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Medal Completionist achievement in Halo MCC

Medal Completionist

Collect 10,000 campaign or playlist medals.

Medal Completionist0
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How to unlock the Medal Completionist achievement

  • Strategy OneStrategy One
    14 Dec 2014 13 Nov 2014 06 Feb 2015
    Medal Completionist

    Note: If you plan on going for the other achievements don't even worry about this one, you WILL easily unlock it. Absolutely a waste of time going out of your way for this achievement.

    Medals unlock if you have settings on to see them or not to see them(To turn your medals on you must do under options while setting up your mission, it will be called Scoring and Time HUD). For this achievement you need 10000 campaign or Matchmaking medals unlocked in total.

    While playing you will naturally unlock medals but keep in mind while playing career you want to kill as many enemies as fast as you can, dying the least amount you can. Doing this you will get multi kill medals and killing spree medals.

    Playing on Easy difficulty in the campaign will be faster then playing legendary because you don't gain any extra medals for doing Legendary. Easy will make you die less and kill more without much effort.

    If you play splitscreen and are the 2nd player (probably 3rd and 4th too) you will not get medals towards this achievement. (Confirmed by Kooky Cow 32)

    To view all medals and the ones you currently have, press the Start button anytime while not in a current match or mission (Anywhere on the menu) go to Career, then hit cn_RB to see your medals. Once in medals you can use your cn_LB and cn_RB to scroll medals from Matchmaking, Custom, Campaign, and Playlists. Below the medal icon it tells if its in Halo 1, 2, 2 anniversary, 3 or 4.

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    MasterTimosCan anyone confirm that medals gained in Matchmaking don't count towards this achievement? The achievement only seems to progress when i earn campaign medals.
    Posted by MasterTimos On 25 Mar 16 at 08:26
    GS PleaseGreat solution 👍
    Posted by GS Please On 10 Sep at 21:17
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  • Noodles JrNoodles Jr
    29 Nov 2014 30 Nov 2014 28 Dec 2018
    The ideal level to get this on is Crow's Nest in Halo 3. Load up the game on Easy from Rally Point Alpha. Play through the level until you get to the point where you have to fight the brute cheiftain who is wielding the gravity hammer. Take out all those brutes and then keep the hammer for yourself. However, don't use it. That comes later. Play on throughout the level until you get to the part where you are escaping the building after arming the bomb. As you are escaping, you will walk through some hallways, and eventually you will get a checkpoint followed shortly by walking through a door where you will see a small pack of grunts run by, followed by a swarm of drones just above them. This is where you will be getting the achievement.

    Using your gravity hammer, jump up into the swarm of drones and just let your trigger finger do the work. Kill as many grunts and drones as you can before they get away, then revert to the last checkpoint and repeat until you have the achievement, When doing this, you will get:

    1 Double Kill
    1 Triple Kill
    1 Overkill
    1 Killtacular
    1 Killtrocity
    1 Killimanjaro
    1 Killtastrophe
    1 Killpocalypse
    About 8 Killionaires (I was getting around 8 each time, sometimes more, sometimes less, all depends on how many you kill after your 9th kill, and how fast you do it)
    About 20 Beat Downs (1 Beat Down for every kill. After getting the Killionaires, I just did some clean-up kills)
    1 Killing Spree
    and 1 Killing Frenzy

    That's averaging 38 medals every time you do this. It doesn't sound like much, but it really does go by quickly. It takes about 20 minutes to get 1000 medals, so assuming you haven't gotten any medals, it'll take you about 3.3 hours to finish.
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    TheOdd101If you have good aim when throwing grenades you can throw a sticky into the swarm of drones and get a bunch of kills, a second grenade or a few shots at the grunts should get you an easy Killionaire.
    Posted by TheOdd101 On 18 Apr 15 at 10:01
    Noodles JrBut a sticky grenade wont get you any beat down medals. You'd be missing out on about half of the medals if you used grenades.
    Posted by Noodles Jr On 18 Apr 15 at 12:36
    Im Invisible xThanks for this!
    Posted by Im Invisible x On 24 May 17 at 16:14
  • DEATHLockedDEATHLocked
    24 Jun 2019 24 Jun 2019 24 Jun 2019
    For those who want to boost this, A good working solution is H3 on Crows Nest on easy. Start out the mission and get thru to where the covenant are in the hanger. Get on a turret and clear this area out. Once the AI solders leave on the Pelican, your directed back to OPS by Sgt Johnson. As your heading back pick up some plasma grenades. You should have your hand hung on you. When you get back towards OPS you'll meet up with more AI solders. Going down a hallway a checkpoint will pop. This is your restart CP here. This is right before the hallway to the left you have to turn down to. Have your plasma grenades ready.

    As you turn down the left hallway you'll see a chainlink fenced wall with a AI solder standing with is back to you. As you walk down the steps, a drone will come take the AI solder up into the air. If you time the grenade stick right as the drone takes off, you'll get up to 5 medals with just one stick if you time it right. The more you wait seems that the more medals are gained here. 5 max I believe.

    After sticking the AI, keep running to the left and hop on to a small hill behind a rock pillar. There is a turret here. Hop on and don't disconnect it. Just leave it attached for unlimited ammo. Begin shooting at the drones coming out of the mouth of the broken vent pipe up in the caver room. Center your turret on the mouth of the pipe first and you'll get them as there coming out. Finish off all others that are flying around. Don't bother with ones that get in behind you. Your shields will go down some however you won't die and your fellow AI solders will help out where needed.

    You can restart the checkpoint when you see the door down in front of the cavern open up. Or you can restart even if there is a couple drones left. You'll get the hang of sicking the AI solder and hopping on the turret and getting drone kills. You'll see the medals start popping up on the screen. Don't pay to much attention to the medals appearing. Just focus on getting the drones. Turn on the Achievement Tracker and you can see progress there.

    Rinse and repeat until you get the achievements to pop. Takes about 20-30 mins for each 1000 medals needed.

    Completed on 6/24/2019 using this method. Took me about an hour to get the last 3 medal achievements.

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