Who Needs Them? achievement in Halo MCC

Who Needs Them?

Halo 3: On The Ark, complete the level without entering a vehicle on Legendary.

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How to unlock the Who Needs Them? achievement

  • Shadow 00 FoxShadow 00 Fox607,682
    19 Dec 2014 19 Dec 2014 20 Oct 2015
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    ***UPDATE!! The latest MCC update around October 12th 2015 has fixed this formerly glitched achievement! You just need to redo the requirements!

    Very easy method! The account going for the achievement will get it even if other players or guests use vehicles/turrets! So, if you have two controllers, you can plug in a guest account, and have your guest account use any and all vehicles! Just make sure you never get in or out of anything with your main account. Note: apparently you can pick up turrets and still get the achievement! (Thanks to TheHunter II7)

    You can also combine this if you want with "Ranger", par score for this mission, I collected almost all the points with my guest account(competitive scoring), and the achievement popped for my main account along with "Who Needs Them?".

    For this on Legendary, do it your preferred method, or if you don't have a method...
    You can try to speed run, or take it slow, I took it slow and killed everything for points.. make sure with Hunters, you circle very carefully if you're going for the in-close kills, and for other parts, save power weapons and give them to your marines! (I had a Brute Prowler with a Fuel Rod Marine on one side, a Rocket Launcher Marine on the other side, and a 3rd in the gunner. Just make sure to drive circles so both side gunners can blow stuff up! Ghosts are your nemesis at all times, they are primary targets. When you get the tank, kill everything from a long distance. And for fighting the Scarab, use a Gauss Warthog otherwise the Scarab will take you out.

    Hope this helps! smile

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    WhoIsJohn117I just completed it with same-screen co-op with a guest account doing all the vehicles, and it popped for me. There seemed to be some confusion on here, but I decided to give it a try. Hope that helps someone out!
    Posted by WhoIsJohn117 on 21 Sep at 21:02
    Raziel CruentusMight be that when they 'fixed' this previously bugged achievement, they simply 'fixed' it by making it unlock when you finish the level on Legendary, regardless of meeting any other requirements.

    I will finish the level with vehicles to see if it unlocks.

    Edit: Finished on Legendary, solo, with the flying skull on. Used several vehicles, no achievement unlock. Not sure what's going on for some people in that case, but do it legit just to be sure so you don't waste your own time.
    Posted by Raziel Cruentus on 21 Sep at 23:04
    undeadRebelOn 9-27-2020 My brother and I (not split screen) were able to get this with the Acrophobia skull.
    Posted by undeadRebel yesterday at 02:46
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  • M47 H410M47 H410251,243
    07 Jan 2015 07 Jan 2015
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    There are people above saying that you can board wraiths to destroy them. I finished the level where I had been boarding wraiths and did not get the achievement. I went back and did it again, this time without boarding the wraiths and I got it. So be warned it may have just been a glitch for me but I would play it safe and not board them.
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    SweptbackFlameI can confirm that boarding a wraith will get you the achievement. I Think it was just glitched at the time, but it seems like it's working now. as I did the same on Tsavo Highway and it worked.
    Posted by SweptbackFlame on 14 Feb 15 at 15:44
    ScottMacFreedomThat was brilliant, will upvote when I get MCC.... And a one.......
    Posted by ScottMacFreedom on 04 Jul 15 at 07:38
    Oki Gatorme and my co-op both jumped on a wraith and didn't get the achievement. just sayin
    Posted by Oki Gator on 10 May 16 at 02:31
  • SchiZoPHreNiikzSchiZoPHreNiikz429,660
    20 Nov 2014 20 Nov 2014
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    Complete the mission The Ark on LEGENDARY without DRIVING any vehicles. This means that you can NOT drive them at all, which means no HIJACKING enemy vehicles!
    You CAN hop on to the back of wraiths to punch them to death! I can confirm this because I destroyed BOTH the anti-air wraiths with melee.

    I would recommend getting a group of four together and just taking the mission slowly destroying everything in your path with the guns you pick up.
    The noob combo is an excellent way to deal with ALL vehicles and ALL tough enemies. Charge up your plasma pistol and launch an EMP shot at an enemy to deplete his shield or at a vehicle to disable its movement.

    Some tips I can offer would be that you should focus on one enemy at a time and make sure to always have one teammate stay back to be your spawn dummy. Another would be to know that a wraith's weak point is its core in the back. When it boosts, you will see it light up blue. Shoot that. It will make taking out wraiths a breeze! Also, when you're at a distance, focus on taking out wraith turret gunners. They will eat you up if you get close.

