LASO Master achievement in Halo MCC

LASO Master

Complete each individual game-specific LASO playlist for every Halo game.

LASO Master-1.6
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How to unlock the LASO Master achievement

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    For this solution, you have to finish all four LASO lists from the four main games: HALO 1, HALO 2, HALO 3 and HALO 4. You must finish the list available in the game's lists for all of them: setting up a game with the skulls won't count!
    Note: after the inclusion of HALO ODST and HALO REACH, both with LASO, this achievement description can be misleading. You don't need the LASO from these games to get the achievement. Thanks bLaKgRaVy for pointing out the necessity of clarifying this.

    LASO is by far the hardest mode in the game. It is in legendary difficulty, plus all skulls on. Each skull adds a modifier that makes the game more difficult, such as less ammo in weapons, enemies with more health and so on. Each game has its on set of skulls, even though some of them appear in more than one.

    There are good guides for each of the LASOS in their respective achievements, and it would be too extensive and repetitive to write them all here again. These are the LASO specific achievements for each game. Getting this achivement is, in fact, getting this four achievements:

    Halo: The Master Chief CollectionLike a Fine WineThe Like a Fine Wine achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 240 pointsHalo CE: Complete the Halo: CE LASO Campaign playlist.

    Halo: The Master Chief CollectionBack for MoreThe Back for More achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 265 pointsHalo 2: Complete the LASO campaign playlist.

    Halo: The Master Chief CollectionA Preference for PainThe A Preference for Pain achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 231 pointsHalo 3: Complete the Halo 3 LASO Campaign playlist.

    Halo: The Master Chief CollectionNaked TyrantThe Naked Tyrant achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 238 pointsHalo 4: Complete the Halo 4 LASO Campaign playlist.

    Here are some general tips:
    - If you are playing solo, you can use save and quit to go around the iron skull in all games. When you die, just save and quit before the game restarts, and when you resume, you will be in your last checkpoint.
    - Playing with someone can make it a lot easier, as long as both know what they are doing. Remember, if your partner dies, you both go back to the last checkpoint.
    - Use some kind of tape or post-it to mark the aim in the games that have a blind skull. Just load a normal game first, mark the aim with a piece of tape or post-it, and then play the LASO.
    - Use the skips and despawns shown in videos. They are what makes some of the levels possible and much easier.

    Halo 2 is considered the hardest of all, and Halo 4 the easiest. Halo 3 and Halo 1 are close in terms of difficulty and each player has its own opinion about which is harder. But don’t get the wrong idea: all of the LASO are really difficult, time-consuming and they will be quite a challenge. Good luck and don’t give up if you are going for this.
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    PoshayaHey if there are still ideally two other ppl tryna hop on the LASO grind with myself and one other hmu don’t give up easily pls thx
    Posted by Poshaya#1550 on 14 Jul 20 at 09:35
    FanpakuTo be honest, I never really cared about the achievements within TMCC at all … right until now, especially when this one simultaneously accomplishes some of the tougher new challenges now implemented within TMCC, as well.

    I know for a fact that a couple of buddies of mine—back in the day, in 2014, or 2015 perhaps—have just joined some guys with checkpoints for every LASO playlist; so they unlocked this achievement by just being in their lobby, and that was it. No muss, no fuss.

    Is this solution still available to this day? I’d highly appreciate some (former) expert comment upon this method. Like said, I know for a fact that this has been well doable only a couple of years ago, when, unfortunately, I haven’t yet cared about any of this.

    If there’s still somebody up with this particular solution, I’d be intrigued to be invited to the respective lobby, since I want this to be done asap.

