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Halo CE: Beat the par score on The Silent Cartographer.

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How to unlock the Charted achievement

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    So for score, every kill gets you points and dying or losing Marines loses points. These points are multiplied by what difficulty you play on and the skulls you use. To play with score showing, choose to show score in the HUD when you choose your mission. The par for this map is 25,000.

    I had my competitive score showing, heroic difficulty, and all main skulls on except for mythic. With these settings I did a very different approach, while I will explain at the last paragraph. I managed to finish the level with 10,531 base points. I beat the level in 13:11 which yielded that glorious 3X multiplayer. I ended up with 31,593.

    So my suggestion is to kill what you need to obtain the points to get you to 25,000 with the 3X multiplier. From the start I walked backwards and along the beach and took the path up to hunters. I killed everything, of course, and deactivated the security door. Now from here I went to the newly opened door across the island, but instead of going down normally to the bottom, I took the overshield fall. You can watch my video on Upload entitled "Silent Faller". Basically in the room to the right just after the security door is a spot you can fall from, land safely at the bottom, then fall again directly onto the overshield right next to the cartographer. Then I ran up normally to the top and ended the level. I will provide a video of this fall. With long levels like this, with Iron Skull on, I found it much less frustrating to save and quit if you die. Then resume the level from the main menu to start at your last checkpoint, points intact.
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    DragonFangDanGotta say, that last sword elite was a bitch! Had to kite him out of the hallway and loop around behind him. Even though I went over the par time I still had more than enough points to make up for it.
    Posted by DragonFangDan on 18 Dec 14 at 06:32
    Strategy OneNothing in this solution for the sword guy.... Also you should state that you need to keep your overshield intact when you get to the jump spot as you cannot get a new one.
    Posted by Strategy One on 23 Dec 14 at 01:49
    Strategy OneFor some odd reason I cannot outrun the sword guy, everytime he melee's im dead, cant even survive 1 hit. Horrible spot to be stuck at.
    Posted by Strategy One on 23 Dec 14 at 01:51
    yollom69To ensure you take out the shield elite take the warthog down to the door and park it outside. When you run the past the elite jump in the warthog and reverse over him to kill him. Look at the speed guides elsewhere for details
    Posted by yollom69 on 19 Mar 15 at 00:31
    TheBigBBI did this on legendary with just a couple skulls. I didn't use a special strat for the sword elite, I just popped around the corner, stuck him with a plasma, and then ran while he was flailing his arms.
    Posted by TheBigBB on 26 May 15 at 02:44
    lightsup55Par score was changed to 18,000.
    Posted by lightsup55 on 29 Sep 19 at 20:54
    lazerossAnyone still having trouble with the sword elite, park the warthog outside the door then when you are coming back up at the end of the level just run straight past him. The elite usually stops and shouts at you so you can get past while he's in this animation, he'll then agro the warthog so you can get out.
    Posted by lazeross on 04 Jul 20 at 10:13
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