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LASO Master achievement in Halo MCC

LASO Master

Complete each individual game-specific LASO playlist for every Halo game.

LASO Master0
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How to unlock the LASO Master achievement

  • DanifittiDanifitti
    05 Jul 2019 02 Aug 2019 02 Feb 2020
    For this solution, you have to finish all four LASO lists from the four main games: HALO 1, HALO 2, HALO 3 and HALO 4. You must finish the list available in the game's lists for all of them: setting up a game with the skulls won't count!
    Note: after the inclusion of HALO ODST and HALO REACH, both with LASO, this achievement description can be misleading. You don't need the LASO from these games to get the achievement. Thanks bLaKgRaVy for pointing out the necessity of clarifying this.

    LASO is by far the hardest mode in the game. It is in legendary difficulty, plus all skulls on. Each skull adds a modifier that makes the game more difficult, such as less ammo in weapons, enemies with more health and so on. Each game has its on set of skulls, even though some of them appear in more than one.

    There are good guides for each of the LASOS in their respective achievements, and it would be too extensive and repetitive to write them all here again. These are the LASO specific achievements for each game. Getting this achivement is, in fact, getting this four achievements:

    Halo: The Master Chief CollectionLike a Fine WineThe Like a Fine Wine achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 265 pointsHalo CE: Complete the Halo: CE LASO Campaign playlist.

    Halo: The Master Chief CollectionBack for MoreThe Back for More achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 293 pointsHalo 2: Complete the LASO campaign playlist.

    Halo: The Master Chief CollectionA Preference for PainThe A Preference for Pain achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 255 pointsHalo 3: Complete the Halo 3 LASO Campaign playlist.

    Halo: The Master Chief CollectionNaked TyrantThe Naked Tyrant achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 264 pointsHalo 4: Complete the Halo 4 LASO Campaign playlist.

    Here are some general tips:
    - If you are playing solo, you can use save and quit to go around the iron skull in all games. When you die, just save and quit before the game restarts, and when you resume, you will be in your last checkpoint.
    - Playing with someone can make it a lot easier, as long as both know what they are doing. Remember, if your partner dies, you both go back to the last checkpoint.
    - Use some kind of tape or post-it to mark the aim in the games that have a blind skull. Just load a normal game first, mark the aim with a piece of tape or post-it, and then play the LASO.
    - Use the skips and despawns shown in videos. They are what makes some of the levels possible and much easier.

    Halo 2 is considered the hardest of all, and Halo 4 the easiest. Halo 3 and Halo 1 are close in terms of difficulty and each player has its own opinion about which is harder. But don’t get the wrong idea: all of the LASO are really difficult, time-consuming and they will be quite a challenge. Good luck and don’t give up if you are going for this.

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    MajorLoseGamingHalo 2 is the hardest, no doubt. Did almost all the campaign achievements in co op. Took me almost a complete year to 100% MCC. Biggest journey in my gaming career so far.
    I had problems with the achievements unlocking for LASO and even the speed runs. There's a couple steps you can take that might force it through, which includes watching the first and last cutscenes on co op, beating a mission again solo or co op. Watching the cut scenes worked for me. H4 took the longest for achievement to unlock.
    Posted by MajorLoseGaming On 19 Aug at 13:21
    super fichaI would recommend starting with the easiest LASO playlists starting in this order from easiest to hardest.

    Halo 3: ODST
    Halo 4
    Halo: reach
    Halo CE
    Halo 3
    Halo 2

    I know halo odst and reach don't count towards the achievement, but it might work to improve your dexterity skills in LASO. (Based on my experience)
    Posted by super ficha On 07 Sep at 00:29
    GS PleaseGreat solution ✔️
    Posted by GS Please On 19 Sep at 19:19
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  • LoftyMagicLoftyMagic
    31 Dec 2021 31 Dec 2021 31 Dec 2021
    Hi guys,

    I've just finished this after doing H3, H4, and Reach 2 years ago, and completing H1, H2, & Infinite this Christmas - I wanted to share some tips which may make it easier. I've done all of these SLASO, but the below should apply for Co-op as well. Let's get into it:

    1) Use Halo Completionist's (AKA Silver's) guides on YouTube. He has a playlist set up for each of the games (including Reach and ODST). I couldn't have done this without those guides. They are packed full of strategies for every area of every game - including lots of ways to skip fights. I recommend watching 5 mins or so ahead of where you currently are in the level before proceeding so you know what's coming. This will also let you know if you need to set anything up in advance.

