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Bomb Squad

Halo 2: Beat the par score on Cairo Station.

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How to unlock the Bomb Squad achievement

  • MarkyshizzleMarkyshizzle2,209,049
    09 Dec 2014 09 Dec 2014 09 Dec 2014
    44 6 3
    After failing this every which way i found the perfect combination...

    Heroic - Fog, Iron, Jacked, Thunderstorm, Sputnik (allows your to easily nade jump outside with rocket dudes.

    I finished the level in 12:26 and got 40,452

    I cleared the first room, and basically used speed run techniques through most of it. The upgraded units tend to give more points so that skull was really helpful to me

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    hypobonixIf anyone is having trouble on Heroic, I did the same combination on Normal and got 29,685 in 11:34.
    Posted by hypobonix on 13 Jul 16 at 01:17
    KiRRAYNEYeah I did this combo on Heroic for Two Batrayels and ended with double the needed score. Going to try doing normal quick runs with those skulls for the last few I need (like this one)
    Posted by KiRRAYNE on 07 Apr 20 at 02:43
    ThatWebSlingerDon’t know how you guys get both score used these exact skulls but didn’t take no speed run tricks still finished unwed 15 mins only got 12k in score
    Posted by ThatWebSlinger on 12 Nov 21 at 00:12
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  • Elite1111111111Elite1111111111996,902
    22 Nov 2014 22 Nov 2014 24 Dec 2014
    27 0 7
    UPDATE - The par scores of essentially every level have been lowered, making this much more trivial. I will leave the old info, but as the new par score is 14k, this old guide gives more than enough wiggle room. Speed running on Heroic (no skulls) will give you more than enough points now.

    Old Info -
    I was able to earn this pretty easily by playing on Heroic with the Iron Skull on (and the Jacked Skull for good measure).
    As long as you have at least 2 skulls on and get it under par time you should be able to get this pretty easy. I would recommend at least 1 of them being the Jacked Skull though as it has no affect on this level. The famine skull would probably be an okay choice for this level as well as the only weapon you should be taking from enemies is the plasma pistol (if you didn't want to risk Iron.)
    Simply go through the whole level with the Battle Rifle and the Plasma pistol. For the most part the only enemies are grunts and elites, with the elevator having some drones. Just make your headshots count and plasma pistol to bring down elite's shields.
    The only real point of note I'd make for this level is for when you go down the staircase after the Athens gets blown up, as when you get to the end of this hallway an invisible Elite will come down both staircases. Stick the one at whatever staircase is in front of you then go to the other one to kill the other elite. Also when you're outside for the first time the Jetpack Elite snuck up on me a bit, so just be careful as sometimes when you approach the airlock one will come from behind you. There are 2 walls to move around though so just watch the radar.

    When I did this with just the Jacked skull on, I got 24k, and when I did it with the Jacked and Iron on, I got 32k.
    So you should
    - Play on Heroic
    - At least 2 score affecting skulls
    - Under Par
    I was able to complete it in 12:43, so you have a little wiggle room.
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    Hurricane MattThey updated the game so the Master Blaster skull no longer gives a multiplier to single player campaign.
    Posted by Hurricane Matt on 03 Dec 14 at 15:53
    Elite1111111111Alrighty, will edit, thanks.
    Posted by Elite1111111111 on 03 Dec 14 at 19:36
    Tozi TiberiusJacked skull is pretty useful for this one since there are no vehicles, however it does prevent you from operating any mounted gun placements.
    Posted by Tozi Tiberius on 05 Dec 19 at 19:35
  • Strategy OneStrategy One684,785
    16 Dec 2014 16 Dec 2014 06 Jan 2015
    28 5 2
    Bomb Squad

    Edit: 343 decided the achievements were too hard so they decreased all par scores based on peoples performances on the missions, and laughed at everyone including myself getting par scores of 25k + (half Halo 1, ALL Halo 2). If you haven't done any yet, congrats you get it much easier then the first people to attempt par scores. For this mission, you need 14,000 instead of 25,000, follow my method below and instead of normal you can probably do this one on easy...

    To obtain this achievement you need to achieve a par score of 25,000 points. My method is for normal mode, doing this method I did it in 11:44 and got 26,964 and this was running as fast as possible skipping enemies im sure, but I know I killed most.

    Difficulty: Normal

    Skulls: Catch, Famine, Fog, Jacked, Streaking (have overshield basically whole run), Thats Just... Wrong

    I probably could have gotten away with having Thunderstorm on too but it was unneeded at the end. If you die, just restart the level, its short anyways so don't worry too much if you get stuck by a grenade, doing the save and quit method would prevent the achievement.

    The whole level you are going to want to use the BR headshotting grunts and elites, with a plasma pistol to take the elites shields out, and don't forget to throw grenades.. A lot. Once I got to the armory you can take the shotgun from the dead body after killing the 2 elites. I ran through the rest of the level with the shotgun and BR, Shotgunning elites and headshotting grunts with the BR.

    When you get to the end make sure to kill the grunts immediately and head left then kill the elites 1 at a time or what ever works with your shotgun. Easiest level for Halo 2 par scores in my opinion, if you look through my Par score achievements backwards to do the hardest ones first.

    Any questions or comments feel free to message me or comment on the solution, good luck and have fun! toast
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    Crims0nScorpionHalo 2 is the only one that doesn't work for some reason and it's really really annoying...the Save and Quit method is how I got all the scores on Halo CE, Halo 3, and Halo works to a certain point I got 9,000 or so points and then I died and I Save and Quit and went back it and it was 7557 a number I can deal with but then I cleared the 2nd room where the boarding pods are and I got the next checkpoint and then died...having 13,000 or so points I Save and Quit like every other Halo game I've been playing and then it reset to 7557 at that's really stupid how that trick works in every other Halo game in the collection but not on Halo 2
    Posted by Crims0nScorpion on 07 Nov 15 at 18:03
    AradorI got 11,000 on my first run and since I didn't die I added the Iron Skull to my second run for added points, got 18,000 on that run, very easy
    Posted by Arador on 23 May 16 at 05:23
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