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Madrigal Debut

Halo CE: Trigger a hidden music cue in Halo: CE.

Madrigal Debut+0.1
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  • Maka91Maka911,024,692
    31 Oct 2014 07 Nov 2014
    222 8 5
    Mission: Assault on the Control Room

    After making significant progress into the mission, you will exit a door from inside a structure to the outside. In front of you there will be multiple enemies, as well as a banshee. Quickly run forward and get inside the banshee; you may need to kill the elite nearby. Once inside, you should see a tall strucutre with 3 "tiers". You'll need to fly up and land on the middle tier, with the front of your banshee facing the cliff side that you exiting from before. With the banshee lined up, exit onto the ledge and walk to the edge. Music will be heard in the background, and you will unlock the Madrigal Debut achievement.
  • Chaotic FiascoChaotic Fiasco126,793
    08 Dec 2014 10 Dec 2014 26 Apr 2016
    173 5 39
    Here's an easier/quicker way to get this achievement. You can get it right at the beginning of the mission instead of at the very end.

    Load the mission Assault on the Control Room under Halo: CE. Set difficulty to easy.

    You start the mission in the back of a Pelican. As soon as you gain control of your character, turn to face the cockpit. Just after the black bars on the screen recede and your HUD fully loads, you'll automatically jump out of the Pelican and you'll see a prompt to hit cn_RB (default controls) to get back in. Do so immediately. If you miss it, you'll have to restart the mission.

    Now wait in the back of the Pelican while it takes you down the shaft. Switch to Classic graphics mode (cn_back), as it is easier to see when you need to get out of the Pelican. After about 30 seconds, a green fog will start to permeate the cabin of the pelican. Jump out just as it begins to completely obscure your view of the cabin. If timed correctly, you will fall and land on an outcropping from the wall of the shaft. Be careful not to move while you are dismounting or falling, or you may miss the ledge. If you die, you should respawn at a checkpoint just after you reboarded the Pelican.

    Some people have found the following method of jumping out of the Pelican to be easier. Thanks to Crocsx for the suggestion!
    I found it easier to jump back on the Pelican, don't touch the controller at all, and let the Pelican movement move my camera. You just wait, and when you are aiming at the top left angle Pelican, and you start to see the green smoke, you drop.

    It's hard to explain without video, but the basic idea is just don't touch your control stick while flying, and when you start to see the green smoke, you jump.
    Once you've safely landed on the outcropping, follow it up toward the wall, then turn right and walk along the small ledge that leads to another outcropping. Right in the center of that ledge, you should hear the music cue. Center yourself on the ledge so it continues playing and enjoy the song, accompanied by that familiar, beautiful pop!
  • RexJerichoHardyRexJerichoHardy550,361
    17 Nov 2014 18 Nov 2014
    10 2 0
    Mission) Assault on the Control room
    Difficulty any (Heroic/Legendary not required)
    Skulls) not required

    "after coming out of a door, you'll see some grunt's & elite's and a empty banshee, kill the elite before he get's inside, then steal the banshee turn left and fly to one of the pillar, the middle one to be correct, land on it safely and get out then go to the right and listen carefully"

    and that should be the achievement, if you have any issue like achievement not poping try and shoot it or check to see if it's non-poped but unlocked
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,281,445
    14 Nov 2014 26 Jan 2015
    6 2 0
    Madrigal Debut Egg: To hear the Madrigal musical Easter Egg, load up Assault on the Control Room. I’d suggest doing it on Easy to make your life… easier. When you reach the portion titled ‘If I had a super weapon’, exit the door and kill the further of the two Elites quickly to commandeer his Banshee (this was an achievement on Halo: CEA for 360). To your left when heading toward the Banshee there is the far tower where the level continues. High up above this tower are three ledges, the middle of which triggers the egg. Fly and land on the middle ledge and walk to the end of the right-hand side of it (to your right when facing the tower coming from the bridge where the Banshee was). If you stand here at the end you’ll hear this beautiful piano score and unlock your achievement. A video below shows this egg in action.
  • MajorOfSwedenMajorOfSweden153,536
    15 Dec 2014 11 Feb 2015 12 Feb 2015
    3 1 0
    In this video I show how to get this Achievement. The video have english commentary. you can get this by grabbing a banshee at the snowy stone bridge and going up on the second upper beam at the structure to the left of the bridge.

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