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Tying Up Loose Ends

Halo CE: Kill every Elite on the level Keyes on Heroic or Legendary difficulty.

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  • MelthrisMelthris252,114
    18 Nov 2014 10 Jul 2018
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    Seeing as there is no guide here, I'm referring back to my guide that I posted under the original Halo: CE Anniversary achievement with the same name.

    Guide is as follows;

    There are three area's in this level, the first two have missable Elites:
    -The first section on the Covenant Cruiser (Elites are missable)
    -The cooling liquid pools area on the ground (Elites are missable)

    Everything after the Grav Lift is not missable. Follow a few steps below and you should be alright:

    - Use the Bandana skull for infinite grenades and sniper rounds (you will get the sniper just before the grav lift, it will help kill spec-ops Elites quicker. Specifically the Sniper is on the last bend before the opening to the Grav Lift area. You would be extremely unlucky if you managed to miss this)
    - If Elite's die before you get a chance to kill them, it counts as one of your kills.
    - The two Elites at the start on the Covenant ship (on the opposite side of the large hole you fall through) count towards this achievement.
    -Spec-Op Elites infinitely respawn in the Banshee hangar bay. They also hide. Cover all the floors and all rooms from top to bottom, then bottom to top and a third time on the way down to be sure. I have found 2 or 3 Spec-Op's in hiding when doing this. This will also stop the infinite respawn of the Spec-Op Elite's in the Banshee Hangar.

    Unfortunately I no longer have a capture card so am unable to record this for everyone but as a rule of thumb, extensively cover the first section when you are on the Covenant Cruiser and also when you fall into the cooling liquid pools on the ground of the level. Every other Elite will be easy pickings apart from the first two areas.
  • x Lethian xx Lethian x86,155
    02 Feb 2015 03 Feb 2015 03 Feb 2015
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    My Coop Partner Breddist and I did this relatively simple on heroic without any skulls on.

    You can watch the Videos of our 4-Part Walkthrough below for a complete guide.

    The first two Elites are really easy to miss: they are across the big hole leading to the pool of green goo at the bottom - take a plasma pistol and fire off charged shots at the Elites on the other side (if done in Coop, your Partner can protect you from any flood Enemies spawning behind you).
    You know they're dead when any remaining flood on the other side start coming towards you and no more shots are fired.

    After jumping done, just clear out all Elites you can find until you come to the gravity lift.
    Once within the ship heck every nook and cranny for elites. The red and blue Elites are the ones counting toward the Achievement - I'm not sure about the Elites in black armor, because they keep spawning at the very end of the level. Run up and down the different Levels of the hangar bay shortly before leaving with the banshees and clear any black Elites you can find - they should stop spawning after a while.

    Also do this on heroic, because on legendary the black Elites are significantly more - hence my belief that they don't actually count towards the Achivement.

    Here are the 4 Videos - sorry for the non-HD quality, they were uploaded directly from Twitch:

    Part #1:

    Part #2:

    Part #3:

    Part #4:

    Hope the Vids can help and you can "catch'em all" - good luck ;)

    (Sorry for any typos or other mistakes - this is my first written solution ever :P)
  • IcarneiroIcarneiro141,988
    10 Feb 2017 11 Dec 2019
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    Please, for the best use of the video.
    1 - Turn on automatic subtitles in portuguese.
    2 - Then, post to translate automatically into English.
    3 - Enjoy the video.

    Halo: combat Evolved Anniversary - Achievements guide.

    Tying up loose ends.

    Playlist complete - All achievements - Halo CE.

    Thanks for all !!!!

    Pessoal, até a próxima, muito obrigado, valeu e,..... Fuiiiii
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