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Halo 2: View both signs in the level Metropolis.

E E E+0.8
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  • Maka91Maka911,042,283
    08 Nov 2014 10 Nov 2014
    199 2 5

    Mission: Metropolis

    On the level Metropolis, you'll come to a courtyard with 3 enemy wraiths with the objective of regrouping with the marines.

    In this section, follow the road to the left of the area, and in the corner, you'll notice a small building with a flashing sign near it. Walk up to the sign in Anniversary mode and look at it for a few seconds to unlock the achievement.
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,307,791
    11 Nov 2014 10 Jan 2015
    15 0 0
    E E E Egg: In the area just after where the soccer ball/scarab gun are, you'll come to a spot where you have to fight a couple Wraiths and Ghosts. On the left side of this area (to the left when facing the building that you rejoin the Marines in) there is a pathway where the Wraiths do not go. The Ghosts will follow you over here though. Kill off the enemies in the area, then head over here to the far left corner and you'll find a flashing sign. View the sign for a few seconds while in Anniversary mode and the achievement will unlock.
  • MajorOfSwedenMajorOfSweden156,751
    14 Jan 2015 31 Jan 2015 31 Jan 2015
    7 0 0
    When you first enter the City for real you will fight three wraiths before you regroup with a group of marines but instead of walking through the door (still facing it), walk to the left hand follow the road till you see a sign changing it's text, look at it in Anniversary mode and the achievement will pop.

  • FXGAchievementsFXGAchievements11,841
    29 Jul 2017 08 Aug 2017
    5 1 0
    Halo: The Master Chief Collection - Halo 2 - E E E - Halo 2: View both signs in the level Metropolis. This achievement is fairly easy to unlock.

    On the mission Metropolis, near the end of the mission where you meet the two wraiths. Turn left on the street and drive till you see and sign that is flickering between two messages.

    Hop out and look at it and your achievement should pop! Enjoy!

  • VeezatronVeezatron192,146
    26 Jun 2015 26 Jun 2015
    6 2 3
    Just adding to the above solutions, I believe this has to be done without skulls on. I tried it was Scarab, Envy and Bandana on and it didn't pop, tried it without any skulls and it did right away.

    If anyone can confirm that they have done it with the skulls and my game just glitched let me know and I'll edit/delete this.
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