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Cavalier achievement in Halo MCC


Halo 3: Beat the par score on Tsavo Highway.

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How to unlock the Cavalier achievement

  • Wicked JeiWicked Jei
    22 Nov 2014 22 Nov 2014 26 Nov 2014
    The par score of 25,000 can be obtained on Normal if you make it under the par time, which is 20 minutes. You get a 3x bonus on points for par time. It's a short mission, especially with a vehicle, and can easily be run in about 15 minutes.

    You'll want some of the easier skulls on to get the multiplier high enough. Also set competitive score on, so you can see your progress with score and time.

    Getting kills without dying builds up your killstreak and earns you more points. Multikills also give you slightly more points.


    Famine - Weapons dropped by AI have half ammo. It's a vehicle-heavy level so this isn't an issue.

    Fog - No motion tracker.

    Tough Luck - enemies always go berserk, always dodge, never flee. Running over enemies will be harder, that's about all that will really affect you.

    Iron - Dying restarts the level. If you die, save and quit so that the level won't restart and you can resume with points intact. Doing this will reset your killstreak, however, meaning you'll get less points per kill until you build it back up again!


    At the start, hop in the driver seat of the warthog with a turret. Let a couple marines occupy the passenger and gunner seats. Any kills they get while you are in the vehicle will count toward your score. Drive through the level letting the marines kill everything and running over what you can. Be wary of sticky grenades.

    Once you get to the barrier, let the gunner take out the choppers. If they only kill the brute and don't explode the chopper, you'll have to do that yourself. You get extra points for destroying enemy vehicles, even if they were never occupied. Once everything is dead, drive up to the barrier to trigger the drones. Back up and let the marine gunner take them out. Don't let them get close or they'll board you and start hitting you. Destroy the barrier and any brutes hiding behind it.

    At the bridge, ditch the warthog at the gap. At the area with plenty of marines fighting a pack of enemies, try to get the kills before the marines do. There's more BR ammo inside the building on top of the hill. A phantom will come in and drop off more enemies. You can use the turret in the building to take out the phantom turret and the grunt on a turret. Unlike in Halo 2, phantom turrets don't give you points, but you might as well eliminate the threat. Rip off the turret and take out the brutes. Watch out for the chieftain with a fuel rod cannon.

    After they're dead, a wraith will appear. Get close so the wraith doesn't attack and shoot the brute on the turret. Then, board the wraith and hit it enough to kill the driver but not destroy the tank. Commandeer it. Take out everything until you get to the two unoccupied choppers. Leave the tank and get into a chopper. Destroy your wraith for points. Destroy the other chopper. Don't destroy the warthog, as human vehicles will take away points.

    From the top of the jump, you can snipe the wraith on the bridge with your chopper. Be careful in this next area, as packs of choppers can be dangerous. Watch out for the shade turrets. There will be another wraith that appears on top of the bridge. Make sure you destroy all vehicles, and not just their occupants.

    You can get your chopper past the blockade on the bridge to help take out all the brutes at the second barrier, buts it's a little tight with all the blockades so you might have an easier time on foot. Destroy the barrier to end the level.

    I finished with 35,000 points, so there's definitely room for error.
    Edit: The achievement didn't pop for me, so I ran through the level again using the same method (got 40,000 this time, less marine kill-steals I guess), watched the full ending cutscene and it popped at the postgame carnage. Achievements for this game have been very buggy. Just to be safe, watch the full ending cutscene.

    Unfortunately, the par score achievements in this game be can stubborn about unlocking. Personally, I had to play through the final level several times for the achievement to unlock. You may want to wait for a patch if you don't feel like testing your luck.

