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Kill 100 Watchers.

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Achievement Guide for Checkmate

  • Strategy OneStrategy One641,291
    22 Nov 2014 13 Nov 2014 30 Jan 2015
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    Just so everyone knows what a watcher is here is a image:

    External image

    In the campaign find a spot that has a good amount of watchers, kill the group, kill yourself, rinse and repeat. Your achievement progression will be updated under your Halo achievements (unless its having problems that day).

    Watchers are in the Halo 4 campaign, they are a part of the Promethean race so there are none in Halo 1, 2, or 3.

    If you want to find more of them you can play in the later levels of Halo 4 so don't focus on them in the beginning levels. Thanks Darklord 1899 for bringing that to light.

    When you plan on farming the 1000:

    I don't recommend going for this one until after you obtain all Halo 4 achievements but when you do get all the other achievements like me, load up the mission Shutdown on rallypoint bravo, once you fight a knight with a incineration cannon make sure to grab it.

    Then right when your supposed to walk into the light that will take your shields away, make sure you set yourself up right when you complete the objective. Here is my video of doing it:

  • ShotyMcFatShotyMcFat908,893
    27 Nov 2014 21 Nov 2014
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    The current best spot to farm these is the beginning of the on-foot section of midnight (rally point Bravo) as there are 4 watchers (and no other enemies).

    Have the difficulty set to easy/normal and Just kill them as fast as possible then hit reset checkpoint.

    Rinse and repeat.

    PS. I think there is a mission in SpOps that has dozens of them at once (I can't remember though), so possibly wait until SpOps comes out before you start to farm. That way all the watchers in SpOps counts towards this and the achievement 'Remove the bishops from the board'.
  • THX 5150THX 515060,923
    10 Mar 2015 10 Mar 2015
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    From the Multiplayer Menu go to Spartan Ops Episode 5 "Memento Mori" Chapter 1 "Spartan Miller" on "Easy" as this is an excellent opportunity to take down "Watchers" and "Crawlers."

    Head to the objective marker at the top of the structure at the start of the level picking up a SAW along the way that can be found on the first level / middle portion of the structure before heading up the ramp to the objective.

    Clear out the first wave of Watchers and Crawlers and once you have finished you can restart the level to again to gain kills towards this achievement.

    I also recommend going to "OPTIONS & CAREER" then "CUSTOMIZATION" and then "LOADOUTS" adjusting one of your loadouts so that you have the "AMMO" support upgrade option for extra ammo.
  • Dread ReaverDread Reaver327,078
    25 Jan 2015 25 Jan 2015
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    Load up Spartan Ops (in the multiplayer menu) Episode 1, Chapter 3 "The Challenge" on your preferred difficulty. The level is quite small, and they spawn with an annoying frequency.

    When you damage them, they like to fly away and hide; don't worry about chasing them, as they will come back - instead just weaken the others that might be floating around and eventually you will take them all out. Repeat as required.
    28 Dec 2014 26 Aug 2018 28 Aug 2018
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    This method shows how to get at least 8 achievements. Simply just boot up Midnight on Halo 4 and once you reach the area where you can pick the gravity hammer and other weapons, you will face a ton of knights, watchers, and crawlers. When you get to the spot where you need to defend the turrets, destroy the turrets and kill as many crawlers until you get the 1000 crawlers killed achievement.

    Chief, Smash!- Halo 4: Kill 3 Crawlers in one hit with the Gravity Hammer on Midnight
    Checkmate- Kill 100 Watchers
    I Was Wondering What Would Break First- Kill 100 Knights
    Pest Control- Kill 100 Crawlers
    Just Getting Started- Kill 100 enemies or players
    Remove the Bishops from the Board- Kill 1000 Watchers
    Knightbane- Kill 1000 Knights
    Dogcatcher-Kill 1000 Crawlers

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