You Really Can't Handle the Truth achievement in Halo MCC

You Really Can't Handle the Truth

Halo CE: Beat the par score on The Truth and Reconciliation.

You Really Can't Handle the Truth-0.2
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How to unlock the You Really Can't Handle the Truth achievement

  • Ajp121Ajp121461,120
    27 Jan 2015 27 Jan 2015
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    I'm not the best halo player, and I don't get a bunch of headshots etc which a lot of these solutions seem to require. I like grenades, grenades are awesome.

    Here's the modifiers I chose.

    Pinata (melee a grunt, get a grenade!)

    I die quite a bit, it's much better to quit and resume when you die (before you respawn). May as well take the free bonus from the iron skull.

    I kept the sniper with me throughout, it come sin handy on the hunters, who are a pain, and taking out some of the cannons early on. I kept a plasma pistol as my primary throughout too. Nades were key for me, get a good grenade and you'll clear a bunch of enemies and rack up a big score boost too! Just watch out for any explosions near you, with boom on you'll get caught off guard quite a bit, but it's worth it. Other than that just take it slow, do the quit resume method as often as you need and you should make decent time. When you get a chance, punch a lonely grunt to get some more plasmas.

    I did it in 28:12 which netted me just over 2x bonus from the time giving me a score of 35557. You notice with that score I had plenty of time to go even slower, you only need 19,000 now after they lowered the scores.

    Hope this helps, if I can manage it (it took me an hour maybe with all the quit/resumes) anyone can!
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  • Shand Alk3Shand Alk3506,003
    20 Nov 2014 20 Nov 2014
    17 13 4
    So for score, every kill gets you points and dying or losing Marines loses points. These points are multiplied by what difficulty you play on and the skulls you use. To play with score showing, choose to show score in the HUD when you choose your mission. The par for this map is 25,000.

    I had my competitive score showing, heroic difficulty, and all main skulls on except for foreign and mythic. With these settings, I ran through killing almost every enemy I came across. I say almost because I did skip the part where you open the door for the Marines in the ship and went through an opened door to progress. I managed to finish the level with 25,159 base points. I beat the level in 28:37 which yielded an extra 2.14X multiplayer. Anything under half hour will give you an extra 2X+ I ended up with 54,054.

    As you can tell I doubled the points I needed, but was unsure what skulls I needed. I played on Normal with all skulls on and barely missed the mark, so I suggest heroic with some easy skulls. I highly suggest leaving Mythic off. When you first enter the ship there are 6 sword elites that are MUCH easier to kill with lower health. As usual, melee everything. With long levels like this, with Iron Skull on, I found it much less frustrating to save and quit if you die. Then resume the level from the main menu to start at your last checkpoint, points intact.
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    Shand Alk3If you have competitive score showing then the score you see is the score you get. If you have just score showing then you don't see the time multiplier.
    Posted by Shand Alk3 on 22 Nov 14 at 07:01
    TheBigBBIf you don't want to worry about going fast, you can get this achievement just setting it to legendary without any skulls. As long as you don't die (or save and quit if you do) and you kill everything, you will get enough points easily.
    Posted by TheBigBB on 25 May 15 at 16:29
    BrunoWidorskiI managed to do this on normal by moving fast and killing everything.
    Posted by BrunoWidorski on 10 Jul 15 at 00:29
  • JAK OO3JAK OO3560,262
    12 Feb 2021 15 Feb 2021 15 Feb 2021
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    I did this on normal with several skulls on here the video on us doing it please like and comment if this helps
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