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Wake Up in Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom

Wake Up42 (30)

Find Lullaby Princess

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Achievement won on 21 Nov 14
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Posted on 24 November 14 at 02:49, Edited on 08 February 15 at 16:15
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This is a full guide for Lullaby Princess's Dungeon without the Bananarang.
To help you could keep a pen and paper to write down the number and instrument on the 5 tiles.

To start you need a baggy from choose goose store for 20 gold to open the entrance. The dungeon is in the absolute top right corner of the map. Give the baggy to the keyper.
Walk in. Go up 1 screen. Head to the top left, a few skeletons in the way. Go through the door. Go up 1 screen past the electric guys, they move in straight dashing attacks up down left or right, hit them when theyre not electric balls. Go up and through the door on the left. Hit the crystal to change which colour pegs are up and work your way through the maze. Go up the stairs and grab the Map from the chest. Jump down and exit this room. Now lure the TNT enemies toward the cracked wall and kill them next to it, 2 hits and they blow. You can pick them up with cn_A and throw them with cn_A if you have to. Go through the new door. Kill the skeletons and push the lone crate forward, stop at the fire, then push the next lone crate down so it blocks the fire on the left(make sure its on the top square of the 2 squares, and then push it towards the fire to the left and grab the chest. Hold your shield out and push the spikes out of your way and proceed to dodge the fire to the door. The next room has porcupine enemies which you must clear out. Hit them with your sword and they ball up, next walk into them with your shield and they'll flip over, now slice them a few more times to kill them. Proceed through the door. Grab the chest(a key) and jump down. Go down 1 screen and use the key on the left door, then go to the basement. Go right until you come to a room with 3 pigs that you must clear out. They use a magic attack in your direction but can only fire up down left or right. They also teleport around the room making them slightly difficult to hit. 3 hits will take care of these guys. Grab the pencil from the chest and go down. Hit the crystal so the blue pegs are down, slip between the 2 rows of red pegs and hit the second crystal so the red pegs are down. Now work your way around the blue pegs to hit the switch to lower the spikes. Go grab the chest(a key) hit the crystal so the blue pegs are down, and exit the room. Head left till you see a locked door and use the key and go through the door. Go up the stairs at the bottom and use the TNT guys to blow open the crack in the right wall. Go through. Cross the bridge at the top, go through the door. Grab the chest. This gives you a new grab ability for Jake which you use by pressing cn_LT. Go left and use Jakes grab to smack the hand post and lower the spikes. Cross the spikes and smack the next post, climb the stairs and go through the door. Go up till you come to a small room with a crate putting out the TNT guys. Hit them twice with your sword and when they go down press cn_LT next to them to capture them in an empty bag. These are your bombs. Do this till you have 9 of them. Go up the stairs and down the next set. Equip your bombs to cn_Y or cn_B then use them to blow open the crack at the bottom. Go through. Go down and smack the post then jump down and go through the door at the bottom. Jump down and go back up to the first floor. Blow open the crack to the left to find pie fairies to fill your health. Try to grab one with Jakes cn_LT skill for the squash a pie fairy achievement. Head right to the room with 3 electric guys and blow open the crack on the right. Watch out for the porcupines and wizards(small balls that curse you) and hit the crystal at the far right to lower the blue pegs then exit. Go down. Work your way to the far right where you will find 2 doors. Go through the top one. Fill up your bombs here if you need to then smack the hand post on the left and go through the top door. To make life easier, clear out this room, then push a box on to each of the 2 blue buttons here, grab the chest(a key) and leave. Go down and then take the door on the right this time. Blow open the crack at the bottom and go through. Climb the stairs and use the key on the door and go through it. Now cross the bridge and you will come to a platform with 5 instruments and 5 hand posts. If you wrote the numbers and instruments on the tile down then hit them in order, if not its easy to figure out. Hit the posts until one spins. That is your first one, now hit another one. If it doesn't spin, you must start back at #1. Find your second one and keep repeating this process until you find the order. Each instrument is only used once. Once you complete this it will open a door across a bridge to the left. Go through it. Clear this room and go up the stairs and through the door at the bottom. Grab the chest at the top of the room and proceed through the door on the right. Make it through the peg maze and go through the door on the right. Head down and out the door on the left. Kill all the skeletons and then hit the crystal and grab the chests(one has a key) hit the crystal again and go through the door on the left. Break the pots on the left, step on the switch, and go through the door at the top. Grab the big key from the chest, jump down, and go through the door on the right again. navigate the peg maze again but this time go up the stairs and through the door. Go down the fire hall and through the door at the bottom. Now throw a bomb at the bit of cracked floor here and jump through it. If you need bombs grab them. Go left and set it up so the pegs by the bridge are down, then throw a bomb at the crystal and run over the blue pegs before they close. Go left and grab the chest(a gum globe) break the pots and jump down. Now head up and left, go through the door, take the left door at the 3 electric guys, grab a fairy if you need to from the room on the left, then go down to the basement. Go right 1 room and open the bosses room(big skull at the top).

Boss Time!!
This boss has 6 bear unicorn things that go electrified. Don't try to attack them, just keep on your toes and dodge their movements. 5 will turn all electric while one won't. He's focusing an energy ball, keep a little bit of distance and face him. When he throws it use Jakes grabcn_LT to swat it back. Once it hits him, quickly run up to him and hit him withcn_LT again to finish him. They will start doing the electric attack 2 or 3 at a time so be careful and try to face as many at once as possible. Just stun each one with his electric ball and finish them off one by one. When it gets down to the last guy he will try to jump on you and crush you 3 times before his electric attacks, dodge these, stun him, hit him, and the battle is won.

After the boss pick up the heart he drops for an extra thump, then go through the door at the top, talk to Lullaby Princess and this achievement is yours.

Edit: Reabo has provided his video replay of fighting the boss to give you a basic idea. You may want to mute the sound as there was a buzzing noise in the background for me.
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