GOOOAAAAALLLL! achievement in Halo MCC


Halo 2: Shoot the football in the level Metropolis.

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How to unlock the GOOOAAAAALLLL! achievement

  • Maka91Maka911,353,973
    06 Nov 2014 10 Nov 2014
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    Method 1 - Banshee (From Scarab Gun)

    Follow the direction to the scarab gun using the banshee method below:

    This method might seem a little intensive, but it is the one I would recommend. At the beginning of the level, kill your allies so they don't get in the way. Now continue across the bridge, and hijack a ghost. Continue to the end of the bridge where you should get a checkpoint and see a banshee enter the area above you. Your goal now is to get the banshee to follow you into the tunnel by shooting near it and reversing into the tunnel while guiding it away from the debris on the road. This may take a few tries but once the banshee follows you past the green car, you are good. Continue forward (and it will follow you), and take care of the allies in the warthog in the tunnel so they don't shoot it down. Continue to the end of the tunnel area on foot, killing enemies and keeping the banshee intact. Once you reach the end of the tunnel, get the banshee to try and follow you into the red tunnel. It won't fit because of the wings, so you will need to strategically shoot off BOTH of its wings. Once you shoot the wings off, it will fit. Make sure it follow you to correct tunnel (left one) once that happens. As soon as the banshee enters the mouth of the final red tunnel, you will need to hijack it and steer it down the tunnel! As you're hijacking it, the game will say "Loading... done". If not, you've done it wrong and are probably boarding too early. Once you board it it the tunnel, you will be able to freely fly it around. From here, fly towards the large bridge above the city. Land on the closer bridge, and the scarab gun will be floating there available for pick up.

    From the scarab gun location, you can take the banshee and fly downwards towards the damaged building closer to ground level. Inside this damaged building you'll find the soccer ball on the ground floor.

    Doing this method will also unlock the Scarab Gun related achievement:
    Halo: The Master Chief CollectionScarab LordThe Scarab Lord achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 81 pointsHalo 2: Acquire the Scarab Gun.

    Method 2 - Sputnik + Grenade Jump

    ** Shown at the end of the above video **

    With Sputnik enabled, continue through the level until you come into an area with a large and tall glass pane window in front of you. The window will be cracked about halfway up. For this method, jump on this window's ledge, and use a frag grenade to "grenade jump" up and over the glass and land inside the building. This may take several tries, so reload your last checkpoint if necessary. Once you land inside the building, you'll have to use the damaged support beams to get on top of this building. Once on top of this building, you'll have to jump over a small gap to get into a damaged building with a huge hole blown in the side of it. Once you get there, you'll see a soccer ball on the ground floor!

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    Spec K89Tried this today and get just before the red tunnel to board the banshee and it despawns/says loading done. Am i boarding at the wrong time? Thanks!
    Posted by Spec K89 on 22 Aug 17 at 03:06
    Leo AscendentI'd suggest using the grenade jump method, tales waaaaay less time and waaaaay less hassle.
    Posted by Leo Ascendent on 22 Apr 19 at 22:40
    ReiZero2Amazing guide!
    Posted by ReiZero2 on 08 Sep at 11:00
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  • MajorOfSwedenMajorOfSweden171,757
    14 Jan 2015 01 Feb 2015 01 Feb 2015
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    My video below show how to get both the GOOOAAAAALLLL! & Scarab Lord Achievements WITHOUT A BANSHEE
    You Will get these achievements:
    Halo: The Master Chief CollectionGOOOAAAAALLLL!The GOOOAAAAALLLL! achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 38 pointsHalo 2: Shoot the football in the level Metropolis.

    Halo: The Master Chief CollectionScarab LordThe Scarab Lord achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 81 pointsHalo 2: Acquire the Scarab Gun.

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    Goggs25I have shot,punch and used a grenade on ball no achievement. Yet another bullshit achievement on this crap game that won't unlock.

    How long do i have to wait for this fucking achievement to unlock angryangryangry
    Posted by Goggs25 on 25 Aug 19 at 06:32
    SpeedyCrossfireBest guide 4 scarab got it second attempt! Tx alot
    Posted by SpeedyCrossfire on 05 Oct 20 at 21:24
    PsychicChickenThank you for this guide. SO much better than trying to get the banshee to work.
    Posted by PsychicChicken on 03 Mar at 13:49
  • NE0182NE0182223,473
    15 Nov 2014 15 Nov 2014 15 Nov 2014
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    Mission: Metropolis
    Difficulty: Easy

    Jump into the Warthog and leave your allies behind. Once you get to the tunnel, turn around and wait right outside of the tunnel on the left lane (as you are looking towards the bridge). Wait until a Banshee shoots at you and drive backwards. Go as far as you can and exit once you hit a wall or car.

    Now here starts the tricky thing. You will have to lead this banshee through the whole tunnel. Every time it passes you it will turn around and fly back out. That's what you don't want. A good method of preventing that, is to stand still when it passes you. You can also shoot it a couple of times and it will come back.
    It will probably get stuck somewhere a couple of times. Just move around it a little and it should follow you again.

    This next part is very important. Lead it into the room at the end of the tunnel and turn left. This is where the new area will be loaded. Stay close to the Banshee now and wait for the exact moment when "LOADING...DONE" is displayed on the screen. Enter the Banshee now and fly through the small tube into the open area.

    If you miss the right moment the Banshee will disappear, but you can simply reload the last checkpoint and try again.

    That was the hard part. From here on, simply follow the video to the Scarab Gun and the Soccer Ball. The Soccer Ball has to be shot in order to pop the achievement.
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    NE0182Nice. :) I had to replay this a lot as well. The Banshee has a mind of it's own^^.
    Posted by NE0182 on 19 Nov 14 at 04:29
    ManuFlopsLeading that Banshee was like trying to get Helen Keller to go to bed at night, damn.
    Posted by ManuFlops on 20 Nov 14 at 16:59
    bullshit achievement. fucking pathetic to have an achievement that depends on 23 fucking factors and the weather, i've gotten him all the way to red tunnel but the fucking thing disappears if i step into red tunnel.
    Posted on 04 Jan 15 at 04:31
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