    Thanks in advance.
    Posted by Fanpaku on 17 Jul 20 at 12:49
    DanifittiHey Fanpaku, as you can see in the respective solutions for the LASO achievements, at the moment this is not possible anymore. In fact, it seems to track all of your missions separately, and not only the playlist. I remember reading someone talking about joining only for the last checkpoint of every mission, but since you only keep one checkpoint in your file, and after you pass the mission it updates, it will be kind of hard for you to use this method now.
    Posted by Danifitti on 17 Jul 20 at 16:15
    NahzarioHey Danifitti, would you mind elaborating a bit more on how the achievement is tracked? I ask because I was playing through the Halo 4 LASO playlist with a friend and my game crashed on the literal final second on Shutdown when you jump off the ledge to finish the mission. However, my friend managed to finish the mission somehow and got the checkpoint for the next mission whereas I didn’t get progress for beating it. Not wanting to redo the entire mission again, I made the dumb decision of joining him on the next mission to see if giving me the checkpoint would rectify the discrepancy of “not completing” the Shutdown mission. After realizing it gave me the checkpoint but not the progress for the previous mission, I’m kind of screwed cause I can’t go back to finish it. I thought I saw somewhere on forums or whatever that some people carried on through their playlists after they had similar situations only for the achievement not to unlock and when they went to redo that mission on the reset playlist, it still didn’t unlock. They essentially had to do the entire playlist all over again to get the achievement. So I’m wondering based off of what you said, have they changed how it’s tracked and it’s now based on individual missions rather than all of the missions completed in one run of the playlist? So theoretically I’d be able to continue with my botched playlist and then just play shutdown through a mission select and put on all skulls on legendary? Sorry for the lengthy explanation, I’ve just put off restarting the playlist for months now and have been trying to get help everywhere I can—halo support, their forums, here, etc.—as I’ve dreaded having to do hours and hours of the same missions all over again.

    On a related note, if anyone else has put forth the effort to read through this as well and coincidentally has a Shutdown checkpoint at the beginning of the mission that they’d be willing to share with me so I can fix my playlist and only have to replay that one mission rather than the whole playlist again, I would extremely appreciate it. I know it’s highly improbable, but I would definitely owe you one and would help you on anything you need in exchange
    Posted by Nahzario on 19 Jul 20 at 03:07
    DanifittiHey Nahzario, sorry but I don't exactly how the tracking works. So far I think you must finish all missions in the playlist, so you would need to do this mission somehow again. Doing the separate level with skulls won't work, that is almost sure, many people stated it. You must do it in a LASO list.
    I did all LASOs solo, so I had no problem with checkpoints and can't really help with it. But for what I read about it, it tracks finishing every mission on the list.
    Posted by Danifitti on 20 Jul 20 at 01:50
    Crims0nScorpionApparently if you have the game on PC and launch it with Steam you can launch it with mods, play the game till the end of the last mission checkpoint or last mission itself, load it up on the Windows 10 version without mods and then unlock the achievement that way...from what I heard it works for all the Halo games in MCC right now on PC but not sure how it actually works.
    Posted by Crims0nScorpion on 20 Jul 20 at 23:32
    Beno343 should be able to define who cheated and who didn’t based on the times. The achievement needs to be revoked from those who used the glitch. This achievement is the hardest in Xbox history and it’s completion % is filled with fraudulent completions
    Posted by Beno on 18 Aug 20 at 04:48
    Sloppy IrishmanSo I have been working on The CE laso playlist, and I finished truth and reconciliation on co-op with a guy, well today when I joined him it didn’t even dawn on me until after we finished 2 missions that he played some without me. The next missions I needed to do was silent cartographer, assault on the control room and 343 guilty spark, however I ended up beating The library and two betrayals with him. Am I going to need to restart the entire playlist to get back those missions or just find someone that has those missions as their checkpoint and join on them?
    Posted by Sloppy Irishman on 29 Sep 20 at 02:20
    PeddlerofAlcohoIf you play the Masterchief Saga LASO playlist, do you get the achievement for each game after completing it? Or do you have to complete the LASO playlist for each individual game?
    Posted by PeddlerofAlcoho on 26 Nov 20 at 07:49
    Exuberant UmbraYou have to complete the campaign playlist itself to get the achievement for LASO. Very sure the Master Chief Saga list is just a challenge you "can" do, but won't unlock achievements.
    Posted by Exuberant Umbra on 29 Jan at 06:48
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