Scarab Lord achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Scarab Lord

Halo 2: Acquire the Scarab Gun.

Scarab Lord0
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How to unlock the Scarab Lord achievement

  • Maka91Maka911,129,033
    06 Nov 2014 10 Nov 2014 17 Nov 2014
    172 12 32
    There are plenty of methods to get the scarab gun. I'll be explaining two of the most popular ones below:

    Method 1 - Banshee

    This method might seem a little intensive, but it is the one I would recommend. At the beginning of the level, kill your allies so they don't get in the way. Now continue across the bridge, and hijack a ghost. Continue to the end of the bridge where you should get a checkpoint and see a banshee enter the area above you. Your goal now is to get the banshee to follow you into the tunnel by shooting near it and reversing into the tunnel while guiding it away from the debris on the road. This may take a few tries but once the banshee follows you past the green car, you are good. Continue forward (and it will follow you), and take care of the allies in the warthog in the tunnel so they don't shoot it down. Continue to the end of the tunnel area on foot, killing enemies and keeping the banshee intact. Once you reach the end of the tunnel, get the banshee to try and follow you into the red tunnel. It won't fit because of the wings, so you will need to strategically shoot off BOTH of its wings. Once you shoot the wings off, it will fit. Make sure it follow you to correct tunnel (left one) once that happens. As soon as the banshee enters the mouth of the final red tunnel, you will need to hijack it and steer it down the tunnel! As you're hijacking it, the game will say "Loading... done". If not, you've done it wrong and are probably boarding too early. Once you board it it the tunnel, you will be able to freely fly it around. From here, fly towards the large bridge above the city. Land on the closer bridge, and the scarab gun will be floating there available for pick up.

    From this location you can also take the banshee and pick up the Soccer Ball related achievement:
    Halo: The Master Chief CollectionGOOOAAAAALLLL!The GOOOAAAAALLLL! achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 37 pointsHalo 2: Shoot the football in the level Metropolis.

    Method 2 - Sputnik + Rocket

    ** Sputnik Skull Required **

    This is another method which is probably easier but takes way more trial and error, and is very hard to explain through text. You'll want to continue through the level until you regroup with marines on a bridge with a scarab that walks underneath. Pick up the rockets and head to the other bridge (the second one the scarab gun under). What you'll need to do now is use your feet to push the small container and line it up with the H2C geometry at the end of the bridge from the side you entered. Now jump on top of this container, and wait for a checkpoint. After that, you'll have to aim down and shoot where the pipe meets the concrete piece of the bridge nearest to your location. This will launch you upwards, and if down perfectly, you will land neatly on the top of the bridge.

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    etcher1981I believe the new skull added to Halo 1,2 and 3 that lets you fly makes this and others very easy.
    Posted by etcher1981 on 20 Jul at 21:29
    BazingatorI believe that skull is only in halo 3.
    Posted by Bazingator on 22 Jul at 04:29
    IXII SLICK IIXIBanshee method is wayyyy better, don't be lazy lol
    Posted by IXII SLICK IIXI on 22 Jul at 21:39
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  • Skycaptin5Skycaptin5735,978
    24 Oct 2014 02 Nov 2014 17 Mar 2020
    35 5 16
    The Legendary Scarab Gun, this is located on the level Metropolis in Halo 2. Throwing on the Sputnik Skull run through the level casually on whatever difficulty until you get to the end. From there we're going to grab a Rocket Launcher and head towards the end section of the level. There's going to be a little case sitting beside this particular area (see first picture).

    External image

    From here we move it along to align with these railing in the classic version of Halo 2 and shoot at this particular spot yet again shown below to shoot up into the air quite high. (Wait for the checkpoint while on the box!!)

    External image

    There's a fair bit of luck involved in this and may take awhile, though it's honestly the easiest way to get this Scarab Gun. Video to easily show this off is linked below.
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    HRDNightRodI seem to be getting either too low to way too high. A couple of occasions I thought I had it but died on landing. Can someone post a picture(s) of exact placement of the box and where exactly to shoot if thats possible? I tried Makas guide and others and it's sending me up way to high. I know I'm getting close. This guide doesn't give a good picture on where to place the box.
    Posted by HRDNightRod on 21 Jan 19 at 22:10
    HRDNightRodI gave up on trying using the rocket method. I think there is a specific place you have to target and placement of the box and target is critical for the Rocket method. Across Concrete took me Co-Op thru using the Banshee method and I got to the gun with in a bout 30 minutes as we has to re-start the CP a couple of times. Thank you AC.
    If you can get the achievement with in 30 minutes using Rockets, then thats good too. I wouldn't waste anymore time beyond that if you can't. Go for the Banshee solo or with someone and get it with the Banshee way. You'll save time.
    Posted by HRDNightRod on 26 Jan 19 at 21:29
    Poopdog M60RiotHell yeah dude took me about 20 minutes
    Posted by Poopdog M60Riot on 03 Mar 19 at 10:57
  • MajorOfSwedenMajorOfSweden156,719
    14 Jan 2015 01 Feb 2015
    30 2 10
    My video below show how to get both the GOOOAAAAALLLL! & Scarab Lord Achievements WITHOUT A BANSHEE
    You Will get these achievements:
    Halo: The Master Chief CollectionGOOOAAAAALLLL!The GOOOAAAAALLLL! achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 37 pointsHalo 2: Shoot the football in the level Metropolis.

    Halo: The Master Chief CollectionScarab LordThe Scarab Lord achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 79 pointsHalo 2: Acquire the Scarab Gun.

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    Link5646Good guide, was much easier than the Banshee. But I will note some points that he didn't mention. For the rocket box jump, your foot positioning and the orientation of the box (horizontal or vertical) matter as much as where you shoot the rocket.

    I will note this: you will most likely have to shoot somewhere other than where he shoots in the video. I had to shoot a little bit farther back than he suggested, even though my box looked like it was the same as the video. A lot of trial and error, but still a lot less frustrating than the Banshee method.
    Posted by Link5646 on 28 Dec 18 at 04:21
    etcher1981WTF this achievement can suck my ass! Getting the Scarab Gun is total luck this way and the banshee way. I hate BS like this. I can't even get 20ft. off the ground with this so called "method"
    Posted by etcher1981 on 30 Dec 19 at 01:07
    togethawiistandBrace yourself if your goal is to complete TMCC. There are worse (harder) things than this, for sure. And the fault for that it's not of the guy who posted this solution.
    Posted by togethawiistand on 06 Jan at 10:28
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