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Flyover Country achievement in Halo MCC

Flyover Country

Halo CE: Beat the par time on Halo.

Flyover Country0
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How to unlock the Flyover Country achievement

  • Hurricane MattHurricane Matt
    12 Nov 2014 13 Nov 2014 18 Nov 2014
    Something important to remember is that killing marines is faster than rescuing them. This is best done on Easy as combat will be a breeze. Also remember it is best to not use any skulls.

    I take no credit for this video, but it shows the best path to take for the achievement and the methods you should use. I will also provide some annotations.

    The grenade jump at the beginning is pretty unnecessary and is a lot more dangerous than it is worth. The only positive effect it has is to despawn enemies but if you are on Easy that isn't a problem.

    In the first area with marines you fight 5 waves of enemies, all coming from dropships at various points in the area. In the video he uses lots of grenades for these waves, but I preferred to save them for later in the level since you have to use grenades to kill the marines or they will become hostile. One last note, killing the marines in the first area only skips dialogue and saves minimal time.

    Once you get in the warthog and have to drive to the area where you activate the light bridge, you can skip the cutscene which shows you hitting a button and the bridge appearing by taking the path shown in the video. Most people will want to replace the fling jump with simply jumping on the turret of your warthog and then jumping again to land on the incline.

    I would highly recommend going in the order the video does as far as crash areas. Remember to make sure you have killed all the marines before leaving or you will have to come back. A good check is once you have killed all the marines in the rocky area assuming you also got the underground marines, an objective will appear on the screen telling you to "Search for the last Survivors". This means you are okay to proceed to the final area.

    This is probably one of the more difficult levels to get under par time, but it is very easily doable if you follow the methods I outlined here. Comment or PM me if you have any questions. Good luck and don't forget to go fast.

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    Demon Slayer050If you are not getting the evac at the end, it is probably because you have to get the voice cue at each location which says that "all the marines are dead". After several botched runs I figured out that the area that you run to and go down inside the bunker to blow up the marines, it does not register until you run back down around the dead and STEP ON THE LIGHT BRIDGE DOWN THERE. As soon as you do, you will get the cue that they are dead and you're good to go.
    Posted by Demon Slayer050 On 16 Apr 20 at 20:00
    Tarot BThanks, though I disliked having to shoot the marines :(
    Posted by Tarot B On 21 Aug 20 at 23:18
    Pure Pip RaptorSo basically you defend the first spot against all the ships with marines, go to two spots and kill all the marines there so you don't have to fight any covenant and on the third and last spot, save the marines and defend against all covenant ships in that area and Foehammer should arrive. You have to hear Cortana say that all enemies are dead and even when you leave the areas where you killed the marines, Cortana will tell Foehammer to stay at base because there's no one to pick up. As Demon Slayer050 said, stepping on the actual light bridge in the bunker is what caused Cortana to say that all the marines were dead.
    Posted by Pure Pip Raptor On 21 Apr 22 at 16:07
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  • FXGAchievementsFXGAchievements
    21 Apr 2017 19 Jul 2017
    Flyover Country - Halo CE: Beat the par time on Halo.

    The speed runs are very easy to unlock when you set the difficulty to easy. As long as you know the path you need to run, only spend time killing any enemies that are necessary to eliminate.

    The par time for this mission is: 20 minutes.

    Complete the mission in under this time and your achievement should pop! Enjoy!

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    Serge GoujonThis one worked for me. Awesome!
    Posted by Serge Goujon On 20 Feb 20 at 10:51
    RJ7Got it done in 17:01. Thank you!
    Posted by RJ7 On 03 Mar at 04:45
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