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Halo CE: Find the hidden Rex sign on The Maw.

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Achievement Guide for T-Rex

  • Maka91Maka911,009,241
    04 Nov 2014 07 Nov 2014
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    Mission: The Maw

    At the very end of the game, you will encounter foe hammer at the bridge. Afterwards, Cortana will tell you to go forward to find the new docking bay. On your way there she will mention "a large gap" that will require full speed to cross. At this gap you have to aim slightly to the left, and land on a small platform that hangs of the side. Once you land, and survive, park your warthog next to the wall, and use it to jump up to the ledge. Once on the ledge, you can drop down into the centre and find two small room. Inside one of them, you'll find this Easter Egg and unlock the T-Rex achievement.
  • NE0182NE0182185,645
    09 Nov 2014 11 Nov 2014
    18 2 0
    Mission 10 (The Maw)
    After you passed the bridge, where Cortana tells you to stop, you will have to drive a little further. Once you're about 600m from your target you will come to a big gap that you have to jump. Center the Warthog slightly to the left and you should land next to the ramp. Use the Warthog to get over the wall and walk into a small room that has REX spelled out in blood. Look at the letter to pop the achievement.
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,259,617
    14 Nov 2014 26 Jan 2015
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    Level: The Maw - During the hog escape, when you hear Cortana say there’s a gap up ahead and you launch off a ramp and catch ‘big air’ to land below, you’ll need to immediately get back into the hog and turn around the way you came (away from the evac point). Creep the Warthog up the ramp until the front wheels hang just over the ledge on the right side without it falling or sliding backward. Climb onto the hog and from there onto the ledge above to your right. Follow it along past the burning barrels and just behind them you’ll see a doorway on the opposite side. Head in there and look at the bloody wall to your right to see the word ‘REX’ spelled in blood.
  • MajorOfSwedenMajorOfSweden153,272
    15 Dec 2014 11 Feb 2015 12 Feb 2015
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    In my video I show and explain how to get this & the Thirsty Grunt Achievement, time codes available in description. This is located a few hundred meters from the Thirsty Grunt right when you go of the edge to make a long drop, go slightly to the left or right when going of the edge to land on the side of the tunnel instead of in it.
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  • RexJerichoHardyRexJerichoHardy546,761
    18 Nov 2014 18 Nov 2014 18 Nov 2014
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    Mission) The Maw
    Difficulty any (Heroic/Legendary not required)
    Skulls) not required

    "after getting half way in the warthog, after Echo 14 crashes, continue driving, until cortana say's a huge jump ahead, then starting aiming to the north west for the open empty rooms or on-top of the crates, then stop get out of the warthog, then look to the right and see the empty room and go in-side then face right you should see a sign saying Rex on the wall "

    and that should be the achievement, if you have any issue like achievement not poping try and shoot it or check to see if it's non-poped but unlocked
    13 Dec 2014 30 Aug 2018
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    This achievement can be found on the level Maw. It is located towards the end of the warthog scene where you have to jump the big gap. Once you make the jump, try to land within the platform in the middle of the room. Do no proceed with jump the second half of the gap. Park the warthog at the edge of the platform and crouch jump onto the ledge. Look in one of the side rooms and you should see the words REX in blood.

  • IcarneiroIcarneiro141,979
    10 Feb 2017 07 Jun 2017
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    Achievements Guide - Easter eggs - T-Rex
    The correct is : in Mission 10 in English is: - The Maw

    Conquista - T-Rex.

    Guia de Conquista em Português do Brasil.

    Inscription in English.

    Obrigado. Thanks.
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