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Finished the Fight achievement in Halo MCC

Finished the Fight

Halo 3: Complete every level of the game on Legendary difficulty.

Finished the Fight0
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How to unlock the Finished the Fight achievement

  • I am MindslaveI am Mindslave
    14 Dec 2014 04 Aug 2017 04 Aug 2017
    Chances are, you are going for completing all Halo 3 missions in under 3 hours on legendary, and if so, you will unlock this achievement along the way. If you are, then refer to youtube videos such as those made by "Halo Completionist", "Nak3d Eli", or speed runners on youtube. Another great option is to play in 4 player co-op on legendary. If your team is decent at all, you will easily complete the game on legendary and you have a great chance at completing the game in under 3 hours, unlocking this achievement, "Devastating", and most or all of the par time achievements.

    If you do not care about any par time or speedrun achievements and you just want to complete all Halo 3 missions on legendary, then you can play coop with one other friend who is willing to be a spawn point for you (or you can be the spawn point for them) as you grind your way through the missions. It will take longer, but as long as one player stays alive at all times, you will make it through the game. If you have a second controller or have a partner who has a second controller, then you can either do this "solo" in coop by using a second controller as a spawn dummy or in coop with a friend so that both of you can play while one of you uses a second controller for both of you to spawn on when you die.

    If you play by yourself using two controllers though, be aware that the mission "Cortana" (second to last mission) can sometimes be frustrating because if you die on your main controller, your dummy could be "in combat" which prevents you from spawning or your dummy controller could be attacked later in the mission which means if you die, you have to revert to last checkpoint.

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    Riahi Jranyone knows if acrophobia works with this?
    Posted by Riahi Jr On 16 Jul 21 at 01:42
    Desertheat2006I tried just beating a level on normal with acrophobia just to get the achievement for beating the level and it didn’t pop. Played without it and it worked so I’m going to say acrophobia does not work.
    Posted by Desertheat2006 On 22 Jul 21 at 18:11
    vHucsIt works with Acrophobia. Check out this guide posted on Legendary Anniversary page by OhOneOneOh (scroll to bottom). This is what you have to do for every game/missions. Doesn't matter how many 0 skulls are on for any Halo game.

    Halo: The Master Chief CollectionLegendary AnniversaryvHucsThe Legendary Anniversary achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 104 pointsHalo 2: Complete every level of the game on Legendary difficulty.
    Posted by vHucs On 27 Oct 22 at 22:13
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  • RCRC
    09 Aug 2022 09 Aug 2022 09 Aug 2022
    This solution pertains to those of you who have already beaten the game on a lower difficulty. In my case it was beaten on Normal, in full, before attempting this. It is unknown to me if this trick will work on a completely fresh run or under any other circumstances.

    I used the Acrophobia skull (allows you to fly around quickly), along with other skulls such as Bandana (infinite ammo), Boom (increased explosion radius), and Cowbell (increased explosion acceleration).

    The main skull you need to use here is Acrophobia as it allows you to fly through areas quickly, avoiding enemies and skipping through to further checkpoints.

    Some tips:

    - Flying higher and faster can be achieved by spamming your jump button and holding down, much like in forge mode.
    - Be careful! You can go too fast and splatter yourself upon hitting objects, resulting in death.
    - Don't fly too far out-of-bounds or you will die. Stay within the linear path of the mission itself to be safe.
    - Take out as many sniper jackals as possible before trying to fly through areas or you will very likely die in one shot, specifically on Sierra 117 and Tsavo Highway.
    - Some sections are un-skippable and you must wait for checkpoints to register or kill all enemies to advance, specifically on The Ark waiting for the tanks to be delivered.
    - Land often and walk to register checkpoints as often times the game will not give you a checkpoint if you simply fly the entire way.
    - On The Covenant mission, wait until you are in the Hornets, flying them, and reach a checkpoint before jumping out and flying to the next area, skipping air combat.
    - The Covenant mission again, specifically after the Arbiter kills the Prophet and you're trying to escape the flood, seems to be finicky and you must take your time here killing mostly all enemies without flying too much, otherwise after dropping down the hole at the end the game will not advance and you will have to restart the entire level.
    - You will get a warning before starting a mission that achievements will not track, this is true for par-time and par-score achievements, as those will not count here.
    - If you're using infinite ammo, my favorite weapons to quickly clear enemies were: brute shot, snipers, rockets, laser, and fuel rod gun.
    - Boom and Cowbell skulls work great for launching enemies off ledges and clearing hordes of enemies, like the flood.
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    PH1 HUNGJust did this with the cheat skulls in co-op on legendary. No achievement as of yet. Crossing my fingers.
    Posted by PH1 HUNG On 25 Oct 22 at 23:12
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