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Halo CE: Beat the par score on Keyes.

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How to unlock the Headstrong achievement

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    If you are uncomfortable trying the glitch like me to bounce into the ceiling of the ship then this is the guide for you!

    I did the mission in 13:45 with a score of 21,747 unlocking par score and par time. This is not as fast as the glitch method but much easier and faster, you can waste hours on the bump trying to do it correctly, so I just went with running and gunning.

    Difficulty: Normal or Heroic ( I did par score and par time on both but when I did Heroic neither achievements unlocked) Heroic is harder and you will most likely die... a ton (shit ton of enemies everywhere)

    Skulls: Eye patch, Fog, Iron ( you can add Pinata on if you want, it gives you grenades from meleeing enemies and has a 1.00 multiplier so doesn't ruin the multiplier.)

    If you die just save/quit and resume from the menu.

    The first shotgun you need to grab is the first group of flood you encounter, make sure to grab that. After you get the shotgun you are going to be running and shooting as fast as you can through-out the level. Knowing where the overshields are is useful so the first one I know of is to the right of the lift up into the ship, the second is where Cortana says the flood are gathering bodies in the corner, if you jump down it is straight ahead next to a door that opens with a group of flood.

    While running through this mission, use grenades on every horde of enemies, recommend using frags on flood and stickies on grunts. When you get to the 2 Hunters take the sniper off the ground and 1 shot the hunters in the back so you don't have to deal with them, Keep your sniper for later. When you get to the lift into the ship, grab the overshield and throw grenades at the Covenant guarding the lift.

    Once in the ship you must be careful, there is tons and tons of enemies. One thing worth mentioning is that when you get to the hallway with flood fighting the Covenant, I killed all enemies with grenades, then when the flood start dropping, run past them and put your back to the direction where you are supposed to go (flood nor Covenant will come behind you because its a loading zone with no enemies). Kill as many flood as you can at this point to stack some points, I knew I needed some, make sure to leave space as there will be more enemies to kill. Be careful though, flood will spawn extremely fast here, use grenades and shotgun, save at least 3-4 bullets, you will need them.

    Once you go past the loading zone you will see 3 blue elites and 1 red by a turret, shoot them with your sniper and kill all 4 for points, and don't forget the health kit near your feet. After getting that, just run where you are supposed to go (left when you were sniping the elites and right when you get to the door which will lead you to another door) Make sure to ignore the elites shooting at your back, don't worry they won't chase you.

    After you get to Keyes and go through the cutscene, you can finish the level in 1 minute, so if you are below 14 minutes you can easily get par time, and hopefully par score too. Right away run into the Covenant infested hallway shooting with your shotgun, and run past as many enemies as you can, shoot mainly the elites, when you get to the end of the hallway and back into the hanger take a immediate right, there will be some covenant you need to kill (be careful of the fuel rod grunt) and continue forward. Once you get to the wall, turn left and jump down to the 2nd level. Once the banshees land, jump down and grab the banshee to finish the level, that way you don't have to kill 100 enemies going down saving A TON of time.

    Good luck and have fun, any questions or comments? Message me or comment on my solution.

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    YoDzgreat guide, finished on normal using iron, eye patch and fog. using save/quit method. i used grenades on big spawns and spammed the flood with the shotgun. finished with 24,300 in 13:45
    Posted by YoDz on 02 Dec 16 at 00:42
    MrKoolxDoodHalo ce has some pretty hard par scores
    Posted by MrKoolxDood on 13 Dec 20 at 06:19
    Posted on 27 Aug 21 at 06:22
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    The name of the first part of this level is NO RUSHING. After you fall down you need to be really careful and play safe. Obviously, the shotgun is your best friend. My second weapon of choice was the magnum, but the needler could also help with the unreachable enemies. Even though the spawning of flood enemies seems always infinite, it is not. Move forwards gaining ground little by little, only when you feel that everything is under control. Don't leave a soul alive behind you.

    Another thing I've found out before the ship part is that if you kill ALL the little spores in an area you might get a checkpoint. Anyways, I rarely shoot at them (what can end up attracting more real enemies). Once everything is under control and I have enough shields, I let the spores commit suicide by jumping at me. I got a lot of checkpoints just by cleaning them out this way.

    When I got to the lift I also played safe and took my sweet time, no rush. I took care of all the Elites I could from a distance. Once they were down, there were few flood to be taken care of.

    For this score run I thought about activating a couple of skulls but in fact they are not needed nor welcomed. Just playing on LEGENDARY without any skulls on should be enough to get enough points if you kill all the enemies. I finished with 24k (4k over the necessary) after reaching 25k but dying a couple of times when trying to wipe out all of the elites at bottom floor in the very last part.

    If these pieces of advice help you too, please let me know by leaving a thumbs up. Thanks.
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    Here's a video guide for those who would rather watch somebody do it.

    Par Score: 20,000

    Difficulty: Legendary
    Skulls: Boom, Pinata, Grunt Birthday Party
    Level time: 26:32
    Level score: 58,704

    NOTE: If you die, quickly press Start and Save and Quit. Then press resume and you will save time and you can make a no death run getting you an even higher score. You must Save & Quit before you respawn again.


    - When farming kills on the exploding flood, use pistol ammo but also melee the popcorn that come after you for infinite grenades. If you go to a high enough score, then you probably won't need the Save & Quit trick as you will still have a lot of score remaining at the end of the level.
    - Make use of your grenades
    - Go for headshots
    - If you're using the Save & Quit trick, then just try speedrunning the rest of the level once you reach your Par Score.
    - Try completing the level as fast as possible.
    - Have patience. The video makes it look easier than it really is.

    Video Credit: Halo Completionist (Youtube Channel)

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    GhostWrexAlways use Iron if you save/quit, it counteracts the skull anyway, so it's free points
    Posted by GhostWrex on 28 Aug 19 at 08:44
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