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Before and After achievement in Halo MCC

Before and After

Halo CE: Complete every level of the game having seen it in both classic and remastered mode.

Before and After0
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How to unlock the Before and After achievement

  • Strategy OneStrategy One
    25 Dec 2014 13 Nov 2014 23 Dec 2014
    Before and After

    To obtain this achievement you must go in and out of Classic and remastered mode on every mission and them finish every mission doing so (Only have to go into both modes before finishing the mission you do not have to play in them).

    I like to play in classic mode, and to obtain all the skulls you have to go into anniversary mode to get them because they aren't in the Classic mode. After finishing all missions I will unlock this achievement.

    To switch the modes (which takes no loading time at all) hit the View button in the middle of your controller to the left side cn_back.

    Notice: Its possible that if you switch back and forth and then die you must do it again until you get a checkpoint saving what you did.

    Another thing to note is if you finish all the levels and you did not unlock this achievement, check your Achievement progress in the achievement app. For every 5% missing you are missing a level (5% is in Classic, 5% is anniversary. (Each level technically counts as 10% but if you play through every level you will no matter what have a minimum of 50%)

    There is no exact way to know which missions you did both ways so you will have to try and guess which one you missed and mark them off on paper or Notpad on your computer/laptop so you don't keep trying the same missions.

    According to AbroadShaneSolo:

    "You do not have to finish the level if you have already completed the mission once. You just have to go through and switch the modes and get to the next checkpoint. As long as you don't die the percent will go up on the achievement you can check on total completion percentage of the achievement."

    So you do not have to run every mission beginning to end!
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    Strategy One@Sebastian it could be that The Maw was the only one you needed and thats why it popped when you did The Maw.
    Posted by Strategy One On 04 Apr 15 at 06:41
    StarlinXIf it popped before he hit a checkpoint, then his statement is still relevant.
    Posted by StarlinX On 26 Apr 15 at 02:33
    BioFire64I can confirm that Sebastian is correct, it seemed I was only missing Keyes. Immediately after starting the level I changed view and the achievement popped, no checkpoint needed.
    Posted by BioFire64 On 05 Nov 15 at 01:01
    Seeker74Mine was a bit slow. It took an entire day to pop and when it did it came across on my Windows 10 while my One was semi-off (instant on mode).
    Posted by Seeker74 On 17 Dec 15 at 04:31
    Saturno ConfortI also can confirm what SebastianDoyle stated. It should be added to the solution!
    Posted by Saturno Confort On 24 Dec 17 at 08:14
    Captain bababokI just went into each mission switch between the two modes till it pop where I missed it
    Posted by Captain bababok On 19 Apr 20 at 06:15
    crash354I will give this a try
    Posted by crash354 On 02 Sep 21 at 22:01
    DanTheWhaleI can confirm as of 10/18/2021 you can go into each level, change from remastered to old and then save & quit to gain progress. Every time I did it I didn't get to a checkpoint, just did it as I loaded it, and it counted.
    Posted by DanTheWhale On 18 Oct 21 at 23:14
    YutaniThank you SebastianDoyle. I was missing 2 levels having already beat the game. Simply loaded each level, toggled both graphic versions, saved and quit, until the last one I missed (Library) popped it. Thanks!

    Posted by Yutani On 27 Mar 22 at 03:58
    Combi l CimaGreat solution!
    Posted by Combi l Cima On 20 Feb at 06:30
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