Legendary Anniversary achievement in Halo MCC

Legendary Anniversary

Halo 2: Complete every level of the game on Legendary difficulty.

Legendary Anniversary+0.1
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How to unlock the Legendary Anniversary achievement

  • HU Soldi3rHU Soldi3r858,390
    23 Dec 2014 23 Dec 2014 07 Jun 2015
    51 16 74
    As of today 12/22/14 the Update that came out today let's you complete a mission with the scarab skull activated and still get the achievement for beating the level. Once you beat the level go to "save and quit" and go back to "mission select" and the achievement will pop. I don't know if they will fix this "glitch" so if you need to beat this on legendary, hurry up before they patch it.

    Note: It doesn't count towards score nor time. Just beating the level.

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    RimithelI have followed the above advice regarding getting the achievements to pop but I can't get it to acknowledge my progress in the in game tracker or to pop the level completion achievements
    Posted by Rimithel on 03 Feb 20 at 05:33
    MightierToasterI simply booted up the first level with all skulls off and the achievement unlocked instantly after I ran through the game with 8 non-scoring skulls on, including scarab and bandana on legendary. 2/27/20.
    Posted by MightierToaster on 27 Feb 20 at 18:15
    KoParkerCan confirm Scarab and Bandana skulls still work as of 9/22/20
    Posted by KoParker on 23 Sep 20 at 03:23
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  • KillingJammerKillingJammer429,539
    14 Oct 2015 14 Oct 2015
    23 4 19
    As of October 13, 2015 this achievement is obtainable with the scarab, envy, bandanna, etc. skulls. No save/quit was necessary for each level. I played through the whole campaign with all those skulls on and the achievement popped once it loaded back to the mission select screen after the final mission.
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    Master OkojoDoes work with scarab skull 21-September-2020. I had to use the pinata skull to get grenades and the Johnson cloning glitch to kill Tartarus, because apparently the scarb skull doesn't do damage to him. I also had Grunt Birthday Party, IWBYD, and envy skulls.

    I had also previously beaten the campaign on Herioc.
    Posted by Master Okojo on 22 Sep 20 at 01:12
    TheDummynatorAs of 5/1/2021 it still works. Finished the campaign on normal as a fist playthrough. unlocking the progress achievements. Then played on legendary using the Bandana, Scarab, and Envy skulls. Just died a lot because of the Scarab skull. But I made it through.
    Posted by TheDummynator on 02 May at 18:52
    MorgurtTheRoundI just earned this (8/27/21) in co-op. We played the final level with the Scarab skull enabled. The key to defeating Tartarus with this skull on, is to spam him with a constant stream of plasma grenades while Johnson snipes him. We didn’t wait for his shield to go down for the fact that it generally comes back VERY quickly. So while the majority of our grenades didn’t harm him, he was stuck with 3 or 4 each time Johnson took his shield down. It’s a tedious battle, but one that’s not too difficult. Good luck!
    Posted by MorgurtTheRound on 27 Aug at 08:26
  • AqueousTxAqueousTx710,809
    04 Jun 2020 08 Jun 2020 18 Jun 2020
    16 0 4
    *I appreciate all up-votes. Considering this is the most recent and up-to-date solution, we should try and get this to the top.

    8th June 2020: I'm going to clear this up a bit and give an update to how to get this achievement in 2020. You can do this level by level or in 2 runs.

    The reason I have added step #2 is because me and my coop partner noticed that when we went through a level on Easy difficulty (originally going through because of Par-Time achievements) is that our achievement trackers for specific achievements started to increase. Testing and following the other steps, we noticed that this specific achievements tracker also started to increase.

    If you have already played through both difficulties before attempting this solution, try from step #5 onwards and see what results you get. If this doesn't increase the tracker, follow from step #2.

    Step #1: Play through all missions on Legendary with whatever 0 scoring Skulls you want. You'll complete the campaign without unlocking any level specific mission complete achievements and the tracker still at 0%.
    Step #2: Once your Legendary run is complete, start again and play the first mission on Easy with NO 0 scoring Skulls active - Make sure you also look at the level in Classic Mode to just in case.
    Step #3: Once you've completed the mission, you'll unlock the specific mission complete achievement and the next mission will load.
    Step #4: Once the new mission has loaded. Save/Quit/End Game once you have control.
    Step #5: When you're back at the main mission select screen. Load up the mission you just completed on Legendary with NO 0 scoring Skulls active.
    Step #6: Once the mission has loaded, wait 10 seconds just to be safe and then Save/Quit/End Game.
    - You'll now notice that this specific achievement tracker will increase.
    Step #7: Now repeat steps #2-6 for the rest of the missions until the achievement unlocks or steps #5-7 if you have already done the previous steps prior to this solution and if it works.
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    BLYASTDo I need to complete the mission on legendary and easy if I already have the mission complete achievements?
    Posted by BLYAST on 14 Jun 20 at 07:36
    AqueousTx@BLYAST; Try from step #5 onwards. I only completed on both difficulties as I also needed the Pat-Time achievements which were faster on Easy.
    Posted by AqueousTx on 18 Jun 20 at 10:12
    noose01As 12th of September 2021 this works nicely. My first playthrough was on legendary with skulls. After that I just followed the steps from solution.
    Posted by noose01 on 12 Sep at 13:26
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