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Skulltaker Halo 2: IWHBYD

Halo 2: Find and claim the IWHBYD Skull on Legendary.

Skulltaker Halo 2: IWHBYD+0.2
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Achievement Guide for Skulltaker Halo 2: IWHBYD

  • NE0182NE0182185,638
    11 Nov 2014 12 Nov 2014 27 Jan 2015
    76 12 91
    - Mission: Outskirts
    - Difficulty: Legendary
    - Only checkpoint 4 is needed
    - Scarab skull can be used

    Thanks to Cam Thiessens and Halo2Trigate this skull seems to be debunked now. Checkpoint 4 (1:51) is the trigger for the skull. Once you get this checkpoint, the skull has a 1/7 chance of spawning.

    Main Plan:
    - Follow the guide to the skull room and make sure you hit checkpoint 4 every time. If it doesn't show up you will have to restart the mission.

    Plan B:
    - If you get to the room and the skull is not there you can also try to roam around the area a bit and return to the room. This worked for some as well.
    After you picked up the skull, you will be teleported down into the streets where you have to fight 7 waves of elite. The achievement should pop before that section.
  • Rich V90Rich V90277,093
    01 Dec 2014 01 Dec 2014 03 Dec 2014
    38 2 9
    Before beginning you should be prepared for the worst. This could take you 5 minutes or it could take you 5 hours (the latter for me).

    Some things to note:
    The skull is found on the mission Outskirts
    Difficulty must be on legendary.
    Dying does not matter.
    Checkpoints do not matter.
    You can use the scarab and envy skulls.
    The skull has a random chance to appear.

    The quickest way to get to the skull location is to jump out of the map at the beginning of the level and make your way across the rooftops. As soon as you get to the first roof above sniper alley then you will need to move towards the edge to spawn the jackals (it does not matter if it checkpoints here or not).

    I believe the spawning of the jackals to be an important indicator that the area is ready to go and this may be when the dice gets rolled for the skull spawn.

    As you can see from the video, I embarrassingly die by a drone on my way to the skull but that goes to show that dying does not affect the skull spawning or not ;)

    If you get there and the skull hasn't spawned then you will have to restart the level and try again.

    Good luck.
  • XyjarXyjar390,323
    29 Aug 2015 30 Aug 2015
    28 0 16
    I would just like to add to the previous guides, because you can save A LOT of time by cutting out all the unnecessary fluff. I just personally confirmed all of the below in my successful run for the skull.

    1. You don't need ANY of the checkpoints, not even the "dead marine" checkpoint, and not a checkpoint anywhere near the skull room, checkpoints are in NO WAY related to the skull.
    2. You only need one thing, for the jackal snipers to spawn in "sniper alley".
    3. These spawns are what determines if the skull spawns (1 in 7 chance)
    4. These spawns happen near to, but are still separate from the "dead marine" checkpoint.
    5. I don't know why people suggest crouching on the building before the pelican, completely pointless and unnecessary
    6. Picking up the skull is all you need, you do not need to kill any elites after, or even survive
    7. No, none of the recent patches have changed this skull (Maka suggested they changed it to a 100% spawn rate, which is false. It is still 1 in 7).

    So given the above, you can save A LOT of time by stopping your full-mission restart attempts and following all the silly checkpoints. Instead, although it has nothing to do with the skull, for time's sake I would follow standard procedure until you get a checkpoint after the pelican takes off. This is where you will be restarting from with each attempt, instead of from the beginning of the level. If possible, have this checkpoint happen on the other side of the bridge to save you time making that annoying bridge-to-roof jump with each attempt (checkpoint is finicky though after you leave the other building).

    Then, go towards the dead marine checkpoint, but don't look down at it or try to actually get the checkpoint. You want to stand farther to the right, near the edge of the roof, so you can view the jackal spawning behind the large crate on the ground. This is how you know all the jackals spawned (and where your 1 out of 7 chance for the skull happens). As soon as you see that jackal spawn, you are all clear to go as fast as you want toward the skull to check if it spawned. I just go the most direct path I can and go invisible for part of the way to avoid enemies (though you can kill enemies on the way if you want). If it's not there, reload from the pelican take-off checkpoint and try again.

    The key is to NOT get any checkpoint between the jackal spawn and the skull. Because the 1 in 7 roll is at the jackal spawn. If you get a checkpoint after that, the 1 in 7 roll is permanent and you will need to restart the mission. Now, how do you avoid getting another checkpoint? Checkpoints do not happen during melee attacks, so melee all the way from the jackal spawn to the skull. If it's not there, reload pelican checkpoint. This will bring your attempts down to more like 30 seconds per run, rather than 5 minutes per run doing the whole mission and following pointless checkpoint routes. So even if it takes you 20 attempts if you get bad RNGs, it will still only take a few minutes, rather than hours doing it using the traditional methods.
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,259,910
    16 Nov 2014 10 Jan 2015
    19 1 12
    Outskirts Skull (IWHBYD) This skull is pain in the rear. Unlike popular opinion (mine included up until today when I learned otherwise), you do NOT have to trigger any series of checkpoints. The ONLY requirement for this skull is that you trigger the audio at sniper alley where you hear "Sergeant, I need you on that bird". If you hear that, the skull's possible spawn has been triggered, but it's a random chance that it will spawn. If you DO get it to spawn, trigger another checkpoint with it spawned because you have to fight a bit when you pick it up and you may die before the achievement unlocks. Check 02:33 in the collectibles video for this one.
  • 14 3 7
    Although I am NOT implying that other Guides above are either incorrect, don't give enough or clear Information:

    The YouTube Video below helped me get the "IWHBYD Skull" on about the fifth (5th) try, after trying for many hours using other Videos/Guides.

