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Beat the game without upgrading Finn's Thumps, Sword, or Armor.

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How to unlock the Ambitreacherous achievement

  • Morbious17Morbious171,005,377
    04 Jan 2015 02 Jan 2015 04 Jan 2015
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    This achievement isn’t as bad as it sounds. A glitch I stumbled upon allows you to use infinite items from a baggy, including invincible trail mix. To perform this glitch put your baggy with whatever item you want to use infinitely on the B button. After you use the item, go to the map screen and press B.

    This will cause you to use the item again even if your bag is empty! Repeat as necessary.

    NOTE: It is important to be aware that you need to catch projectiles into a baggy for the final boss. This will reset your glitch, but it will allow you to use the projectile multiple times instead of having to catch more.

    My method for tackling this boss was to have 1 baggy of attack up mix, 2 baggies of invincibility mix, and 1 baggy of spare thumps.

    I started with a baggy of invincibility mix and would use it over and over while attacking until the boss would create a barrier and throw green projectiles. From this point, I would use the invincibility mix one last them, then switch to attack mix, then I'd catch and use the projectiles to destroy the barrier.

    At this point, I would use my second invincibility mix after the first wore off for the last time and continue attacking as normal. When I reached the point where the boss would shoot green shockwaves in all directions, I used invincibility again because this part requires catching and attacking with green projectiles again. After catching and using the same green projectile a few times, the barrier went down and I attacked as usual until the boss was defeated.
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    EarthboundX Got something to note about that baggy glitch.

    It has it's down sides.
    Even though it seems like it's free and infinite, it actually puts you in the negative for that item. I noticed when using it for bombs to test it out.
    When I tried to get more bombs, it went from 1, to 0 after I got another bomb. So in order get back to 9 bombs, I'd have to replace the ones I used for the glitch.

    So in reality, I went from 0 bombs, to minus how much I used for the glitch.

    Plus I've bought the invincibility mix about 3 times, now, and it won't actually give me a second one, since it's just replacing the negative amount I had used with the glitch.

    So if you plan to ever have more then one bag of invincibility mix, try not to use it before the last boss.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 12 Apr 15 at 10:28
    DarthRandalNC Is there a video that shows how this glitch is performed? I tried following the instructions here, and while they seem simple, I can't get this to trigger. I tried clearing my system cache in case it was a game update and that didn't seem to do it either.

    I have a physical copy of the game if that makes a difference.
    Posted by DarthRandalNC on 13 Feb at 02:42
  • PistolMcAwesomePistolMcAwesome329,026
    26 Nov 2014 26 Nov 2014 25 Feb 2015
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    As the achievement says, you have to beat the entire game with no Thump upgrades, no Sword upgrades or no Armor upgrades, meaning you must beat the game with your starting 3 Thumps, your starting sword and your starting Blue Sweater. However I'm not sure if upgrading your shield will void this achievement or not as I didn't want to risk it so I didn't upgrade it. If anyone can confirm that you can upgrade the shield and still unlock the achievement, please let me know!

    UPDATE: BLaKHoLESoUL has confirmed that if you upgrade your shield, you will NOT get this achievement. Again, DO NOT upgrade your shield. You may upgrade your Bananarang though.

    All in all this achievement isn't as hard as it looks. Just a few things you want to keep in mind before tackling this achievement.

    -Save this for your second run of the game. Doing this and all the other achievements at once will be impossible because three achievements are tied to upgrading your Thump meter, upgrading your Sword and finding all items, including the Pink Sweater. For your first playthrough, just enjoy the game and get all the other achievements. This is a very short game so when you start your second playthrough, you'll have an idea of where to go and what to do so you can breeze through the game in a few hours.

    -Get as many plastic baggies as you can. They're going to come in handy for the last boss. Put 9 bombs in one baggie and then use the rest of the baggies that you have for the Trail Mix that grants you invincibility and save them for the last boss. You should be able to find a couple of these in chests but you'll want at least two for the final boss, though you can probably manage with one. Remember that you're going to need at least one free baggie though for the final boss so before you go through that final door to face the final boss, toss all your bombs out as you won't need them anymore.

    -Take your time. The first couple of dungeons are pretty simple and you shouldn't have any troubles with them but the third and final dungeons may pose a little difficult but no matter what, always play defensively instead of offensively. If you see a skeleton that can throw bones, keep your shield up as you approach him to prevent being attacked at the last second. If you see numerous sliding spikes, wait for your opening instead of rushing through the room. Patience is the key to surviving these dungeons so make sure to carefully plan your attacks.

