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Halo CE: Beat par time on all Halo: CE levels.

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  • Messiah MuffinMessiah Muffin373,519
    11 Dec 2014 12 Dec 2014 12 Dec 2014
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    For those struggling with their runs, Nak3d Eli has a great video playlist where he goes through every Halo CE level below the par time. The videos are fully commentated which helps you get to terms with the tricks you need to pull off to get those par times.

    While these videos are aimed at legendary difficulty, do note this achievement can still be done on easy difficulty, for those who aren't attempting Goat Roped just yet. Even if you turn the difficulty down the tricks and paths are still a great help, just note you'll be having an easier time when it comes to enemies and won't need to show the same caution in some encounters.

    These runs can also be unlocked while playing through playlists, so if you still want to complete the Halo CE Easy Campaign then this could be a good chance to do so. x0 score modifier skills will void speed run progress.
  • Strategy OneStrategy One640,860
    06 Jan 2015 14 Nov 2014 15 Dec 2014
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    Did Somebody Say...

    To obtain this achievement you must finish all levels meeting par times. I will give the amount of time for each mission required and a video on how to do it. Do note all videos are done on easy and that it is possible you can unlock the achievements going for Par Scores, or the Goat Roped achievement which you need to beat Halo: CE in under 3 hours total on legendary difficulty:

    Halo: The Master Chief CollectionGoat RopedThe Goat Roped achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 254 pointsHalo CE: Halo CE: Complete all Halo: CE Legendary campaign missions in under 3 hours.

    If you want to do those first you can choose from the list the video that you need and which mission it is. Or if you want to knock them out of the way or don't plan on doing the other achievements just start from the list going down.

    Note: Videos were done by MrInfamouzgaming

    The Pillar Of Autumn Par time: 15 minutes (done in 8:38)

    Halo Par time: 20 minutes (done in 18:42)

    The Truth and Reconciliation par time: 20 minutes (which is done in 17:27)

    The Silent Cartographer par time: 15 minutes (video was done by Korbek gaming which will also unlock you the pacifist achievement)

    Assault on the control room par time: 15 minutes (done in 14:18)

    343 Guilty Spark par time: 15 minutes (done in 9:04)

    The Library par time: 25 minutes (done in 15:28)

    Two Betrayals par time: 20 minutes (done in 15:19)

    Keyes par time: 15 minutes (done in 7:10)

    The Maw par time: 15 minutes (done in 7:43 by Mater, you will also obtain the "This side up" achievement if you don't flip your vehicle)
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