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Thirsty Grunt

Halo CE: Listen to the Thirsty Grunt talk about his eating habits.

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  • Maka91Maka911,009,241
    04 Nov 2014 07 Nov 2014
    187 4 3
    Mission: The Maw

    Near the end of the game, there is an easter egg known as the "Thirsty Grunt" who is a special dialogue grunt that appears on any difficulty.

    You'll find him during the warthog section of the mission after the bridge where you see foe hammer. From this bridge, continue into the tunnel where you will go downhill and take a slight left turn. During this turn take a look on the right wall and you will see an opening. Go inside of it. Once you do, follow the narrow tunnel, and again, look on the right hand side where you will see another opening. Get out of the warthog and go inside. At the end, you'll find this grunt, and also get the Thirsty Grunt achievement.
  • Skycaptin5Skycaptin5683,958
    31 Oct 2014 07 Nov 2014
    20 1 0
    Thirsty Grunt - Halo: Combat Evolved
    The Thirsty Grunt can be found the last level "The Maw" during the halfway point of the epic drive escape. There will be lots of fire in a particular hallway on the right side through a tunnel. See video for better details.
  • RexJerichoHardyRexJerichoHardy546,761
    18 Nov 2014 18 Nov 2014 19 Nov 2014
    11 0 0
    Mission) The Maw
    Difficulty) any (Heroic/Legendary not required)
    Skulls) not required

    "after echo 14 has crashed and continue driving, when you come around a corner and see 3 grunt's running away, stop and go into the door they were running away from then go right on the first turn and go straight to the end and you'll see him"

    and that should be the achievement, if you have any issue like achievement not poping try and shoot it or check to see if it's non-poped but unlocked
  • NE0182NE0182185,645
    09 Nov 2014 11 Nov 2014
    11 1 0
    Mission 10 (The Maw)
    During your escape on the Warthog in The Maw, you will come across a bridge where Cortana will tell you to stop. Continue driving to the next left turn. After that, you will see an open door on the right. Go inside and take the next right. You will find the Thirsty Grunt there. Get close to him and his story will trigger the achievement.
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,259,617
    14 Nov 2014 26 Jan 2015
    6 0 0
    Thirsty Grunt Egg: For this Easter Egg, load up The Maw. Head to the end of the level and during the Warthog escape sequence, when you are approximately 920 meters away from the destination (just after the Pelican fails to pick you up on the bridge/platform), you’ll see a tunnel off to your right that leads toward the evac point. Halfway through this tunnel, just past the flames, is another smaller tunnel to your right. Head down here and at the end you’ll find the talkative little scamp.
  • MajorOfSwedenMajorOfSweden153,272
    15 Dec 2014 11 Feb 2015 12 Feb 2015
    5 1 0
    In my video I show and explain how to get this & the T-Rex Achievement, time codes available in description. The grunt is located after you've passed the bridge where Foehammer crashes, go on till your indicator says 920 meter then enter the tunnel and go to the right when possible and he'll be standing there.
    Following this video will also give you:
    Halo: The Master Chief CollectionT-RexThe T-Rex achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 33 pointsHalo CE: Find the hidden Rex sign on The Maw.

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