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Legendary Anniversary

Halo 2: Complete every level of the game on Legendary difficulty.

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  • HU Soldi3rHU Soldi3r651,321
    23 Dec 2014 23 Dec 2014 07 Jun 2015
    37 16 63
    As of today 12/22/14 the Update that came out today let's you complete a mission with the scarab skull activated and still get the achievement for beating the level. Once you beat the level go to "save and quit" and go back to "mission select" and the achievement will pop. I don't know if they will fix this "glitch" so if you need to beat this on legendary, hurry up before they patch it.

    Note: It doesn't count towards score nor time. Just beating the level.
  • KillingJammerKillingJammer365,134
    14 Oct 2015 14 Oct 2015
    15 2 13
    As of October 13, 2015 this achievement is obtainable with the scarab, envy, bandanna, etc. skulls. No save/quit was necessary for each level. I played through the whole campaign with all those skulls on and the achievement popped once it loaded back to the mission select screen after the final mission.
  • tRUffleSHuffLE6tRUffleSHuffLE6115,602
    24 Feb 2018 24 Feb 2018
    4 1 0
    This is not really a solution, but it is an update to the above solution. As of 2/24/18, KillingJammer’s solution works wonderfully.

    According to the comments on KillingJammers solution, you must first complete the entire campaign on a lower difficulty, with no skulls activated to initiate this glitch. I played my first campaign playthrough on normal.

    Once you’ve done that, start a new campaign via the missions tab. Select Legendary difficulty and then choose your skulls. I am unsure as to if any of the other skulls hinder the glitch in any way. I chose the Scarab, Envy, and Bandana skulls to use during my playthrough.

    Once you defeat Tartarus, which is really freaking hard by the way, it will finish with the cut scenes and take you back to the menu. It took roughly one minute for the achievements to pop once I was back to the menu screen. I re-entered into the missions tab and sat there idle, when it finally unlocked.

    A bit of advice if you’re stuck on defeating Tartarus as I was for an entire hour. I used the Needler as my primary weapon. When Johnson snipes him three times and when Tartarus’ shield diminishes is when you unload an entire clip of needles into him. Also, throw a human grenade at his feet when you hear Johnson fire his second of three shots. When his third hits, the shield goes away, the grenade explodes just as the shields are down, then empty the clip of needles. Rinse and repeat.

    Keep an eye out for his fellow Brutes, dispatch them quickly. After the second round of Brutes is when you know you are extremely close to killing Tartarus.
  • Grumpy Jedi 3Grumpy Jedi 3110,131
    10 Aug 2017 25 May 2018
    0 0 0
    Back in August (2017) I was able to beat the game on Legendary, utilizing the Bandanna Skull. I've heard that it won't work for other people, but it did for me.
    I also discovered an issue where the mission completion wouldn't count- my solution was to start and end the mission in the same graphics, which seemed to work.
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