    -Utilize Flambo. Flambo is going to be your best friend for this run as he can hit enemies from far away. If there are enemies stuck behind spikes, use Flambo to take care of them first before lowering them. Flambo is especially useful against Lub Glubs as they like to keep their distance from you and toss bombs. It takes two hits from Flambo to kill Lub Glubs as opposed to three hits from your sword.

    -Like with Flambo, utilize your Bananarang. Just like the Boomerang from The Legend of Zelda, the Bananarang will freeze most enemies for a few seconds, giving you ample time to kill them, especially against the Magic Pigs. Bananarang and Flambo will be a good combination to use if enemies are out of reach and you're low on health.

    -If you're low on health and there are jars/bushes in a room, exit and re-enter the room and all of the jars and bushes will respawn, allowing you to refill your health at will. This is a vital trick for staying alive in the last couple of dungeons so even if you're down just one heart, take the opportunity to get back to full health.

    -Don't get frustrated. Chances are that even if you are super careful, you're going to get blindsided a few times at least and you'll most likely die a couple of times while trying this, especially if you get deep into the dungeon. Thankfully everything you do and open is saved so you don't need to start from scratch again.

    The first three bosses you face really aren't a threat as they usually only do a half Thump or a whole Thump of damage and their attacks are easy to dodge. The final boss is more threatening to the fact that it can take off two Thumps with one attack. Here's a brief overview of how to handle the final boss for this run.

    First of all, keep moving until you get your openings to attack which is after the final boss throws its shadow fireballs at you for the first phase. Since you're using your default sword it's going to take more damage before moving to the second phase. When the second phase starts, the final boss will ALWAYS go into the upper left corner before it starts sending out all those spikes. Use your ground pound to get it out and keep whacking it and repeat until the next phase starts.

    This is the hardest phase as you're dealing with those green projectiles AND the shadow fireballs. Make sure to have one baggie free and wait until the LAST wave (or the fourth wave) of green projectiles before you capture one. By doing this, there won't be any stray green projectiles to hit you after capturing one and you'll still have a few seconds to start running from the shadow fireballs. Toss the green projectile at the final bosses barrier and attack it. Rinse and repeat until it goes back into the ground like in phase two. Ground pound and attack before the final phase starts.

    This is where the invincible Trail Mix comes in handy. If you only have one, save it for now. If you have two or three, you can probably use one right now to get a leg up. Grab a green projectile and toss it back while avoiding the shockwaves and the projectiles. Do this three times to break the barrier for good and use your invincible Trail Mix here to finish off the final boss without worries.

    Once the boss dies, the achievement will unlock before the big decision at the end.
  • AnxsighetyAnxsighety1,238,660
    15 Jan 2015 15 Jan 2015
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    The other guides are good, but I just wanted to give everyone a tip. The easiest way to do this isn't necessarily a second playthrough. Instead, do them at the same time. Everytime you beat a dungeon, save and quit. Go to your second save file and immediately do it while its fresh in your mind. Just remember to skip all the thumps, etc. I actually died more on my full playthrough than on this one using this method.

    Note* - You have to complete the trading sequence to enter the final dungeon. You also need the upgraded grab hand that allows you to pound the ground. (Found a few screens left of the dungeon in the swamp. LSP is in there and gives you the upgrade.) Those are the two things you can do and you don't have to worry about it affecting the achievement. Hope this helps someone.
  • Wylaf BeulbeWylaf Beulbe639,821
    30 May 2018 01 Jun 2018
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    This achievement was a joke once I watched this speedrun video:

    It involves basically breaking the entire game using a couple of clipping glitches that are mindbogglingly easy to perform.

    No only that but you can skip the entire trading sequence, at least 3/4s of each dungeon and at least 2 bosses.

    The real challenge will be the last boss, but after trying for at least 20 tries you will remember everything she does and can kill her without any damage done to you and without using items, like I did.

    Glitch Techniques:
    1. "Pit Clip": Whenever you fall into a pit or water press cn_start and then press cn_A on your "Jake Shield" then return to the game and you are now in "Clipping mode" which allows you to pass through walls.

    2. "Big Box Clip": Once the Hero's Gauntlet is acquired you can move big boxes, if you move a big box so that 1 side is touching half a wall or object you can "grab" with cn_A the side that is halfway and clip into the object and any wall.

    3. "Jake's Ring Clip": Once you have Jake's Ring you can summon Jake as a playable character but if you summon him almost directly onto a wall Jake will clip into it allowing you to move Jake onto walls.
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