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The Doctor Is In

Halo 2: Beat the par score on Quarantine Zone.

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How to unlock the The Doctor Is In achievement

  • PingyPingy806,279
    18 Nov 2014 18 Nov 2014 18 Nov 2014
    34 8 9
    For this level I found it best to use this setup:

    Difficulty: Legendary
    Skulls: Catch, Famine, Fog, Masterblaster, Recession, That's Just... Wrong and Thunderstorm

    That may seem like it would make it extremely difficult but it's not that bad if you just speedrun through the first part of the level on the ghost and leave the scoring for the gondola ride.

    Watch the video below and follow what I did, hopefully you won't have too many problems. Good luck!

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    ResinousHashishNormal / No Skulls / I'm a boss ;)
    Posted by ResinousHashish on 15 Sep 15 at 22:46
    Shadow 00 FoxYa... after the score requirement reductions.... roll :-P
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 15 Sep 15 at 23:06
    xShoot4WarAmpsxLOL this achievement is a JOKE now. Par Score is 7k. I got this on Normal difficulty with 8 Skulls (Anger, Eye Patch, Famine, Fog, Iron, Masterblaster and That's Just Wrong.)

    Just rode the ghost to the Gondola and killed the flood ending up with close to 8k. Iron is a free skull. Just Save/Quit when you die and click Resume to continue from last checkpoint.
    Posted by xShoot4WarAmpsx on 05 Apr at 16:20
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  • Dragonborn GearDragonborn Gear1,213,577
    15 Dec 2014 15 Dec 2014 10 Jun 2016
    20 2 7
    Although Pingy's solution would most definitely work, I decided after dying thousands of times on legendary and only ending with about 12,000 in score, I would try my luck on Heroic.

    Edit: This guide was written with a par score of 25,000 in mind. I am sure a lower par score would make for a much easier achievement.

    Difficulty: Heroic

    Skulls (8 or 9): Anger, Catch, Eye Patch, Famine, Fog, Iron, Recession, That's Just... Wrong, and Thunderstorm. (Iron is optional. I managed almost 17 minutes with 45k score. You can run without a skull or two if need be and still get par.) Recession and Eye Patch didn't hurt at all as the energy sword was pretty much the only weapon I used.

    From the beginning, I used the ghost to get to the first scorpion tank that is in the second area. You can either kill the flood running to it or board the tank and melee a few times (I did the latter). Using that tank, I killed nearly every flood and vehicle for the driver points (at the time of the writing of this solution, vehicles don't award points in Halo 2 although I did see an occasional negative that didn't seem to impact anything when I killed ghosts.)

    Once I got to the point where you had to get out of the tank, I used only the sword (and grenades occasionally) and killed flood with the sword and the sentinels when needed with grenade sticks. I typically did my best to run past the sentinels using active camouflage if deemed necessary.

    Once you get through to a wraith and two ghosts, I jumped down to the left and stole a ghost. This part comes right after you are exiting the area you had to walk since we were using the tank instead of a ghost (and killing all the flood inside with the sword). There are several boxes in the path with a few sentinels around. The flood was just getting in the ghost as I dropped down, so I was able to sword him out of the ghost. Using that ghost, I boosted to the gondola portion.

    I am thinking I had around 20,000 points when I got to the portion where you are on the floating gondola and killed flood there pretty easily on Heroic as opposed to Legendary. I ended with about 45k score after 16:51.

    All in all, I believe both Pingy's solution and my solution are viable options.
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    Dragonborn GearYou could probably get away with playing this mission on Normal with a few skulls. You definitely want to beat this mission under or near par time for a better time multiplier. I would say at 27 minutes on heroic, you either would need to remove a skull or two and beat it faster or play on normal and beat it faster. At 27 minutes, by reducing the difficulty to normal, your score would halve, but if you beat it under par time, your score would nearly triple, effectively increasing your score.
    Posted by Dragonborn Gear on 08 Jan 15 at 03:31
    Ditto51If the vehicle is destroyed while the user is still inside then you get points (I was getting over 1k points for every wraith I killed) the negative points appear to be from kill friendly vehicles (ie the wathogs because you are in a human tank.) but other than that, this is definitely the easier of the two solutions.
    Posted by Ditto51 on 04 May 15 at 07:51
    Dragonborn GearI think they fixed the negative points since I played it last. I am pretty sure when I played negative numbers popped up but nothing changed on the score (even for ghosts or wraiths). When the game first came out there were several issues and that was one that they resolved.
    Posted by Dragonborn Gear on 04 May 15 at 10:55
  • Dread ReaverDread Reaver429,327
    20 Nov 2016 20 Nov 2016
    13 4 0
    After the score nerf, this is possible in normal with no skulls. Minimise your deaths, kill as many enemies AND vehicles possible, and try to speed run the level and you should be good.
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