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Scurty Bump

Halo CE: Beat the par time on Keyes.

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How to unlock the Scurty Bump achievement

  • s1RFrAgaL0ts1RFrAgaL0t51,132
    22 Feb 2015 22 Feb 2015
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    While the above solution is excellent advice, I think it is more appropriate for a legendary or LASO speed run. The par time on Keyes can be achieved by just setting the difficulty to easy and running through the level.

    As early as possible, get the shotgun. Speed through the level and don't stop to shoot anyone unless they are actually preventing you from continuing. There are lots of tight hallways crowded with flood - if there are a clump of flood, use a grenade. You should be able to beat this with plenty of breathing room without using any glitches. Remember that once you found Keyes, and you're back in the hangar, you can just drop down levels by falling over the side (fall from 3rd floor to 2nd to 1st) and then immediately get in the banshee.

    Good luck.

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    HawaiianrulerThis is so true. I finished in 8 minutes on easy and I even died four times. Be careful in hallways throwing grenades as the ones from dead grunts will go off. Also fun note. If you get to the banshee platform before it registers it as your objective you can get in and fly outside the ship for a few seconds
    Posted by Hawaiianruler on 14 Aug 15 at 00:53
    GrfxGawdSimilar experience as the person who posted above, died at least three times. 7:56 total time, flew outside the ship for a few seconds before it even registered and the cutscene played. One of the easiest speedruns and used no glitching.
    Posted by GrfxGawd on 12 Sep 18 at 23:23
    Eds Killerbox 7After trying that damned flood bump over and no avail, everytime I was in perfect position with a tested reviver, it just checkpointed. So I (being only after the time cheev) took your advice...and it worked a treat. Finished in 10.52. thank you bro ...
    Posted by Eds Killerbox 7 on 18 Feb at 09:46
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  • Link5646Link5646480,469
    01 Jan 2019 01 Jan 2019 01 Jan 2019
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    Since par times are best done on easy and it is much easier to just run through Keyes rather than to attempt the "shield bump" glitch, I wanted to share a video that helped me easily do this is one go in under 10 minutes (par time is 15 minutes).

    This is NOT my video, this is Halo Completionist's video. I don't take any credit for this video; I just wanted to post an easy solution that doesn't rely on difficult exploits and that is much easier for the average player.

    What's also nice is that he notes where health packs and overshields are throughout the level, which is a nice touch typically not talked about in other videos.

  • guycarbguycarb375,126
    04 Nov 2017 04 Nov 2017 04 Nov 2017
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    Tired of trying to or simply can't Shield Bump?

    Then try this solution as an alternative method of beating the Par Time of 15:00 for the level Keyes - I would actually highly recommend this method before attempting the Shield Bump method simply because you don't have to be pixel perfect - there is a greater margin for error while still being successful!

    I was getting ready to attempt the Shield Bump method and there are several video tutorials out there but the comments on the videos and here on TA were discouraging until I stumbled upon another glitch - the Flood Bump!

    It took me about 20 minutes of trial and error until I finally got it to work and I managed to finish a Legendary Speedrun in under 3 minutes (2:53 to be exact!)

    *YouTube video credit to JIGgameoverSAW

    A couple things to note:

    1) A fully charged Plasma Pistol shot will down the Flood without killing him (you will know that the Flood is dead and won't come back if the game triggers a Checkpoint - if this happens, press start and restart the mission!) and
    2) I crouched while pushing forward up against the wall as the Flood re-animated.

    Watch the video several times and use the markings on the wall as a point of reference for where the Flood should go down and where you should position yourself. I can't stress this enough, the positioning of both the Flood and your position on him are crucial (again, use the markings on the wall as a point of reference of where to position yourself!)

    The above video doesn't cover an entire playthrough of the level so to finish that off, please refer to the video below and fast forward to 2:15 (after the cut scene) for an effortless way to wrap up the mission!

    *YouTube video credit to Nak3d Eli
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    Homunculus FurySilverscorpion video does a better job explaining the flood bump, also how to get a reviver flood to spawn 100% of the time. But this is what I did on my legendary run took me 7 minutes.
    Posted by Homunculus Fury on 07 Apr 20 at 22:27
  • MxSvnty4MxSvnty4362,309
    22 Nov 2014 22 Nov 2014 22 Nov 2014
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    Par time for this mission is 15 minutes. In order to achieve this low time and make it a whole lot easier on yourself, you'll have to take advantage of the "shield bump." The shield you will use is right at the beginning of the level, so it will make beating legendary on Keyes much easier. You will completely skip the part where you go out of the ship and have to fight back to the gravity lift. You will go directly to where
    Make sure to turn on the time hud so you know where you are with respect to time. Also, remember that while you will skip a majority of the mission, you still have to complete the rest of the level from the
    I recommend doing this achievement on Easy so the rest of the level will be rather, well, easy. I performed the trick with about 6-7 minutes on my time hud and competed the level on Normal at about 10 minutes. So, on Easy it shouldn't take no more than 3 minutes; therefore, restart the level if you can't pull off the trick before the time hud reaches about 11 minutes.

    Below is a video I used and believe is the most helpful. While he is demonstrating the trick on PC, it works exactly the same on the Xbox. I have also given the link to the reference position you will want to use depending on your resolution. This is also on PC, but it is the same once again. I was a little bit to the left from the given screenshot however.

    A few tips I can give you is to use the Plasma Pistol when lining up your view. The top crosshair thing really helps. You want to have that top one going through the corner of the shield base (by using a straight imaginary line). You want to be looking directly downward and have the middle of the crosshair triangle to be on that horizontal line. You need the shield to be vertical on your screen and have none of the "jaggedness," as stated in the video. You can also periodically shoot the shield generator so it won't respawn and give you more time to line up your screen. Crouch when lining up your view to make it easier to see your position!

    After achieving the shield bump and reaching the room, you will need to keep going through the door in front of you and take a right, past the fire, and trigger a checkpoint. Now go back to the room; you may see flood and covenant floating still in the air, don't worry about them or kill them. Once back in the room, there will be invisible flood (you can tell because your reticle will be attracted to them). You need to kill these invisible guys, either with grenades or enough bullets, or else they will spawn during the cutscene and kill you. This will cause some weird glitches to occur (at least it did for me the first time).

    Lastly, you want to be in classic graphics as this will make it much easier!

    This trick is very precise, with only a few pixels separating success and failure, but it is doable!

    *Credit to screenshots go to goatrope

    *Credit to YouTube video goes to Andrew Halabourda
  • KamtrocityKamtrocity613,850
    20 Jul 2016 21 Jul 2016 21 Jul 2016
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    This method uses a well known video to progress through the mission as well as another fantastic tip for the infamous Shield Bump.

    WATCH TO LEARN THE ENTIRE PATH (This video was by MrInfamouzgaming)

    BETTER SHIELD BUMP METHOD (by CAT4 from xboxachievements site)

    I managed to do the Shield Bump correctly several times with this methodology. The original method rarely worked and each time I would just fall off the map or in to another room.

    You can find the original post here:
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