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The Great Journey achievement in Halo MCC

The Great Journey

Halo 2: Complete The Great Journey.

The Great Journey0
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How to unlock the The Great Journey achievement

  • CasperWeaselCasperWeasel
    10 Jan 2015 09 Jan 2015
    This can not be completed with Scarab Skull activated on Legendary. Tried it 3 seperate times both times have taken over 2 hrs of trying to kill Tartarus. Also have done it coop to the point.
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    SirLancealot17I can also confirm that this will work with the scarab skull activated. Took me about 10 minutes to finish him off. I was sticking him right before his shield broke too, just to be safe.
    Posted by SirLancealot17 On 11 Feb 15 at 20:53
    StarlordNxSSame here after realizing Tartarus doesn't take damage from the scarab skull, I've decided to use my energy sword and killed him after several hits while he's stunned by Johnson's beam rifle.
    Posted by StarlordNxS On 16 Feb 15 at 22:01
    J BIGGS SFV OGIf you have the scarab skull on, you most likely have the bandana skull on as well. Constsntly sticky spam him when his shield is down and take out the brute waves he sends and eventually you'll get him. Took me about 20 minutes but it works.
    Posted by J BIGGS SFV OG On 04 Mar 15 at 05:00
    DeadlyCarpetUgh, I tried this in co-op with the Scarab skull on and it didn't pop.
    Posted by DeadlyCarpet#245 On 29 Jul 15 at 09:13
    oG YeahI couldn't get this to unlock until I decided to just not do the save/quit method on the final checkpoint. Missed the cloning Johnson glitch and I was playing on legendary so it made my time horrible from all the times I died... but I just stuck it out and beat him normally and it popped. You'll want to make good times on all the other missions if you have the same issue as me if this mission won't count for you if you save/quit final checkpoint for this mission for your monopolized achievement.
    Posted by oG Yeah On 08 Aug 15 at 03:20
    OhMyGoth1I just completed it on a normal playthrough and the achievement didn't pop. Neither did all the other ones that require it (i.e. complete all halo 2 levels etc)...
    Posted by OhMyGoth1 On 03 Sep 17 at 04:08
    CasperWeaselHalo MCC is too glitchy
    Posted by CasperWeasel On 05 Sep 17 at 23:28
    Flint HisanSpeaking of glitchy. The game won't even let me progress into the control room. I get to the last room with the brutes after Johnson blasts the door open. And after killing all the brutes, the door in which they came from won't open. I already beat Tartarus, but my game glitched and said I was signed out and didn't give me the achievement and now I can't even get into the control room.
    Posted by Flint Hisan On 30 Sep 17 at 04:43
    HEXEN666Does anyone know how to get round my issue?

    Playing co-op online with a friend. We've cleared the other levels, played this over and over and then when we get outside after the prison and get the cut-scene, my friend gets kicked and the game crashes back to the main screen. No cheevo etc.

    Any help, pretty please??
    Posted by HEXEN666 On 17 May 20 at 20:29
    Im Just MaccorIf anybody is having troubles with this, I did this coop with a friend and avoided glitches.

    I put on skulls Bandana, Envy and Boom. It did take us a few hours of failing badly and trying different things. Our most successful plan was to steal dual needlers off our teammates and stand on the upper floor. Doing this you avoid the other enemies that spawn and he doesn’t charge at you as much. He will also drop down, when he does ensure you’re looking down the portal hole and shoot him constant with the needler. He gets caught on the portal and struggles to go onto the upper level.

    Give it a go.
    Posted by Im Just Maccor On 20 Nov 20 at 01:27
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