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All You Can Eat

Halo CE: Beat the par time on The Maw.

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How to unlock the All You Can Eat achievement

  • Strategy OneStrategy One684,823
    16 Nov 2014 14 Nov 2014 17 Nov 2014
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    All You Can Eat

    I found a video on youtube of someone doing the mission in 7 minutes and 43 seconds (about half the time required and faster than the fastest time on Halo: TMCC leaderboards, most likely still holds the world record)

    There is a glitch in this video which I don't recommend trying, because I attempted it 2 times and fell to my death through the floor. Instead just run through the room, once you exit the room (without killing the enemies) go straight and left into the control room, kill everyone immediately and go to the front for the cutscene, and catch up to the video where he skips ahead.

    While running through the mission grab a shotgun immediately (when the doors bust open which the hallway flooded with flood(no pun intended)). Use that while running through the mission to kill any enemies in your way. Don't forget to get the rocket launcher he picks up at 1:45 which will make the 4 objectives much easier.

    Don't attempt the grenade jump, you will most likely die, if you notice he has 1 red bar left, he practiced this mission for a long time (he mentions in the video) to perfect everything.

    Lastly If you want to at the end of the mission, you can try the Warthog squeeze (at the last stretch) but I was unable to do it and ran on foot.

    Going through the entire mission the first time using this video it took me 16:50. The second time learning from a couple of mistakes I did in 11:21 (#142 on the world leaderboards for fastest time on Halo: TMCC)

    Following the video and my tips should help you get easily under 15 minutes, if anyone has a problem doing it just say which part you messed up on so I can add it and others won't make the same mistake.

    Also if you do the end exactly like him you will also obtain this achievement:

    Halo: The Master Chief CollectionThis Side UpThe This Side Up achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 30 pointsHalo CE: Complete the Warthog ride of The Maw without being forcibly ejected from your vehicle.

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    Darth6unnerNeat video, and I know different people draw their lines in different places - but seems a bit cheesy to just use a bunch of clipping errors in the game.
    Could just be salt cuz I can't seem to manage ;-)
    Posted by Darth6unner on 26 Feb 18 at 04:50
    CheeezieQuaverHave done this under 15 multiple times now and it wont pop, anyone else having trouble with this?
    Posted by CheeezieQuaver on 14 Mar 20 at 23:37
    Homunculus Furyif you do the grenade jump there is a health back on the wall to the right
    Posted by Homunculus Fury on 11 Apr 20 at 18:11
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  • MattynicklinMattynicklin291,100
    15 Nov 2014 15 Nov 2014 15 Nov 2014
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    I would recommend playing this on easy, to start with just run through the level as quickly as you can.

    When the part comes up with to destroy the 4 reactors, just before you get to the engineering room there is 2 signs on the floor one says engineering where you need to go and one is the armoury.

    Go to the armoury first and get a rocket launcher and full ammo then go and do the reactors, (it mentions throwing a grenade in but it is a lot easier to fire a rocket through the vent instead of hoping the grenade makes it in)when you have successfully fired a rocket into the reactor run and crouch jump onto the ledge where the controls are to extract the reactors.

    I say crouch jump because I never seem to be able to do it with a normal jump and you will waste valuable time running all the way back up if you survive the fall.

    After you have done all 4 reactors and have gone up in the lift get in the warthog, if you have more than 10 minutes on the clock I would restart. It will only take about 4 minutes but it depends on how quickly you can navigate the last part.

    When foehammer comes just keep driving. It's pointless waiting for her to crash.
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    Moozipan CheeseTowards the end, if you stand near the end of the vents where they are thickest, and actually wait for them to close back up on the engines you've destroyed, you can make the jump back up onto the platform without having to crouch jump. Should be helpful if you suck at them.

    I managed to do this quite easily in 11:29 without any pro strategies by just picking a shotgun early and running past most enemies. Even flipped the Warthog a couple of times.
    Posted by Moozipan Cheese on 25 Dec 15 at 05:37
    Card DreamerThis would be easily doable of the driving didn't suck on this level
    Posted by Card Dreamer on 02 Feb 16 at 02:34
  • FXGAchievementsFXGAchievements13,115
    17 Jul 2017 19 Jul 2017
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    All You Can Eat - Halo CE: Beat the par time on The Maw.

    The speed runs are very easy to unlock when you set the difficulty to easy. As long as you know the path you need to run, only spend time killing any enemies that are necessary to eliminate.

    The par time for this mission is: 15 minutes.

    Complete the mission in under this time and your achievement should pop! Enjoy!

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