward waves (Defuse the bombs, collect dog tags, etc.) for extra points. If you feel like you can't do the objective safely without dying, try killing enough enemies so that there's 3 or so left, then do the objective (this doesn't work for defending the hardpoint however). As for weapons, I stuck with the Laser gun most of the game and bought a BAL just in case. I found the Laser gun with the heat sink upgrade worked really well for me. After you max out your damage and armor, get the Stim exo ability (important) and max out your exo ability stat. One other thing to note is that you get to keep all of your stuff if you happen to die and respawn.

    Here's what we did during the final few waves: During the waves we camped out in the place mentioned above and used Semtex as well as the Stim ability if we were close to dying or just felt unsafe. Since my friend was running the Light class he used the UAV at the beginning of each wave to further help us. Now if you start to become overrun (either by the drones behind you through the windows or the Goliaths that spawn in certain waves) you will want to retreat through either the right doorway or down the left staircase (depending on where the major threat is coming from). In between waves we refilled our Semtex and re-bought the Stim ability to instantly recharge it. At this point we had like 30-40 extra points so refilling these was no big deal. The achievement will pop as soon as you see the message that says Map Flipped.

    This was the strategy we came up with and it worked well for us. If you have any questions or need clarification on anything just write a message in the comment box below and I will get back to you. Thank you and I hope this helps!

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    PlanetNoobiesGreat solution but I would add that you should also upgrade your goliath/drone/turret whichever you have a lot easier when they shoot rockets & missles
    Posted by PlanetNoobies on 02 Jul 15 at 04:37
    PlanetNoobies& if you are going to fail a bonus objective drop a goliath just before the rnd ends,this way if you get a bad penalty like only sidearms you can jump in your goliath
    Posted by PlanetNoobies on 02 Jul 15 at 04:39
    McAwesomePTfor anyone trying this, I've found that a great way is the greenband map, and camp at the top of a roof opposite from where you spawn. do this with someone else or a second controller, and do the shield glitch (heavy class, hold LB, jump out of the map). when you respawn, you will have infinite shield, which is only really affected by EM1 soldiers. also, this location is not accessible by the heavy mechs, and even for regular soldiers, they struggle to get there :)
    Posted by McAwesomePT on 15 Aug 18 at 21:06
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    04 Nov 2014 04 Nov 2014 06 Nov 2014
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    edit: props to bballer420 for helping out.

    You'll only need 2 players min but, 4 is even better.

    I recommend selecting the Heavy class as it can take the most damage and it's default laser weapon has unlimited ammo and is powerful enough to keep the entire game.

    Keep this weapon and never change it at all, not once.

    Now, the map I recommend is 'Terrace' cause on this map it's got a special cave-like area close to the exo suit upgrade terminal where 2 or more people can pretty much camp inside and control the only 2 points of entry for the AI to enter.

    I would also recommend ignoring the objectives rounds that pop up as it's not worth the risk and the penalty is usually pistols or distorting of the screen for only a few minutes. By all means, do the ones that are close to you or when all the enemies have been dealt with.

    Upgrade weapon proficiency and armour every time you have a chance to their max levels (10).

    If you need to take a break etc, you can leave 1 drone in the sky and hide inside any room and the game will continue on until you kill the drone.


    P.S. Following these methods, should allow you to get up to 50+ rounds easy.
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    IX JDM ONE XIThanks.
    Posted by IX JDM ONE XI on 26 Nov 14 at 09:19
    Kelle1994the room with the showers?
    Posted by Kelle1994 on 01 Dec 14 at 00:40
    HanxI can't find any cave-like area near Exo upgrade on Terrace.
    Posted by Hanx on 10 Mar 15 at 09:12
  • TheArcheaonTheArcheaon44,837
    05 Nov 2014 05 Nov 2014 06 Nov 2014
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    This achievement is possible on solo and here are some good tips.

    To get this achievement you must hit wave 25(2) (which is basically wave 50) every time the game hits a new "flip" it will say 1(3) or 1(4) the (0) in () is the current # flip you're on.

    First off use the lightweight class (perfect class due to exo-dodging from side to side)

    you can dodge with your exoskeleton indoors (but press cn_A once and then direction of your choice to dodge in.

    Now as for my tips the easiest map I have found so far would be
    Detroit (Teir 1)
    Instinct (Teir 2)
    Solar (teir 3)

    The EASIEST MAP would be Instinct, there are a lot of areas to dodge and avoid enemies.

    Now, the main goal is you'll just want to camp in the very back caves (at the back of the map) and just try to stay in there. (run out if too many are coming and start doing trains around the map (similar to nazi zombies) don't let the enimies build up though, just avoid them and let them chase you where its easier to take them down.

    This strategy is flawless and I myselff have gotten to wave 88 offline (but still got the achievement) when I came online.

    Now as for tips.

    Max out your armor first (armor will keep you alive longer) the highest level to max out your gear is level 10 max out your armor and then your weapon. When you max out your weapon (your weapon will do x2 - x3 more damage)

    now last but not least your weapons (the most important part of the fight)

    KP5 is a piece of garbage after round 5, so upgrade to the BAL-25, and then when round 10 comes have your second gun exchanged for the HBRA3.

    You'll want to upgrade your armor first and then your weapon second.

    Another very important tip, when the drops come keep getting UAV's and Goliaths.

    During difficult waves (you think you might die in) activate your Goliath, if you die in the Goliath you wont go down, you'll still be alive (you'll just respawn in a different area) Just think of it as an extra life.

    but don't constantly keep calling in your killstreaks (save up all four of them) and then let the drops keep dropping perks (fill up all of your perks until you can't carry any more) and then call in your killstreaks.

    This strategy is by far flawless and can easily get you the achievement. It will take around an hour or so to do on solo, but at least you wont have to worry about lag or teammates constantly going down.

    (Sorry for this being so long, but I really hope this helps.)
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    tibor bHorizon was really easy for me too. I was just running in a big circle, turning around to pick off a few enemies every now and then. After 8(3) I got bored and let them kill me.
    Posted by tibor b on 21 Nov 14 at 05:31
    KawaSimo81Your guide is perfect, I've just earned this cheevo in instinct in solo, but I've used AK-12 instead of the bal-27, and hbra3.
    More or less 2 hours.
    Positive vote for you.
    Posted by KawaSimo81 on 01 Dec 14 at 18:02
    Shadow 00 FoxThis worked well for me--although I used the AK and HBRA3 for a while, then switched the HBRA3 to the EM...(the laser gun in the heavy class, because the HBR had too much elevation gain when firing). I also upgraded every single scorestreak, and used the Warbird streak very effectively.. and last point, a very cheap way of winning, when you start getting extra upgrade points, you can spam cloak on objectives or anything else, and simple refill the cloak by buying it again. On wave 48, I think I bought cloak 5 times, and wave 50 another 5 times at least. Very helpful!
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 21 Jun 15 at 09:11
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