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Rooftop Runner

Halo 2: Beat the par time on Outskirts.

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How to unlock the Rooftop Runner achievement

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    Partime is 15 minutes, practice makes perfect. Below are some benchmarks for each stage of the mission. if your timer goes beyond them either restart or use the rest of the run to familiarise yourself with the level.

    On the Mission Select Screen; Make Sure that the Time HUD is turned on (Extremely helpful), Switch the difficulty to easy, turn off Skulls both scoring and non scoring skulls.
    If you restart a checkpoint your time continues on as normal and will not reset.

    When starting the level, run down into a courtyard with a tiered balcony. Waves of enemies will come. Stay central, listen to gunfire and kill off any enemies ASAP.Eventually Two Hunters Will Smash down a Double Door. Aim for there backs and throw grenades to quickly take them down.
    After Killing the Hunters Your time should be around 4-5 Mins.

    Head through the door the Hunters Smashed down. Run through the streets, shoot at enemies but dont waste time stopping, or trying to kill them all.
    You will come to a Hotel, and a soldier telling you to follow him.
    Your time should be around 6-7 mins
    Run through the hotel and you will come out at the beach.
    Jump down and you will see a ghost next to a crashed landing site.

    Ignore the Warthogs, the Ghost is your best friend in this level as you can boost Jump in the Ghost and boost all the way round the beach, again, avoid enemies. Eventually you will come to Tunnel, (A few yards from the tunnel is a stone hut which contains a terminal).

    Your time entering the tunnel should be under 10 Minutes. If your timer is around 13 Minutes or over just restart. If you are at the 12 Mins you may make it but wont have much room for error.

    Boost your ghost all the way round the tunnel, avoiding stopping for combat,and it should only take around 2 minutes.

    The tunnel section can be very long in the Warthog, it is less maneuverable and much slower than the Ghost.

    Practice makes perfect, if you go over those benchmark times i gave don't give up, learn the rest of the area. It is unlikely you will get this first time, but hopefully this willgive you a few tips to help you get it faster

    EDIT: Jobbenar has commented that the fight with the Hunters can be avoided by running past them, can anyone else confirm this? I thought killing them was neccessary

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    JobbenarYou can just run past the hunters if you want, I just did
    Posted by Jobbenar on 19 Apr 17 at 14:13
    MoustachioI ignored the hunters and it popped. I used the "Rex Sword" chivo/easter egg. I recommend looking up the video under the Rex Sword chivo, but from the map start you enter the first room. Take out the lone Grunt and hop onto one of the long lights above the door. From there turn toward the sloped/ramp roof and crouch jump (jump and then crouch to raise your legs up and give you an extra inch or two of landing room). From there, follow the roofs until you reach the street (again, look up the Rex Sword chivo for how to do it). You'll come out to an alley with some jackals, take them out, the UNSC ship should arrive shortly before the hotel. This will let you skip several minutes as you don't need to wait for the Hunters to make a path. From there, I just hoofed it through the hotel and out to the coast until I came across the Elite, Shield Jackal and their ghost. Took out the Elite, the Jackal for good measure, grabbed the Ghost and sped through the level. Swapped ghosts quickly when I saw a fresh one around the start of the tunnels and sped past everything. When I reached the Wraiths, I just weaved the ghost to the left and right repeatedly to avoid them locking on.

    I'm also almost positive that the name "Rooftop Runner" implies using that secret route since you're literally running and jumping across rooftops.
    Posted by Moustachio on 27 Aug 18 at 04:41
    OSanBrazilFastest and easiest way is start the mission on easy and right at the beginning as soon as you enter the door, crouch jump on the light fixture and on the top of the roof in front (close to where you get the BLIND skull). Go ahead jumping the gaps and get to the bridge where you do a grenade jump to get to the other rooftop. Follow the rooftop same way you do to get the IWHBYD skull but instead go right where the hotel is. Drop down, enter the hotel, follow the tunnel and as you get to the shore pick the first ghost you see and and speed past everything. Don't bother the enemies, since you're on easy and you should get to the end in 6 minutes or less.
    Posted by OSanBrazil on 30 Jun 21 at 06:44
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    Halo: The Master Chief Collection - Halo 2 - Rooftop Runner - Halo 2: Beat the par time on Outskirts. The speed runs are very easy to unlock when you set the difficulty to easy.

    As long as you know the path you need to run, only spend time killing any enemies that are necessary to eliminate.

    The par time for this mission is: 15 minutes.

    Complete the mission in under this time and your achievement should pop! Enjoy!

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    Hello everyone!

    Most of the par time achievements are relatively easy for longtime veterans of the series but if you are new to the game, would like to see some tips on how someone else plays, or just need some background noise; I've provided a video of the level "Outskirts" and how I like to play the level that you can use for your viewing pleasure. You don't necessarily need to do the exact same things, and just run past most encounters. ***REMEMBER*** You can complete any of the game's par time requirements on EASY difficulty if you so choose. Good luck!

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