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Halo 3: Find a lonely missing link.

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How to unlock the Haplorrhini achievement

  • Maka91Maka911,532,423
    31 Oct 2014 14 Nov 2014 15 Nov 2014
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    Mission: Sierra 117

    In this mission you can find three "missing links" for three separate achievements.

    1: You'll come to an area with two small shelters near the water where your allies ship is attacked by covenant ships. Take out the enemies and stand next to the river. Aim across the river with a scoped weapon and look into the middle tree, on on of the lower branches to spot this missing link.
    2: After clearing out a section of enemies, you will proceed to a dense jungle where jackals with carbines will be on the sides of the area. Kill the jackals and proceed down this area, holding on to the left hand side of the walls that will it. At the end, before the turn, you should see a rock that you can jump on. Jump one step higher onto a ledge, and then crouch walk past the rocky path to spot this family of cavemen in the corner. Zoom and shoot them to unlock the achievement.
    3: Near the end of the level after you'll approach a large base that is connected via a bridge. Take a scoped weapon, go to the middle of the bridge, and look off to the right hand side. There are two cliffs that meet each other just off the side, and you should be able to see a lonely caveman on the left cliff next to spot the cliffs meet. Zoom in on him for a few seconds for this achievement to unlock.

    Following the above method will also unlock:
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    jimmyclutchmanthis dont unlock
    Posted by jimmyclutchman on 30 Apr 20 at 01:28
    SlewThemdid anyone find a fix for this .. thanks
    Posted by SlewThem on 01 Jun 21 at 19:30
    APandolfoI unlocked it today.
    Posted by APandolfo on 04 Dec 21 at 01:56
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  • NE0182NE0182243,084
    19 Nov 2014 27 Nov 2014
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    Mission: Sierra 117

    The first one is in the small open area that's built on river. Go to the water and look across. In one of the trees is a caveman. It is almost impossible to make it out, but if you zoom in, the achievement should pop after a few seconds.

    All 3 Achievements here were delayed for me and didn't unlock right away. If this happens to you and you're not sure if you got it, shoot it a couple of times, zoom in and out and you should get it at a later time.

    PRIMATE 0:39
    The next area will have a lot of snipers sitting in the trees. Stay left and jump onto the stone which has a sniper on it. Take the narrow path and look left for the next achievement.

    You will come to a big open area with lots of enemies near the end of the mission. Walk to the middle of bridge and look to the rocks on the right. This Caveman is hardly visible again and is sitting in front of a bush.
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,668,370
    15 Nov 2014 26 Jan 2015
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    Haplorrhini Egg - The lone monkey: Another monkey can be found in Sierra 117, this time near the end where you rescue the Marines. When you enter the area, look for a tall building to the right with glass windows on the upper floor. Climb into the upper floor of this building and look to the cliff ledge on the far side of the map, on the far right-hand end of it. Zoom in with your binoculars to see a single monkey man sitting on the ledge and unlock this achievement. The video below shows Missing Link, Primate, and this achievement.
  • AStarfoxAStarfox769,007
    12 Nov 2014 12 Nov 2014 12 Nov 2014
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    For this achievement you will need to load up the first mission of Halo 3 - Sierra 117.
    The lonely missing link is a monkey which can be found in a 'out of bounds' area and isn't accessible without a second player (As far as i'm aware). It's located at the very end part of the mission and found on top of the back structure amongst some bushes.


    1- Go to the end of the level were you find the skull
    2- go into the corner and let your partner jump on you, then you look up and start jumping. your partner should float up.
    3- When your partner is on the top, there is an invisible barrier that doesn't let you jump higher, he has to go next to the rock and jump continuously
    4-Kill yourself so that you spawn on top of him
    5- now jump over to the right and the loading zone will stop but make sure your partner kills himself while your in the loading zone or else he won't be able to move up there
    5- Walk across the ridge and jump on to the rocks, sooner or later you'll find a lone monkey in the bushes

    Please Note: This achievement didn't unlock next to the monkey. It unlocked when walking across the ridge in step 5 whilst zoomed in looking at the monkey from a distance.

    I do not take credit for the below video or the video step guide.
  • MajorOfSwedenMajorOfSweden200,515
    19 Jan 2015 12 Feb 2015
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    Here is a video showing all the Cavemen Achievements in order. It's done on the Sierra 117 mission in Halo 3. Time codes for specific achievements in description.

  • UntilTammaroYTUntilTammaroYT343,671
    23 Dec 2014 28 Jan 2015
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    Here is an achievement guide for "Haplorrhini" "Primate" and "Missing Link" with English Commentary!

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