Reading Room achievement in Halo MCC

Reading Room

Halo CE: Beat the par score on The Library.

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How to unlock the Reading Room achievement

  • teengirlsquad4teengirlsquad4422,339
    09 Dec 2014 09 Dec 2014
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    This is, in my opinion, the easiest Par Score achievement to get, solely for the fact that there are so many enemies it is almost impossible not to get it on Legendary with no skulls. Quick tips on what I found important:

    1) Grab the Shotgun ASAP. You want to keep it on your person the entire level. Don't worry about running out of ammo, there are enough Shotgun Flood.

    2) Keep the Assault Rifle until you come across the Rocket Launcher towards the end of the level right before you grab the Key. There's a part where the Flood storm you from around a corner where the Rocket Launcher is a necessity.

    3) Frags are you friend. But always be wary when throwing one close range, since there is a huge tendency to create a chain reaction, especially when it comes to "Pregnant" Flood.

    4) Try to speed run this level as close as you can. I ignored a lot of the flood towards the middle of the level and just booked it to the elevators. Just chuck grenades while backwards running to gain extra points.

    5) Don't die. Or rather use the save-quit trick to not have a death on your record. It helps your score a lot.

    6) Kill the "Pregnant" Flood first, always. They are very helpful for taking out the other Flood forms before you even get close. This is a life-saver in some parts of the corridors. Then focus on the Shotgun Flood, then any Weapon Flood, then No-Weapon Flood, then the swarm stragglers, unless your shields are down, then focus all your energy on the swarm ones, as they can kill you in a second.

    I personally completed this level in 30 minutes and had well over 75k in points. This was on Legendary, no skulls, and no deaths. In the beginning I tried to kill everything in my sight before the second elevator and already broke the 25k cap, so I just rushed the rest. So there's a ton of room to get the score limit before the end of the level, so good luck! Any thoughts and comments are much appreciated!

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    MadFuzzy Manjust did this, got close to 40k, it didn't pop......
    Posted by MadFuzzy Man on 19 May 17 at 03:59
    Tozi TiberiusGreat guide. I did it on heroic with no problems.

    Just don't use the famine or foreign skulls. The first because it halves your shotgun ammo, and the second because it prevents you from using plasma grenades.
    Posted by Tozi Tiberius on 26 Nov 19 at 12:41
    EliteAssassin13Great guide! Just did this on Heroic, with Catch and Piñata skulls active. Took my time, finishing in 44min. I even died 3 times and just reverted to my last checkpoint. Final score: 35,876 👍

    Why Catch? Cuz Flood don’t throw grenades. So I always use that skull for levels with only them.

    @teengirlsquad4 Those “pregnant” Flood (great name btw) which my friends and I called “poppers” for years, are actually known as Carrier Forms. But “pregnant/poppers” is much better 😂.
    Posted by EliteAssassin13 on 25 Feb at 19:09
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    16 Feb 2022 16 Feb 2022 16 Feb 2022
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    There's more than enough points in this level. Take it slow, and clear everything. I recommend playing on Heroic.

    This skulls will help:
    Non-Scoring: Pinata:You want lots of frags.
    1.10: Catch: Flood don't throw grenades, and again, lots of frags are you friends.
    1.10: Foreign: Covenant weapons are ineffective against the flood.
    1.30: Iron: Save and Quit if you die, and you will die a lot.
    1.10: That's Just... Wrong: I'm not sure this has any effect on the flood. If it does it's minor.

    If you play on normal, you'll also want Fog and probably Thunderstorm.

    You'll be low on ammo, especially in the beginning. Start with the pistol, swap it to the shotgun as soon as possible and hold on to the assault rifle.

    I got it in 43 minutes with 34,189 points.
  • UNSC MEXICOUNSC MEXICO122,726 122,726 GamerScore
    20 Jul 2021 20 Jul 2021 20 Jul 2021
    3 1 0
    Misión: La biblioteca
    Dificultad: Heróica (2 jugadores)

    Activa los siguientes cráneos para tener un multiplicador de 3.83x:
    - Hambre: Las armas que recojas tendrán la mitad de munición.
    - Extranjera: No podrás recoger armas del Covenant, nisiquiera Granas de Plasma.
    - Esto está... Mal: No afecta a los Flood.
    - Tormenta Eléctrica: No afecta a los Flood.
    - Mala Suerte: No afecta a los Flood.
    - BOOM: Las explosiones son mayores, por lo que algunos Floods detonarán matando a los suyos.

    Antes de llegar al último piso tu compañero y tú ya debería haber superado la puntuación par. Al término de la misión el multiplicador doblará la puntuación que hayan realizado. Yo conseguí arriba de 70000.
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