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Pyrrhic Solution

Halo 2: Collect the Didact toy in The Great Journey.

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  • Maka91Maka911,015,557
    10 Nov 2014 11 Nov 2014
    57 4 3
    There are a total of 8 toys available in Halo 2 Anniversary. The location for this specific collectible can be found in the video below. A timestamp for its exact location can be found underneath.

    [8:12] - Didact - Mission: The Great Journey
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,260,100
    12 Nov 2014 10 Jan 2015
    13 1 0
    Great Journey Toy location: Save the Spectre at level start, and when you return here after meeting up with the Scarab, drop down over the cliff in the Spectre. Drive the Spectre out to the beach on the right side when facing the large structure and out into the water. You should see a rock formation you can drive up onto that leads around behind the structure. Drive up onto this and follow it to the end where there is a very steep mountain. Simply climb this mountain using the Spectre and you will find your last toy plushy at the top. Check the collectibles video beginning at 21:06 for this one.
  • With1nTheRuinsWith1nTheRuins855,157
    10 Jun 2017 10 Jun 2017
    4 0 0
    As always, Maka's guide is flawless, however I wanted to mention something in case the same thing that happened to me happens to you.

    If for some reason your spectre is no longer there and there is not one you can hijack, note that you will not be able to do this with a banshee, however, you CAN get it to the toy using a ghost and following the same route as show in Maka's video.
  • FXGAchievementsFXGAchievements11,462
    22 Jul 2017 08 Aug 2017
    3 0 0
    Halo: The Master Chief Collection - Halo 2 - Pyrrhic Solution - Halo 2: Collect the Didact toy in The Great Journey. This achievement is fairly easy to unlock.

    On the mission The Great Journey, in the beginning of the mission you need to to take the revenant with you. Drive it to the end of the path and park it under the overhang and get out to proceed into the building.

    After you exit the building and trigger the cutscene, get in a banshee and fly down and get into the revenant. Drive towards the mission objective where the scarab destroys the door and drive into the water.

    Turn it to classic graphics and go to the right side and drive up the hills. The toy is located on the tallest hill.

    Run over and it up and your achievement should pop! Enjoy!

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