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Community Challenge: Grind Badge Frenzy

As a community, acquire 6,000,000 Grind Badges.

11 Nov 2014 until 25 Nov 2014

Community Challenge: Grind Badge Frenzy
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Challenge Guide for Community Challenge: Grind Badge Frenzy

  • mcnichojmcnichoj189,918
    25 Nov 2014 09 Nov 2014 27 Nov 2014
    51 6 11
    Update: If you got even a single grind badge while this was active then you should have had it unlocked.


    I assume as with the last challenge that this won't show our progress:

    You'll need to play some of the story missions in order to unlock the ability to get badges.
    Once unlocked, simply grind on any rails or wires to get awarded a badge.
    Unsure if under-grinds on wires count towards this. Probably not.

    You must change rails for progress to go up, I tried setting myself on a small circle rail in hopes I could leave my system on at night while it grinded (pun unintended) badges but no go.
    Video of how you should be trying to go for progress on this:

    You'll also unlock the current solo challenge if you haven't already and you make the counter go high enough.

    Likelyness that we'll reach the goal is pretty low.
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