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I Dabble in Slaying

Complete one cross-game playlist.

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  • Elite1111111111Elite1111111111732,283
    22 Nov 2014 27 Dec 2014
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    While you could knock this out at the same time as
    Halo: The Master Chief CollectionLife StoryThe Life Story achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 140 pointsComplete the Master Chief Saga playlist.

    It's understandable if you don't want to devote the time to that, as it can take several days even if you are devoted.
    Because of this, if you're only going for this achievement I would recommend the "Get in the Ring" playlist.
    It is one of only two three-mission cross-game playlists, and I believe it is the shorter of the two.

    The first level, "Halo", has a par time of twenty minutes, and you can't really cut too much off of that. The only real way to cut off time is to kill the marines at the later landing zones so you don't have to kill the Covenant there.

    The second level, "Delta Halo", can easily be rushed. If you leave the initial zone instead of waiting for a warthog, you can activate the bridge and rush through the level in a ghost. Make sure you kill an Elite before going into the control structure so they don't steal the ghosts. Wait to shoot until you're close to the building so they don't run straight for them.
    You can get this mission done in 5-6 minutes.

    The third level, also called "Halo", is another where you can't really cut off much time. Depending on how you do during the warthog gauntlet it'll take around 17 minutes.
  • SlightlyEroticSlightlyErotic928,464
    21 Jan 2015 30 Jan 2015 30 Jan 2015
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    Ok. So i believe i'v found a massive short cut with the cross-game playlist. I have tested this 3 times and it has worked all the time!

    On your cross game playlists, you need to play the 3 which start with "assault on the control room". When playing, you need to do the de-spawn on the bridge (see video below, credit goes to Nak3d Eli).

    When you have completed the level and move to the next, play for a few moments, then save and quit. Upon Resuming your playlist, you will noticie that you have now skipped mission 2. Again, play as normal and complete. On the final level, the game will throw you in at the 2nd to last check point, saving you a massive amount of time.

    As a foot note, when I was playing 'Tanks, Tanks, Tanks", the thrid level, "the ark" threw me in near the end, skipping all the driving, and leaving only fighting on the bridges. It did the same on "infinity" as well. throwing me in right at the end. Completing the full playlist in no more than 10 mins.

    Likes and comments please so I can improve the guide!

    See the comments here confirming this;
    Solution for Sample Plate in Halo: The Master Chief Collection

    03 Jan 2015 03 Jan 2015
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    Choose which playlist to do.

    Do one mission and let it load into the next.

    Save and quit.

    Resume and it should skip a mission and it still counts.

    I did sniper school and only did three missions not four and got this achievement. And I started half way through Reclaimer from my co op legendary play through which I saved and quit beforehand.
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