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Solo Challenge: Batter Up

As an Individual, melee kill 250 Poppers.

11 Nov 2014 until 18 Nov 2014

Solo Challenge: Batter Up
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Challenge Guide for Solo Challenge: Batter Up

  • OneChicago51OneChicago51641,277
    11 Nov 2014 11 Nov 2014 11 Nov 2014
    49 6 8
    I just completed this in 35 minutes or less by doing the mission "One man's trash". I got to the part with the poppers in about 30 seconds boost grinding and picking up the vat parts quickly and got usually 4% from all the poppers that come in this part. I tried to die after the Poppers were dead from regular OD using the weapon captain Ahab out of the way from Popper explosions (by the time poppers were dead they were just finished drinking and started attacking me). If everything died and he said "area clear" I just restarted mission from the pause menu. I started off doing the excalamune challenge but got only 1% every 2-3 minutes. I also had no amps equipped so things like lightning , explosions from melee killed them. wave
  • MichelMichel919,447
    12 Nov 2014 12 Nov 2014 12 Nov 2014
    31 1 5
    I find Andy UFC fan's method a little bit slower, my method was to select the mission "Hardcore!". You just need to grab the foam sword inside to start the mission, go out and straight ahead there is a box and a pop machine, break the machine and around 10-12 poppers will come out, kill them all and restart the mission. Takes around 30-40 seconds to do each time and you get 3-4% towards the challenge in each try.
  • JumpinJahosofatJumpinJahosofat100,990
    11 Nov 2014 11 Nov 2014 12 Nov 2014
    20 2 1
    Just to piggy back off of the other suggestions, I've made a YouTube video to show the mission that's best suited for this challenge and where you encounter the Poppers. Instead of restarting the mission, I found it best to have your character get killed by the OD either during your fight with the Poppers or afterwards by finding another group of OD. If you don't collect all of the Vat Parts from the second truck, you will respawn right at the checkpoint that sends the waves of Poppers towards you. Just melee, die, and repeat. If you use this method, it shouldn't take you more than 20 mins.
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