That Just Happened achievement in Halo MCC

That Just Happened

Halo CE: Complete The Library on Heroic or Legendary difficulty without dying.

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How to unlock the That Just Happened achievement

  • Col Double DCol Double D308,042
    12 Nov 2014 12 Nov 2014 01 Feb 2015
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    Like many of you i played Halo CE Anniversary and got this pain the ass achievement using the Bandana skull and perhaps the save and quit/dashboard method. Bandana still works. Thanks to Breadly Weapon for the confirmation.

    Alas it does not work on the xbox one because of the resume feature. I spent a good 4 hours tonight trying to do this just to fail on the easy last door. I continued playing and found that you can still use the old save and quit method to lighten the burden. Whenever you are close to dying or died BEFORE re spawning just save and quit to return to the campaign menu.

    From there just resume game and youll be back to your last checkpoint with no death recorded. Please note that the bandanna can currently be used for this and other misc achievements although it is possible without it.

    Note that when I was doing this i only died twice. Both times I saved and quit the INSTANT I was killed. When I resumed the deaths did not register as when I finished the level I looked at the score that popped up and checked my deaths. It read 0 and then the achievement popped making me number 8 with a 47 ratio. Come get it fast while its high!

    It appears that, like its Halo CE Anniversary counterpart, this achievement is voided in co op if either person dies so it is best done solo. Thanks to Darkened Night for bringing this to light.

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    EliteAssassin13I concur!! Still works like a charm with the Bandana. 😎
    I also used Sputnik like mezz0 suggested. It was a blast (literally), but both of my save/quit/resumes were caused by that skull 😅. Explosions during combat launched dropped enemy frag grenades towards me unexpectedly, and FAST AF!!
    Posted by EliteAssassin13 on 25 Feb at 04:59
    MSF Crystas of june 21 2022 the save and quit method still works. i died about two times and immediately save and quit and went back in and still got the achievement. used bandana skull and sputnik as well.
    Posted by MSF Cryst on 21 Jun at 19:02
    Miadaskate6/23/2022, I died at least 4-5 times, save / quit & resume works flawlessly!
    Posted by Miadaskate on 24 Jun at 00:25
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  • DwaggieniteDwaggienite3,957,684
    20 Nov 2014 26 Nov 2014 28 Nov 2014
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    Whilst one of the other solutions (Mecha Werner) is good, I believe it leaves out some vital strategic ways to get this achievement, and instead tells you how to make the game forget deaths.

    First off, I highly recommend doing this in co-op, as this spreads out the flood to both players and actually means both players fight LESS flood enemies by themselves than they would if you play solo.

    First off, BOTH players need to not die. You can't pop the achievement for either player if one of the players dies, and one does not.

    Second, use the 'Bandanna' skull (also notice in game that the the Bandanna skull is spelt incorrectly - it should be spelt 'Bandana'). The Bandanna skull gives you infinite ammo AND grenades.

    Load up the level on Heroic (or Legendary, if you prefer). Near the start, in the first few sets of enemies, you'll have a couple of humanoid-flood enemies carrying shotguns. Other enemies will be carrying plasma pistols. These are the two weapons you want to use as you're going through the level, so pick those up as soon as you can.

    Also, be aware of the large, exploding flood enemies, which I call the "Walking Wombded" (Walking wounded... wombs make more of them... Clever, huh?) enemies. These are the enemies that explode when you shoot or get near them, and release lots of the smallest flood enemies which can reanimate dead larger flood enemies.
    For the smallest flood enemies, I recommend using the plasma pistol to get rid of them when you're at your feet, and shotguns for 'group' shots when they're in front of you.

    Now, you want to take your time on this... you don't need to go for par time on this mission, so take your time, let EVERYTHING in an area spawn, kill it, and then move on. There is no place in this level where enemies infinitely spawn. You need to do this so you're not attacked from behind and in front at the same time.

    In the areas where flood enemies jump out of the ducts (in the long corridors, where the ducts are up on the walls), they will spawn multiple times, and you'll need to kill them. However, with infinite ammo, this is EASY. As soon as you see them spawn (use your radar), start throwing grenades and sticky grenades into the ducts, ready for them to explode as they spawn inside. Back up as well, so that you aren't sandwiched between two spawn points. You ALWAYS want to have the flood spawning in front of you. However, there are a couple of bits (where you're waiting for Guilty Spark to open the doors) where you will get sandwiched. In this case, you need to have one of you facing behind you, and one of you facing ahead of you.

    Furthermore, when you come to these 'waiting' segments, there may be rocket launcher-carrying flood enemies. In this case, try and grenade them with grenade-spam before they get off a shot. This is really your only choice for them when you've got shotgun+plasma pistol, and unless you fall down a hole in the middle of the path (watch out for these, as some of the flood can spawn up through these holes, and you really don't wanna do something as stupid as falling in a hole on this level!), the rocket-launcher enemies are your ONLY major threat in the level.

    Also in the level, you'll be going through small thin hallways under the floor. There will be a lot of Walking Wombded enemies around the corners which can kill you if you don't get them quick. To avoid being killed by these 'jump-scare' enemies, Throw frag grenades (NOT sticky grenades) against the far wall of these hallways, near the corners, and let them bounce around the corner to kill any potentially-waiting enemy.

    Continue slowly making your way forward, until you've gone up three large elevators. Take care to NOT fall down the edges of them, and you will eventually get to the end.

    Hopefully, if you follow this advice, you should have no problems.

    I hope this helps :)
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    Col Double DThx for the mention smile. Great tips. Would have saved me a lot of trouble early on. Plus 1 if I could
    Posted by Col Double D on 27 Nov 14 at 04:20
    SpacewardTroutIt's worth noting that when you come to the circular rooms that the index is in, you can jump the side walls (like how you get to the terminal), and avoid a looot of enemies
    Posted by SpacewardTrout on 10 Feb 15 at 00:35
  • jordan macitjordan macit317,851
    25 Dec 2019 30 Dec 2019 30 Dec 2019
    14 1 0
    Simply load up the level 'The Library' on Heroic (or Legendary) difficulty with the 'Bandana' Skull on. This will enable you to have unlimited ammo (note that it is not a bottomless clip and you will still need to reload), including grenades. My strategy is to take your time and kill absolutely EVERYTHING. Doing so will help you get constant checkpoints which help incase you die.

    If you die, do not fear. As even though the achievement states you cannot die, you may save and quit (this must be the instant you die). Then resume your game from the main menu. I have included this in the video as I myself died once and note how the second I die, I pause then save and quit.

    I preferred to have the Assault Rife and Shotgun opposed to any Plasma weapons or the Rocket Launcher. Using the Assault Rifle on the 'Infection Form' and the Shotgun on the 'Combat Form'. Try to kill any and all Flood with grenades before they get near you (I used Plasma Grenades to hit with precision, the ones that were sanctioned high up and shooting from afar). Especially the 'Carrier Form', make sure they don't get anywhere near you, including after you have killed them because if you throw the grenade behind it, it'll launch over to you and then explode so be careful and precise with placing your grenades.

    I created this video to help:

    Hope this helps.
  • Nordic IXNordic IX567,046
    25 Jul 2015 26 Jul 2015
    17 4 0
    here is a video guide of my runthrough with settings etc :)

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