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I Regret Nothing

Halo 2: Beat the par time on Regret.

I Regret Nothing+0.6
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    Here is a video that may also help you do this in addition with what Bukowskaii says above. This is not my video.
  • BukowskaiiBukowskaii58,226
    18 Nov 2014 18 Nov 2014
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    So this is the only Speed Run so far I've had trouble with. Watching speed runs online, it looks like everyone else had their gondala at the first platform before they got there while mine was stuck in the middle until after the hunter battle so I figured out a way to glitch that phantom into non-existence.

    If you stay towards the opposite side of the platform (the entry side) and as the phantom starts circling overhead, run to the center pillar then to where the gondala lands, the phantom should despawn (since you hit a checkpoint with that movement). If you can't manage to get this to work, you can easily kill the hunters by meleeing them in the face and when they glitch around quickly no scoping them with a beam rifle. Gernade jump accross the gap to shave off about 5 seconds. (If you don't think you can make it, don't try, I had a 43 second margin on my run.)

    I used a beam rifle to snipe the elites on the gondala ride, but if you are better with gernades or whatever, do your thing.

    In the room before the first elevator make sure you run up the ramp before killing the majority of the jackals. If you don't a tone of drones spawn and those are always a pain for me to kill quickly. If you head to the top of the ramp and take out the grunt, the drones won't spawn when you finish off the jackals.

    From here its sprint sprint sprint. Stop for nothing, kill nothing. Get to the next elevator ASAP. From there get to the gondala ASAP. Start it moving before killing stuff off. Pick off the hoverpack elites however you see fit (i opted for sniper again) then gernade jump off of the gondala onto the platform, skip the cutscene, run into the bastards room, mount that guy and go to town. Again, killing nothing on the way in. After you punch him out, be careful as the sword elites will still chase you around for ~15-20 seconds.
  • Neo NorsemanNeo Norseman167,970
    27 Oct 2018 27 Oct 2018
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    The longest part is waiting for the gondola to cross the water in the very first area. Easy work around for this is using the Sputnik Skull (won't void achievements) and grenade jump to the "Hi Ben" and "Regret Toy" area and then grenade jump to the gondola across the gap in the left passage. Quickly jump onto the little island where the two hunters are dropped and then just as quickly jump back into the gondola and if done correctly you should just barely catch the first gondola before it takes off. Once it meets up with the other gondola jump over and activate the switch which will spawn the enemies on the gondola you were just on, as it would had you done the level normally. After the gondolaride you'll find yourself in the room with the elevator and it's the only room you will have to clear out quickly as the elevator won't come until the enemies are removed. Now just haul ass through the rest of the level and don't stop to smell the roses, get to regret and punch his brains out and boom achievement achieved.
  • PC HaloPC Halo36,817
    12 Sep 2019 14 Sep 2019
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