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  • olanmillsolanmills113,609
    11 Nov 2014 11 Nov 2014 21 Nov 2014
    378 2 27
    This Achievement is awarded for uncovering an easter egg that has shown up in multiple Halo games.

    To unlock it:
    From the main menu, select Multiplayer
    Then select Custom Games
    Select Halo: CE
    Select any map
    Click the right thumbstick to bring up the file save options
    Enter ".fortune" as the file name (without the quotes, and note the period at the beginning)
    A fortune/proverb will appear and the Achievement will pop.

    You can do it multiple times to see different proverbs.
    You can read more about this easter egg here:

    Here is a video by RandomChievo (not me):
  • Maka91Maka911,042,283
    16 Nov 2014 18 Nov 2014
    48 3 0

    From the main menu select "Multiplayer" then "Custom Games". Now select "Halo CE", and then select any map. While on the Game type tab, click in the right stick, select "Save As", and name the file ".fortune" and enter. When you do this, you will get an error message within Halo MCC, and the achievement will unlock.
  • UntilTammaroYTUntilTammaroYT149,604
    14 Nov 2014 17 Nov 2014
    22 3 0
    Here is an achievement guide with English commentary. Essentially, you have to set up a custom game and in the options tab rename the file to ".fortune"
  • Fadi kunFadi kun382,478
    03 May 2015 03 May 2015
    11 2 0
    Boot up the game and go to:

    Multiplayer -> Custom Games -> Halo: CE

    Hit A to choose Battle Creek
    When in "choose game type" push the right stick in to go to File Options.
    Save the file name as .fortune

    You'll get a random message and the achievement should pop!
  • Goodspell712Goodspell712269,288
    24 Jan 2015 02 Mar 2015
    9 3 0
    Hi, after my natural Language is German and i bet more Germans are on this Site i will add my solution in german :)

    Dazu hab ich dieses kleine Video inkl. Erklärung gemacht ich hoffe es hilft euch

    13 Dec 2014 28 Aug 2018
    2 1 0
    This mystery achievement can be easily done at anytime. All you have to do is go into custom games under multiple, save the custom game and type ".fortune" without the quotes. You should get a message about fortune is not available and the achievement should show.

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