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Stick With It

Play a multiplayer or co-op game at least 3 months after your first game.

Stick With It0
04 December 2019 - 3 guides
This achievement may unlock during the first online game.

Achievement Guide for Stick With It

  • LorneLorne450,587
    05 Mar 2015 13 Nov 2014 06 Dec 2019
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    *Edit Dec 6 2019:

    some are unlocking this achievement after playing their first game. If this is you, consider yourself lucky!
    Please note:
    This achievement cannot be obtained by using the "offline date switching" exploit that we enjoy with all the other dated achievements.

    This achievement description states that you must play an online co-op or multiplayer game 3 months after your first one. For early adopters, the earliest it was obtainable was February 11th, 2015. There was a bug like a lot of 343s bungled launch of the game that made it unobtainable but has since been patched, I have the achievement, and plenty others do.

    If you didn't play the game when it was first released, just make note when you first start your game and come back 3 months later and play online again. Mine unlocked during a boosting session for the god awful multiplayer title update achievements. Hell, place a reminder in your phone.

  • TenFootBunnyTenFootBunny261,879
    10 Apr 2015 11 Apr 2015 11 Apr 2015
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    I stumbled across a solution to this achievement that admittedly won't work for anybody who has already started the game, but I hope it can help people who are reading this before they begin.

    After turning on the game for the very first time, my friends immediately invited me into a public multiplayer Halo 2 match. As soon as the match was over, this achievement popped for me, making it one of my first three achievements in the entire MCC.

    It seems that, perhaps, launching straight into a multiplayer match before doing anything else in the game bypassed the start of the achievement's three-month timer. When I say that I didn't do "anything" beforehand, that included not customizing my profile or even changing my game settings. I simply turned on the game for the first time, entered a multiplayer match, and watched the achievement pop.

    For the record, this occurred on April 9, 2015. Please leave a comment if this solution worked for you, because I fully admit that I'm writing this based on personal experience and so I don't know if the achievement bugged out in my favor or if this is a real workaround to earning the achievement without a wait. I'll happily edit (or delete, if need be) this solution if it doesn't work as explained above. :)
  • Glitch0501Glitch0501122,984
    10 Apr 2015 16 Feb 2015 17 Feb 2015
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    This achievement's unobtainable for the time being. Once 343 Industries understands and fixes the problem, the achievement will most likely unlock the next time you start the game up or after you go in a Custom Game of your own and end it
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