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    Wicked JeiThe first one you can kill at a distance with the chopper, but for the second I would recommend taking out everything else, killing the turret brute on the wraith at a distance, then getting in close with your vehicle, hopping out, and hijacking the wraith. If you're close enough, it won't even fire at you.
    Posted by Wicked Jei On 25 Nov 14 at 01:42
    Shadow 00 FoxGreat Guide!! First try, I did take the first wraith all the way through to the end part, much easier than Brute chopper, I used the gun turret detached to take out the wraith's driver and gunner, then drove it to the end of the mission. Very easy, 37k in 16:50. I did take one of the early sniper rifles from the two jackals and used it on Brutes before the Wraith.
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox On 21 Dec 14 at 04:19
    EYEHUNTER 42"Destroy the barrier to end the level." You need to kill all the final area enemies, too. Also, Par score is 21,000 now.
    Posted by EYEHUNTER 42 On 18 Jun 17 at 05:13
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  • ChknFingrsChknFingrs
    31 Dec 2014 31 Dec 2014 31 Dec 2014
    I was struggling with this one, as I only had about 22,000 points when I got to the section with 3 wraiths, near the end of the level, and this was near the 20 minute par time mark also.

    Granted I skipped a couple previous battles in an effort to save time...

    Anyways, I managed to hijack a wraith in the almost last section, up on the hill/ road/ bridge leading to the last section of the level. I sniped the gunner (beam rifle), shot a charged plasma pistol to disable it, boarded it, and used melee hits until the driver died.

    I then took the rest of the level slow, and used the wraith to kill everything until the level finished. This gave me 44,000 points at the end, just going over par time.

    Wraith doubled the points I had, so if you are struggling also, give that a try.

    This was on Heroic using these skulls: Famine, Fog, Thunderstorm, Tilt, & Tough Luck.
  • Crims0nScorpionCrims0nScorpion
    31 Oct 2015 31 Oct 2015 31 Oct 2015
    The Par Score for Tsavo Highway is 21,000

    For a solution that's more for your casual gamer that don't care too much for skulls here's what I did. This solution does include a few skulls but they're some of the better ones and you should play with at least one co-op partner.

    Ok by far Tsavo Highway has been the hardest mission to get the Par Score so here are a few tips before you actually start.

    1. Play on Legendary with at least one co-op partner
    2. Have only 2 skulls on the ones we used were Catch and Famine (Catch makes enemies throw and drop more grenades and Famine just means you pick up less ammo off the ground) I also used Grunt Birthday Party and IWHBYD only because they're cool and for effects
    3. Can not stress this enough to play with at least one co-op partner
    4. Have Scoring turned on so you can track it while playing the level

    Ok now for the actual mission, once you start grab a warthog with one of you driving and the other in the Turret. For the first few areas you should be fine with just that...once you get to snipers take them out then proceed again in the Warthog. After this should just be a lot of Brutes followed by Choppers and a few Turrets. Kill EVERY enemy, EVERY Covenant vehicle, and EVERY Turret. The more multikills you get the better your score will be. Now the next part that will give you trouble is the Wraiths and Choppers that get dropped in by Phantoms. Have one of you distract the Wraiths and Choppers while the other one takes out the Wraith on the bridge. Kill the machine gunner first with a Battle Rifle or Carbine (some sort of sniperish weapon) then board it and destroy it. After it's destroyed (by grenade or melee doesn't matter which) head along the bridge to continue the mission and grab the Sniper Rifle that should be on the ground. Turn around and snipe the 2 machine gunners in the Wraiths, then head back down and destroy them. You should get roughly 1000-1100 points per Wraith. Once you get the Par Score keep watch, with each kill a number will appear on the right hand side like +290 or +1034 or something like that with each kill, once it starts showing a Red 0 for each kill you will not be awarded any more points and should proceed through the rest of the mission with extreme caution. In single player once you reach the par time you score will start to drop; however, in co-op it won't which is why co-op is the best way to obtain this achievement.

    So to summarize, Play in co-op, try not to die too much, kill EVERY enemy and destroy EVERY enemy vehicle or weapon, play with Catch and Famine skull on, and play on Legendary and you should be fine. Practicing the level a few times could help if you want.
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