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The Hype Is Real

Halo 2: Beat the par score on Uprising.

The Hype Is Real+2.5
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  • PingyPingy603,176
    18 Nov 2014 18 Nov 2014
    33 11 11
    For this level I found it best to use this setup:

    Difficulty: Heroic
    Skulls: Famine, Fog, Jacked, Masterblaster, That's Just... Wrong, Thunderstorm and Boom

    It's pretty easy getting the Par Score on this level as long as you're relatively quick and don't die much. Just follow what I did in the video below and hopefully you won't have any problems.
  • NyllonNyllon456,431
    14 Aug 2016 14 Aug 2016
    10 0 3
    Difficulty: Normal

    Score required: 9,000

    Score I managed was roughly 5,000 but then the multiplier at the end made it 13,566 and my time was around 19:30.

    The game sometimes likes to not give you the achievement even though you beat the score. Unfortunately just beat the level again with the required score. I had to do this mission twice but didn't change my tactics at all.

    Skulls: Catch, Fog, Iron (If you die press start, save and quit, then resume) MasterBlaster, and That's Just Wrong.

    Progress through the level like normal and try to beat the level by the 20 min mark which is 5 mins over the par time. Some key things to do to really boost your score is to take out the wraiths with rockets. Rockets are found in the room in between the two giant areas where the wraiths are located. You will get quite a bit of points for doing so. Other than time and destroying the wraiths just kill as many enemies as you can. Doing this I scored 13,566.
  • PiCkLE SQU1DPiCkLE SQU1D875,119
    24 Oct 2017 29 Oct 2017
    6 0 0
    Here is a video guide by Halo Completionist who has done a guide for pretty much every achievement in the game.

    Here he is doing the mission Uprising in Halo 2 over par score. If you're having any trouble, just watch what he does in his video.

  • togethawiistandtogethawiistand356,595
    10 Jan 2016 10 Jan 2016
    6 0 1
    This level can be a pain in the butt, even on Heroic (recommended), specially if you turn on the wrong skulls.

    After a few tries and fails, I figured that you don't have to turn on a lot of scoring skulls to get the par score. In fact, I only turned Fog, which I'm well used by now, and Jacked, because you can go on this level on foot without a problem. Don't turn famine because good ammo is already somewhat scarce and you will need as much as you can find to take enemies from a safe distance avoiding snipers, carbiners and most importantly, brute shots.

    On the non-scoring skulls side I only activated G. Birthday Party (NOT the Funeral) and Piñata. Do NOT turn Sputnik on. It won't help and might even make you fall off the map in the first inside area. Speaking of which, the sword is only good in the inside areas. On the outside and all the way after that first part, you will want to switch between the Carbine, the Beam Rifle and the Brute Shot.

    By playing safe, I was able to reach the end with over 12k score, dying very few times. Be careful with the enemy respawn, make sure that they stopped re-appearing before charging forward. When you reach the armory with all those different guns, you may choose to go back the way you came, look down on the left and take down the 2 Wraiths. Aim to their rear, if possible. It will take less shots. Careful with the Jackal snipers that may respawn close to them.

    If this solution helps you in any way, please leave a comment or a thumbs up to let me know.
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