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Back At It

Halo 2: Play a game of Halo 2 Anniversary on the 9th of any month.

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  • olanmillsolanmills112,388
    09 Dec 2014 09 Dec 2014
    76 0 0
    I think the Achievement description is just wrong. You have to play either Campaign or Halo 2 Classic multiplayer, either custom or matchmaking. If you play multiplayer the Achievement pops as soon as the game starts.

    I was able to find a match in the Halo 2 Classic playlist without a problem today.
    08 Dec 2014 08 Dec 2014 07 Jul 2015
    19 4 0
    To get this Achievement you need to play Halo 2 on the 9th of ANY MONTH so that's from -
    9th January
    9th February
    9th March
    9th April
    9th May
    9th June
    9th July
    9th August
    9th September
    9th October
    9th November
    9th December

    Theses are the days you can get this Achievement.

    Now to unlock this Achievement all you need to do is start up Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Click cn_A on "CAMPAIGNS" PRESS cn_right OVER TO HALO 2. Press cn_A. NOW if you have a mission in progress you can just click RESUME but if you don't you can click "MISSIONS" and PICK any MISSION you want. This can also be unlocked on "PROLOGUE" now this Achievement can be unlocked on ANY DIFFICULTY.

    You can also do this in a custom game instead of starting the Halo 2 campaign!
  • Herbal42Herbal4288,352
    09 Dec 2014 09 Dec 2014
    10 3 4
    So I just tried to unlock this on the 9th of December and had an issue. I loaded a custom match of H2:Anniversary and nothing happened. Tried a second time with the same result. If this happens, back out and load a custom game of H2 Classic and it should pop.
  • Strategy OneStrategy One651,677
    09 Dec 2014 12 Nov 2014 09 Dec 2014
    20 14 5
    Back At It

    To unlock this achievement you must load up Halo: 2 Classic (seems as though its glitched) on the 9th of any month, quite simple.

    If you want to unlock it on any other date you can do so offline. Now this doesn't just mean you disconnect yourself and do it, you must first follow a few steps.

    First going into your settings by hitting the button towards the middle of your controller with 3 lines across it (otherwise known as the start button).

    Second go into Network.

    Third "Go offline" and "forget wireless network"

    Then you are going to need to hard turn off your Xbox by holding the power button for 10 seconds.

    Once you turn it back on go back into settings, then system, to the way right you will be able to click on your date and change it to any day you want. For this achievement you change it to the 9th.

    Load the game up and start Halo: 2 Anniversary, quit out once it loads up, reconnect yourself back to the internet and it will unlock for you. smile
  • DCM7734DCM7734144,942
    09 Oct 2015 09 Oct 2015
    3 2 0
    If you want this quick and easy, just go to Playlists, Halo 2, and pick one. Just start it, and it should pop.

    IT HAS TO BE DONE ON THE 9TH OF ANY MONTH! Otherwise, it's not going to pop.
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