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My Work is Done

Halo 2: Collect the Librarian toy in Uprising.

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  • Mariano80PLMariano80PL492,811
    04 Apr 2015 04 Apr 2015
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    This is much better way to get this no granade jump need

  • Maka91Maka911,017,039
    10 Nov 2014 11 Nov 2014 11 Nov 2014
    24 4 5
    There are a total of 8 toys available in Halo 2 Anniversary. The location for this specific collectible can be found in the video below. A timestamp for its exact location can be found underneath.

    [5:11] - Librarian - Mission: Uprising
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,268,294
    12 Nov 2014 10 Jan 2015
    7 1 0
    Uprising - Toy location: Just before the sniper valley where you drive a ghost, climb up onto the ledge to your right and use Sputnik + plasma grenade to grenade jump up onto the upper cliff. Head straight forward and you'll see a valley below you with a sniper Jackal on the far side on a ledge. Kill him from here, then follow the ledge around to the right until you can drop down onto the lower ledge that said sniper Jackal was on. Head down to where he was, and jump up onto the ledge to your right. Now head forward until the sniper valley you would normally progress through is below and to your left. Keeping this valley visible to your left, follow the left edge on this upper area until you pass a curved lower ledge and another lower ledge begins in front of you. Drop down to this ledge and head along it to the right (keeping sniper valley visible to your left once again) until it opens up into a wider area with a dead end and the toy by the wall in front of you. Description here is very tricky so check the video at 16:11 for this one.
  • FXGAchievementsFXGAchievements11,462
    22 Jul 2017 08 Aug 2017
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    Halo: The Master Chief Collection - Halo 2 - My Work is Done - Halo 2: Collect the Librarian toy in Uprising. This achievement is fairly easy to unlock.

    On the mission Uprising (make sure you have the sputnik skull on), when you exit the building you need jump up the rocks on the left and turn it to the classic graphics.

    Grenade jump up the ledge or use a brute shot to launch you up. Turn to the right and run along till you can drop down to you left and then again on a small path that you will follow till you see a jackal sniper.

    Jump up to the right where the sniper was and continue walking up the hill. Keep walking till you get to a point where you can drop down. Walk till you see some skinny trees where you get to another ledge and walk all the way down it.

    Continue straight till you reach the end where the toy is located.

    Run over and it up and your achievement should pop! Enjoy!

  • planting42planting421,375,041
    05 Jan 2018 06 Jan 2018 06 Jan 2018
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    Hate Grenade jumps? Can't crouch jump to save your life? Grab a Ghost and boost your way to this toy!

    Here's a short clip showing where I was able to boost a Ghost up the cliff. There's a spot that looks like its set up to help and that's where the clip starts. Just a bit further down is the sweet spot! Once you're on top of the cliff, stay right of the twin trees and follow the path straight to the toy. Remember to switch to remastered mode to see it. Walk over it to pick it up.
    Sorry, this Game Clip has been removed
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