    2) For H2, H3, H3:ODST, H4, and Reach, you will not be able to see your targeting reticle. For Halo:CE you will randomly lose 1 of the 5 parts to your HUD. If it happens to be the reticle, then just Save & Quit and reload until you have the reticle there.

    To negate this effect for the other games, some people put a piece of scotch tape on their screen, go into a custom game with a sniper rifle, and trace the circle onto the tape. I was worried about that affecting my TV somehow, so instead I got a piece of string, tied a big knot in the end of it, and hung it down from the top of my display with a piece of tape on the top of the TV. This takes a while to get it lined up correctly, but once you have it, you're good. The targeting reticle is in a slightly different place for each Halo game, so you'll need to reset it when you start a new one.

    3) If you have an elite controller, use it. Map at least 2 of the face buttons (that you use most frequently) to the paddles - I used just 2 and put Y on the upper right and kept cycling out the upper left paddle for whatever was required (for instance, mapping it to active camo when playing as the Arbiter in H2). If you have an elite series 2 - even better. Turn the thumbstick tension all the way up, it will help with aiming. This is especially useful for Halo: CE as aim assist is disabled for LASO, I found the increased tension in the stick pretty much negated that modifier for me. NB: For the prison skip in Gravemind (H2) - if you're finding it tricky with the elite controller, I switched back to the standard controller and did it first try. Whether this was by luck I don't know, but it's worth bearing in mind for when you get there.

    4) Switch your control scheme to Universal Bump & Jump. You'll need to change it manually for each game. This will do 2 things: A) make the control scheme consistent across each Halo game, and B) allow you to jump and aim without taking your thumb off the right stick. NB: For some skips and glitches you'll need to change the scheme back to default, but these are fairly obvious in Halo Completionist's guides (i.e. the start of "Keyes" in Halo: CE).

    5) Iron Skull Workaround: If you die (and you will, a lot), hit start, save & quit to take you back to the main menu before you are reset back to the start of the level. This used to be pretty painful, but since Xbox Series X/S launched with the SSD, the load time to get back in is pretty short now if you're on those consoles. If you don't manage it in time, then go to the dashboard, hit the start button on the MCC icon, "Manage game and add-ons", "Saved Data" click on your gamertag and "Delete from console". This will remove your local save and force a cloud save download when you start the game back up. There's a good chance you'll be back at one of your last 2 checkpoints. Do NOT press "Delete Everywhere". I haven't seen this trick mentioned anywhere else for LASO guides, but it saved my run in Gravemind on Halo 2 after I didn't Save & Quit in time.

    6) For Halo: CE and Halo 2, play in classic graphics. The geometry in the levels is not the same as what is shown in the remastered graphics. Also, you can more easily tell when you have damaged an elite's shield in classic graphics. For Halo 2, it's much easier to see the enemies in classic graphics as every enemy has active camo for the entire game.

    7) FOV (Field of View) Settings: Change this up to 100 for each game. It's on 78 or so by default, but increasing this will allow you to see more of what's going on around you, and make dancing around enemies while meleeing to get your shield back much easier.

    8) This is LASO, so some improvisation is necessary to complete it. Your run will not be 100% the same as in Halo Completionist's guides on YouTube. The guides should cover 95% of all your problems, but you'll need to get creative in some scenario's to make it through.

    9) If you're struggling with a particular section, look around for other guides on how to complete that part. For instance, I was struggling with the Banshee grab on Assault on the Control room on Halo: CE, so found a guide for the bridge drop on YouTube instead and had much more luck. Don't be afraid to look around for more help if needed.

    I've still got ODST to do, but hopefully the above will help some of you out. Just don't give up, and remember - with the Iron skull workaround, you only have to do each section once before you're done with it forever. That thought kept me going through the tougher sections.

    Let me know if you have any other tips so I can add them to this list, but this is all I can think of for now.

    Good Luck!
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