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Who Needs Them?

Halo 3: On The Ark, complete the level without entering a vehicle on Legendary.

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  • Shadow 00 FoxShadow 00 Fox548,296
    19 Dec 2014 19 Dec 2014 20 Oct 2015
    56 6 142
    ***UPDATE!! The latest MCC update around October 12th 2015 has fixed this formerly glitched achievement! You just need to redo the requirements!

    Very easy method! The account going for the achievement will get it even if other players or guests use vehicles/turrets! So, if you have two controllers, you can plug in a guest account, and have your guest account use any and all vehicles! Just make sure you never get in or out of anything with your main account. Note: apparently you can pick up turrets and still get the achievement! (Thanks to TheHunter II7)

    You can also combine this if you want with "Ranger", par score for this mission, I collected almost all the points with my guest account(competitive scoring), and the achievement popped for my main account along with "Who Needs Them?".

    For this on Legendary, do it your preferred method, or if you don't have a method...
    You can try to speed run, or take it slow, I took it slow and killed everything for points.. make sure with Hunters, you circle very carefully if you're going for the in-close kills, and for other parts, save power weapons and give them to your marines! (I had a Brute Prowler with a Fuel Rod Marine on one side, a Rocket Launcher Marine on the other side, and a 3rd in the gunner. Just make sure to drive circles so both side gunners can blow stuff up! Ghosts are your nemesis at all times, they are primary targets. When you get the tank, kill everything from a long distance. And for fighting the Scarab, use a Gauss Warthog otherwise the Scarab will take you out.

    Hope this helps! smile
  • M47 H410M47 H410224,768
    07 Jan 2015 07 Jan 2015
    11 1 3
    There are people above saying that you can board wraiths to destroy them. I finished the level where I had been boarding wraiths and did not get the achievement. I went back and did it again, this time without boarding the wraiths and I got it. So be warned it may have just been a glitch for me but I would play it safe and not board them.
  • SchiZoPHreNiikzSchiZoPHreNiikz400,391
    20 Nov 2014 20 Nov 2014
    13 3 7
    Complete the mission The Ark on LEGENDARY without DRIVING any vehicles. This means that you can NOT drive them at all, which means no HIJACKING enemy vehicles!
    You CAN hop on to the back of wraiths to punch them to death! I can confirm this because I destroyed BOTH the anti-air wraiths with melee.

    I would recommend getting a group of four together and just taking the mission slowly destroying everything in your path with the guns you pick up.
    The noob combo is an excellent way to deal with ALL vehicles and ALL tough enemies. Charge up your plasma pistol and launch an EMP shot at an enemy to deplete his shield or at a vehicle to disable its movement.

    Some tips I can offer would be that you should focus on one enemy at a time and make sure to always have one teammate stay back to be your spawn dummy. Another would be to know that a wraith's weak point is its core in the back. When it boosts, you will see it light up blue. Shoot that. It will make taking out wraiths a breeze! Also, when you're at a distance, focus on taking out wraith turret gunners. They will eat you up if you get close.

    All in all, this achievement ain't that difficult if you approach it the way I said. With four people, we were able to run through the mission in 50mins with ease.

    Good luck!
  • Buford85Buford85255,403
    14 Dec 2014 14 Dec 2014 15 Dec 2014
    9 4 0
    On my first run through I accidentally got into a vehicle and then loaded the last checkpoint & the achievement did not unlock. However I can definitely confirm that if you plug in a second controller and have that controller jump into a vehicle the achievement will still unlock.
    Posted by Buford85 today at 19:29
  • kegonomicskegonomics492,360
    13 Nov 2014 13 Nov 2014 09 Feb 2015
    8 4 10
    I do not have a good strategy besides using plasma pistols to EMP the vehicles (they CAN still shoot you while EMP'd) and taking the level very slow on coop with one player slowly taking care of the wraiths.

    You can revert to the last save if you accidentally get into a vehicle and it will still unlock.

    EDIT: Reverting to the last save may have been patched out since I posted this solution.
  • PiCkLE SQU1DPiCkLE SQU1D849,213
    25 Oct 2017 29 Oct 2017
    4 2 0
    Here is a video guide by Halo Completionist who has done a guide for pretty much every achievement in the game.

    Here he is doing the mission The Ark in Halo 3 without getting in a vehicle on Legendary difficulty. If you're having any trouble, just watch what he does in his video.

  • NoMoreNiceGuyNoMoreNiceGuy244,162
    05 Jan 2019 01 Mar 2019 02 Mar 2019
    2 1 0
    I got this by accident, i saved and quitted on the very last section (after you destroy the scarab) and turned off the xbox. When i booted up the game (from start) the next day it unlocked, even though i used vehicles before i quitted!
  • CHEMistry IncCHEMistry Inc131,704
    06 Jul 2019 06 Jul 2019
    1 0 0
    I can confirm that it IS possible to get this achievement even if you ride a vehicle. Similar to the achievement guides for similar achievements from Halo 2 in the MCC, you simply need to save and exit at a checkpoint near the end of the level (after you are done using vehicles), then exit and restart the game. Upon resuming from your checkpoint, and completing the level, you should be awarded your achievement.
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