    All in all, this achievement ain't that difficult if you approach it the way I said. With four people, we were able to run through the mission in 50mins with ease.

    Good luck!
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    SchiZoPHreNiikzYou can hop on the back of the two anti-air wraiths to destroy them and still unlock the achievement, but you can't do it for normal wraiths. You can EMP a wraith, run around behind it, and shoot in the core a few times to take it out quickly.
    Posted by SchiZoPHreNiikz on 16 Feb 15 at 07:17
    Mat The Maniac2I so wish when you said you can hop onto the back of wraiths you conformed that was ONLY the anti-air ones :'(
    Posted by Mat The Maniac2 on 15 Jan 17 at 11:13
    SchiZoPHreNiikzI'm sorry man :(
    Posted by SchiZoPHreNiikz on 15 Jan 17 at 16:29
  • GR34TD3STR0Y3RGR34TD3STR0Y3R465,300
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    You can solo this with the Acrophobia skull on. It took me 1 hour 20 minutes, you can probably do it faster learning from some of my mistakes.

    Some things to note, there are a few areas you can NOT just fly past. The first sniping part, no problem. Just zoom past all of it.

    I stopped off at the crashed ship to pick up the rocket launcher (keep the sniper rifle). Zoom past everything here and head straight for the area where the UNSC ship lands. Take out the first closet tank and maybe some ghosts with your rockets. Snipe everything else you can. Scavenge what you need to take out the brutes grunts in the rock formation. There are full fuel rods there. Use those to take out the AA tanks. Also if you want to use some sniper rounds, you can take out one of the AA tanks by shooting the reactor in the back. After you clear this area the ship will land.

    Now you need to be careful about "checkpoints" and "loading." I tried just zooming away to the door you need to go to, that will not work. You need to wait for all the tanks stuff unload. It seems like you need to wait for the dialogue to go far enough for the enemies to start coming out the cave.

    Here I tried killing them all, I just kept dying. Killing some. I kept dying. I just tried zooming past all of them (once they start pouring out), past the phantom that is plopping the tower down, and stopped right the next two ghosts spawn. I zoomed back forth here a little and got a checkpoint. I think the key here is that the Oracle was able to catch up. You need to stay around him for the most part. Or don't go too far ahead he can't catch up. Then I stayed with the tanks for a bit and they took out 6 ghosts and a wraith without me doing anything. They took down the next covenant checkpoint, the one with the tower. Nothing buts grunts and jackals there. There should be a couple of fuel rods laying around after everything is dead. Maybe take time to restock if you are running low. You should have a checkpoint or two by now. 1-3 tanks should close to the large open area. And Oracle should be close by. NOW zoom straight to the door. Time this so that you beat the wraith tank that the phantom drops down. As soon as it lands just unload into, juking bath and forth to miss the wraith turret fire. Stay far enough back, close to the door so the wraith to the far right doesn't hit you also. It will take about a clip and half of the fuel rod to kill the wraith. Just keep firing. A ton of covenant are going to drop. Don't stop firing. Just go ahead and fire 3 clips nonstop. Rain down fire and try not to die. Take out the few that survived and ran to your right down the walkway. Now fly back towards the tanks. A "loading" should appear and some new dialogue with the Oracle telling you to meet you at the door. You made it. Next is the Scarab fight.

    You need to go checkpoint by checkpoint here as well to get the right triggers to load. As soon as I got to the next combat section, a wide-open area with the Scarab fight, I didn't bother going towards the warthog like you normally do, just go straight, once you passed the area where the tanks come out, they spawn immediately. This worked out well, they killed a tank and a few choppers right away. Do you best to kinda help them out. Pick up a BR from a fallen soldier and take out the grunts polioting the ghosts or just rain some green fire down on some tanks or whatever with you fuel rod. You have to get through "two lines of tanks". They will say "that is line one" and "that is line two". After the second line of tanks, there is a drop-off, on the right side, just to the right of the middle is an outcrop of 3 or 4 rocks. 3 brutes are there with fuel rods. You can kill them quickly and restock. I got a checkpoint as soon as I dropped down and picked up the ammo. By now the Scarab was back, this took about 15, getting killed about 15 different ways. But it really wasn't hard. Just unlucky. Just do you best to fly straight to the middle section of the Scarab, go to the back and 2 shots of fuel rod to the core and it is finished. I didn't even have to kill any of the baddies riding the Scarab if I did quick and right. Maybe you will get lucky, but I never got another checkpoint after this. And would get killed by a grunt with a fuel rod, or a Brute with a fuel rod a mile away. Just land somewhere, be careful not die. You can zoom straight to the next door after this, up the ramp. Now just complete the level like you normally would.
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