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Vetro Strike

Halo CE: Beat the par score on Assault on the Control Room.

Vetro Strike-0.2
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How to unlock the Vetro Strike achievement

  • FlaviusPrimusFlaviusPrimus100,738
    11 Aug 2015 12 Aug 2015 03 Jan 2020
    50 2 8
    Par Score: 18,000
    Final Score: 35,042
    Par Time: 15:00
    Time: 24:15
    Difficulty: Heroic
    Skulls: Fog & Famine

    Nothing overly special about this achievement, and I am sure there are many other ways to do it. I decided to have some fun with this and took some more time to complete it. I didn't do a complete clear, but generally targeted high score kills: Elites, Hunters, Ghosts, Banshees and Wraiths.

    With most of these par score runs, I have noticed that there is a sweet spot between time and score. Even if you exceed the par time and if you have enough score built up,
    you will still have plenty of score left to get the achievement once you hit the final checkpoint.

    1) To the First Canyon Snow Map

    - Grenade the door as it opens, hose them all down
    - Blitz through the middle, killing the 2 Elites and whatever Jackals or Grunts are in your way, hang a left and head for the next door
    - As you start across Bridge 1, melee the sleeping Grunts. Grab one of their Plasma Pistols.
    - Shoot out the first section of glass on the floor and take out the Elite beneath you
    - Run under the bridge, after you ascend grenade either corners adjacent to the door. Plasma the Elite Swordsman, that will stun him then hose him down.
    - Go left when you hit Area 2, Inviso Elite here with lots of Grunts
    - Health and Ammo, head to the elevator
    - When you hit Area 3 go right, shoot on the move taking out an Elite and some Grunts. - Head to the next door and through the hallway

    2) First Canyon Snow Map

    - Take out the first Grunt on the turret on your left, and quickly take out the other Grunt on the far turret at your 1 o'clock as you come out of the door
    - Bust a move to your comrades and protect them, but before you grab the Rocket Launcher and the Sniper Rifle quickly take out the Grunts and Jackals that are attacking the UNSC Troops.
    - Once they are neutralized quickly grab rockets, sniper, ammo, health, grenades and take out the Elite on the Ghost.
    - Get the Warthog and get 2 Troops to hop in. The 2nd passenger proves to be quite effective (Sgt. Johnson is wicked in this role with a sniper ) and acts as back up if the gunner gets killed.
    - Head towards the vacant Ghost, behind a rock there are some extra rockets to top up.
    - With my Warthog I took out the Banshee and Wraith in this area
    - TIP: One tactic I use while driving the Warthog is to drive circles around your target in a clockwise direction. This allows your passenger to shoot from the Warthog.
    - TIP: Be weary of the ice while driving, it can leave you vulnerable when you need to evade.
    - TIP: The Warthog itself is a weapon, great for splattering Elites and Hunters.
    - When you finished clearing the first area of the snow map, continue on and you will come across some more UNSC Troops and a Scorpion.
    - It really is your discretion if you want to grab it, but personally I have a blast with the Warthog.
    - Neutralize the enemies here, proceed to the next area
    - Business as usual, clear the enemies. You can step out and rocket the last Wraith on top of the plateau. Head down the road, take out the 2 hunters and hit the switch for the next door.

    3) Underground Structure

    - Once you are inside the structure it will open up into another area. Drive around and clear this zone. Splatter, splatter, splatter.
    - If you were diligent enough to protect your troops, you should have back up that follows you up. Sgt. Johnson with the sniper rifle is pretty bad ass. If you can get him as a passenger then things are golden.

    4) Second Canyon Snow Map

    - Follow the tunnels and after you ascend the road leading to the next area there will be a drop ship. Circle strafe the drop in a clockwise fashion.
    - I did a couple of laps clearing everything in this zone. After killing the Wraith I moved on to the next area. Troops still following.
    - There is another drop ship that lands more enemies, I let my troops behind take care of them and proceeded to the pillared cavern entrance that opens up to the next snow area map.

    5) Third Canyon Snow Map

    - On the other side of this tunnel is an Inviso Elite Swordsman. They blow up good!
    - On foot you make a climb, once you crest have your sniper ready. Clear out this area and proceed to the door on the right. Two Elites just inside. I had 8 UNSC troops at this point, 2 with snipers.
    - In this next area head left, melee the sleeping Grunts and assassinate the Elite. Head through the door to the next lift.
    - through the corridor to the next Area, go right and fight your way around to the next door.
    - through the corridor it will lead to the second set of exterior bridges
    - UNSC Pistol is handy here as you need to take out the Grunts on the other side as you make your way across. On the other side is another Inviso Elite accompanied by a lot of Grunts.
    - through the corridor to the next area go left, 1 Elite here, rocket ammo, health up! Head to the next door.
    - this next area is a larger hallway where I used my sniper/rockets. Fun stuff!
    - the next area head right, Elites and Grunts. Hit the next door
    - coming back across the bridge, enemies have respawned on both sides.
    - used lots of grenades on my way across, saved a rocket for another Inviso Elite at the end.
    - the next room area head right. kill the grunts/jackals hit the door
    - the next area is another long hallway with Inviso Elites
    - through the hallway it opens up into another room area with Hunters. Good points. Clear and move on quickly. Head to the next door, just before you enter there are rockets/ammo.

