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  • Sir LoinsteakSir Loinsteak799,223
    26 Oct 2014 27 Oct 2014 02 Feb 2018
    37 5 20
    This can be done just like the objectives in Peggle 2 on Xbox One. Just make a save right before you know you are going to pop an achievement, such as a certain amount of secrets or weapon upgrades and then pop the achievements like normal. Now hit the guide button then push the menu button and quit the game. Then start the game again and it should reload your save, pop the "challenges" again and rinse and repeat until you have the achievement or enough extra progress towards the achievement that you won't need to get some of the harder achievements, if you don't plan on completing the game. I saved up enough money before my 25th secret to be able to buy my 5th weapon upgrade at the same time in the fourth level to make progress twice as fast.. This will not help you get the completion but it will net you an extra 150 gamerscore.
  • ArnaldoDKArnaldoDK2,146,326
    18 Apr 2017 18 Apr 2017
    5 2 1
    I made i video based on the tips of Sir Loinsteak, this glith still works!

    Just made a save point before you made any achievement, make that achievement and close the game going back to your dashboard, start the game again, Shadow Warrior make auto load on your save game, just make the achievement again and close the game, this count 2% on Achievement Hunter 150G Achievement.

    My tip is, make this boost before you buy your 5 weapon upgrade and your 10 Skill ability, made a save with 4 weapon upgrades and 9 skills, your boost gonna be more fast than my.

    Here my video:

  • MiZ DoveMiZ Dove224,228
    24 Feb 2018 24 Feb 2018
    3 3 0
    I got this achievement while i still had 10 achievements left to get. I did not employ the trick of popping any of them twice. This popped on my ex-mode, new game plus run while i still had quite a variety of achievements to get including some of the boss ones, beating the game on heroic, finding all the secrets, killing 10 enemies with one shot, killing 1000 with environment and upgrading all weapons.

    I am not sure why it popped for me. Not looking in the mouth of this gift horse.. thanks game!
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