    There IS only ONE (1) Important Checkpoint to trigger;
    The 'Sniper Alley' Checkpoint.
    This YouTube Video shows the exact place/path to trigger the 'Sniper Alley" Checkpoint:
    (NOTE: This YouTube Video is NOT mine, & I give Full Credit to the Creator).
    Also note: "IWHBYD Skull" actually Spawning IS Random.

    Take note of ALL the Instructions given in YouTube Video, & please give Thanks to the Video Creator, NOT me!
    Cheers, Jim
  • FQXFQX206,562
    16 Jun 2015 25 Jun 2015 21 Oct 2016
    11 3 2
    So this one is basically very simple, a lot of different methods here so I´ll just post what has worked for me numerous times:

    All you need is:
    The audio cue when you look at the dead marine in the alley (music starts playing)
    The checkpoint at the room where the skull spawns

    I found that for me, the skull spawned EVERY time I got the checkpoint right outside that room, on the balcony.

    Edit: I have accidentally removed this clip from my account because my Xbox Live storage was full. the clip is now permanently broken so I removed it completely, this should still help anyone who still wants this achievement
  • guycarbguycarb281,648
    02 Jan 2018 03 Jan 2018 03 Jan 2018
    7 0 6
    If none of the other guides are working for you, give this one a shot!

    It is important to note that this is another luck based achievement so it will require trial and error with a lot of patience while dealing with the randomly spawning skull!

    After trying several different methods for over 2-3 hrs with no luck, I managed to get the IWHBYD skull after 3 attempts by using this method:
    *YouTube video credit to xOGx RockStaRs

    A few things to note:

    1) The chance of the skull appearing is 1 in 7 so if it doesn't appear after the checkpoint in the room where the skull should appear, restart the level, do not reload checkpoint,
    2) Grenade jumping makes things easier but it is not necessary if you aren't comfortable doing it as all the jumps can be done while crouch jumping,
    3) I did not have any skulls activated for my playthroughs,
    4) I did not do a 360 degree spin like he did at the 1:04 mark and lastly,
    5) I did not kill any enemies during my successful run.
  • XAngelofDeathX3XAngelofDeathX3336,528
    09 Jul 2016 09 Jul 2016
    6 0 2
    So I finally got this after trying for a combined 8 hours within a three day span.

    1.) Must do this on Legendary (duh). Pretty sure you can't use any skulls. Tried this for 7.5 hours with scarab skull and sputnik skull on. Got absolutely nothing. Tried all the solutions. Still nada.
    Finally decided "screw it, I'll do it with no skulls on" and within 10 minutes both my buddy (by himself on solo) and I (also solo) each got it.

    2.) Follow the rooftop route. Only the 4th checkpoint seems to be necessary. My friend and I thought it might be decided whether or not the skull spawns from the start of the mission, but I was able to get it from restarting the THIRD checkpoint (Pelican flies away).
    The 4th checkpoint seems to be the dice roll, so once you get the 4th checkpoint it seems like the skull spawn is locked in...unless you die quickly and repeatedly like I did and get sent back to the third checkpoint, thus re-rolling the 4th checkpoint. (This will save you A LOT of time).

    3.) DO NOT instantly kill yourself if IWHBYD skull hasn't spawned right away. It took 5-10 seconds for it to appear for me.

    4.) [OPTIONAL] Both my friend and I threw a frag at it before it spawned. Probably a coincidence, but hey whatever works right?
  • Maka91Maka911,008,279
    13 Nov 2014 17 Nov 2014 17 Nov 2014
    33 27 17
    There are a total of 15 skulls available in Halo 2. The following skull can be found in the video below, and is only attainable on Legendary difficulty. It is ok to use the Scarab & Envy skulls in order to do this. The timestamp for its exact location can be found directly underneath.

    [3:13] - Skull: IWHBYD - Mission: Outskirts

    Note: This skull does not always appear. Keep repeating the process and it will eventually show up. Also make sure that you are not using any skulls other than Scarab & Envy as it may not trigger.
  • HRDNightRodHRDNightRod36,908
    17 Mar 2018 02 Sep 2018 02 Sep 2018
    2 0 2
    I wanted to see if I could get this on my roommates account. We'd been trying for a while. Nothing. I tried the other ways and couldn't get it to spawn, how lucky can I get when I come check this video out and after MCC was just updated on his console last week, followed this video, scarab skull only on solo Legendary and BOOM there it is.

    Just only 3 CPs. Still don't know for sure if it's a random thing or non. Hopefully not.
    Hope this will be helpful to others need it.
  • WeAwokenTheHiveWeAwokenTheHive311,048
    10 Aug 2019 10 Aug 2019
    1 0 2
    This worked third time for me on 10/08/2019. Really quick runs so if it doesn’t work it’s easy to try again. Thank god!
  • frenchmau5frenchmau5280,659
    11 Nov 2019 11 Nov 2019 12 Nov 2019
    0 0 0
    Ok so I've been trying this multiple times but finally got it. I did not get all 7 checkpoints. I triggered the alley jackal and went straight there. When I got there the skull wasn't there, but I flicked to classic mode while in the room and the skull appeared! Hopefully this helps someone

    Sorry, this Game Clip has been removed
    27 Jan 2019 27 Jan 2019
    1 1 0
    Hi guys,
    if u have the same issues like me, maybe this would help you.
    I think I tried EVERYTHING. In my last try I looked at the dead marine in the alley (the music starts) and jumped over the roofs to reach the skull room.
    the skull wasn't there.
    Then I'm looking for an other solution in the web. After a few minutes the scull appears suddenly.
    I only stood there in the room.
    I don't pause the game.

    if this Solution helps you, please leave a thumb up

    greets from Hamburg, Germany

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