    6) Fourth Canyon Snow Map

    - the next area is important once you open the door into fourth canyon snow map. Make sure you kill the far Crimson Elite so he won't jump into the Banshee. Having a sniper here will be advantageous. Kill the other elite and Jackal/Grunts and grab the Banshee.
    - Take the Banshee to the main control room doors. Jump out, hit the switch then jump back in and be ready for the doors to open. This is the last mob, so once you clear this it is smooth sailing to the finish.

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    metallicafan459Thankfully I had 22,779 points and it stayed that way after finishing the level with a time of 45:06!
    Posted by metallicafan459 on 28 Dec 19 at 14:54
    xPut Name HerexIf you are more than double the Par Time, the game no longer gives you points for kills. It's a purposeful game mechanic
    Posted by xPut Name Herex on 24 Jan 20 at 06:28
    Bleeding PepperGod I hate the Marines when that grenade mutator is on. They do nothing but spam grenades everywhere. The number of times I've been killed as a result. Screw humanity - let the Covenant take over! Just to spite these stupid morons.
    Posted by Bleeding Pepper on 07 Apr at 02:25
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  • YOOPER 906YOOPER 906938,778
    16 Oct 2017 16 Oct 2017
    15 0 0
    Here's a video guide for those who would rather watch somebody do it.

    Assault on the Control Room
    Par Score: 18,000

    Difficulty: Legendary
    Skulls: Boom, Pinata, Grunt Birthday Party
    Level time: 26:22
    Level score: 40,553

    NOTE: If you die, quickly press Start and Save and Quit. Then press resume and you will save time and you can make a no death run getting you an even higher score. You must Save & Quit before you respawn again.


    - Make use of your grenades
    - Go for headshots
    - If you're using the Save & Quit trick, then just try speedrunning the rest of the level once you reach your Par Score.
    - Try completing the level as fast as possible.
    - Have patience. The video makes it look easier than it really is.

    Video Credit: Halo Completionist (Youtube Channel)

  • togethawiistandtogethawiistand509,111
    29 Dec 2015 29 Dec 2015 03 Jan 2016
    8 2 0
    In case somebody is wondering, the way to do this is on Legendary without any skulls on. Kill every enemy you see and that should be more than enough (I went over 20k and the par is just 18k) allowing you to even die a few times. Dying nets you at least minus 100 points though. Manually reloading the last checkpoint nets you minus 200 points and for me (I did it once) it also caused the score to stop acknowledging new points for new kills. That was fine though, as of at that point I already had over 25k.

    By the way, the wepons of choice are:
    - For the inside area at the beginning of the mission: plasma pistol + magnum (noob combo).
    - Against the first group of enemies outside and the first Wraith: magnum + sniper/rocket launcher + plasma grenades. Kill the grunt on the left(stick him with a plasma grenade), rush straight ahead to start killing the enemies that are attacking the marines on the other side from the door you came out. Watch for the Elite. He will inevitably get into a Ghost. I usually get close to him and then stick him on the vehicle with another plasma grenade. Clear the rest of the guys if any are still alive. Frag grenades are the best against Jackals (and the plasma pistol, of course). Kill the grunt in the turret on the top left when facing the Wraith. See if there's any other enemies behind the rocks to the right of the Wraith so you can start moving on closer to it with the Rocket Launcher. You don't want any disturbance while trying to hit the Wraith two or three times. Careful with its cannon shots, dodge. Once this part is over, you're good to move on and find the Scorpion. Before that though I usually go back and pick up the pistol or the sniper, whichever I dropped to carry the Rocket Launcher. The Launcher is great, but you will only need it at specific times on this mission. It's better to have a close and precise range weapon (magnum) and another for picking enemies at a distance (sniper). You will find more jackals before you reach the Tank. There are also enemies rushing the Marines at the Tank location. I usually throw grenades to delay them and then rush inside the vehicle.

    Take good care of your Scorpion Tank once you get to it. It is your best friend throughout good part of this mission. Make sure it doesn't get hit often.
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