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Halo 3: Listen to the tale of a young Grunt named Flipyap.

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How to unlock the Flipyap achievement

  • Rat1NaCAG3Rat1NaCAG3579,162
    03 Jan 2015 07 Jan 2015 17 Feb 2015
    172 58 101
    Alternative location for Flipyap achievement: Load up Sierra 117 check point Charlie on Normal difficulty with only the IWHBYD skull on single player.

    Make your way through the level (less than 2 Minutes) to the cut scene ‘Quid Pro Quo’ once cut scene has finished just follow as I do in the video and lob a grenade at the Jackel on top of the building below jump down into the building and only kill the first and second gold grunts I’m pretty sure the second one is Flipyap once he is dead another grunt will go on to say how you killed his brother and the achievement should pop if not just restart last check point and make sure you follow the video, don’t worry if the Jackel is not in the same place as in video the purpose of the grenade is to get the grunts to run toward the door of the building.

    This is my first guide so please let me know if I can improve on it in any way.

    EDIT: OK so I just tried this on a second account and it took about 10 reloads before I got it. I was trying different methods to that of what I originally did in the video with success. It appears that once you have killed Fliyap that his brother needs to see his dead body with you near it so I would suggest just going in the room down from the cliff top killing the two Grunts within said room then trying to entice the other Grunts in by hiding in the far right corner when looking down into the room from the cliff top then popping them off slowly one at a time once you're sure they have seen the two..three..four etc dead grunts in the room as it is possible that one of the grunts entering the room is in fact Flipyap and his brother sees you put a cap in his head. Anyway I hope this additional info will help those who are still having trouble with this achievement I have upload the video for this run (second video) Please let me know if this is a better solution than that which I already posted and I will edit accordingly.

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    Catatonic Nali^^ Same here! Hours of trying this on and off over the years and finally this method on Crow's Nest worked within about 15 minutes.
    Posted by Catatonic Nali on 29 Dec 21 at 18:27
    Dr Jared FThank you so much ThunderHorse770! Got the achievement first try after trying repeatedly on Sierra 117. Crows Nest at Rally Point Charlie is a great way to get this oddly elusive achievement. An important thing to note is that the Flipyap achievement can only be done in a single-player lobby.
    Posted by Dr Jared F on 20 Mar at 22:09
    indemSystemLoaded checkpoint Charlie solo on Normal with the IWHBYD Skull, per the instructions above. I unlocked the achievement while fighting through the brutes and grunts before even getting to the cut scene.
    Posted by indemSystem on 16 Jul at 17:02
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  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,668,004
    15 Nov 2014 11 Nov 2014 20 Sep 2021
    62 26 89
    Just turn on IWHBYD skull while playing through the game and this will unlock sooner or later on any difficulty. You may not even hear the grunt talking when it unlocks. The video below is just so you can hear the flipyap dialogue. Ignore the commentary. I thought it had to be done on legendary.

    Edit: Some folks are getting the dialogue and achievement WITHOUT IWHBYD turned on, while others have been struggling both with and without it on, so it appears this may be just very luck-based and not really able to be triggered intentionally. Personally I've always had an easy time getting it to trigger and I always have IWHBYD on, but reports differ on reliability.

    Edit: Many people have reported success with Checkpoint Charlie on Sierra 117. Killing a single grunt at a time and pausing a few seconds after each kill, reloading checkpoint if no luck before the last couple to avoid progressing mission. See TPB Maestro's comments below.

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    GRAND NOBLEI just got it! On Normal. Sierra 117, Charlie checkpoint. IWHBYD skull on.

    After the cutscene. Took about 6-8 reloads. I would kill 1 grunt and wait a few seconds, then kill another. I made sure not to kill any grunts if no other grunts were around (make sure they could see it). Trying to 'bait' them to follow me to see dead grunts just didn't work.

    The time it finally happened, I had only killed 2 grunts.
    Posted by GRAND NOBLE on 05 Jul 20 at 11:10
    Posted by LifeExpectancy on 06 Jul 20 at 04:58
    This needs to be the top solution. Thank you.
    Posted on 19 Sep 21 at 23:30
  • el tuaya argel tuaya arg290,693
    28 Nov 2016 29 Nov 2016 31 May 2017
    35 2 15
    Other standing guides seem to work as many people upvoted them, however I tried everything exactly as described on those for about 5-6 looong hours with 0 luck.

    Then I started reading some comments on youtube videos of people unlocking this and sharing their experience.. and the single tip that worked for me was to do it on LEGENDARY difficulty.

    I tried Sierra 117 at checkpoint Alpha, at checkpoint Charlie for 5-6 hours on normal with IWHBYD skull on and could not get it done.

    Then I again loaded up Sierra 117 this time on legendary, at Alpha, and I was lucky enough to get it in roughly 10-15 minutes!

    On Legendary your chances to get the dialoge increase because you get to face 7 grunts in the first fight (4 behind fallen log and 3 coming from the back and to the left), opposite to normal difficulty, in which you get only 4 grunts (behind fallen log in the river). This way your odds increase by 75% for killing 3 more grunts per reload.

    And it was actually one of these extra grunts from the back that got me the achievement.

    Sharing my experience and the video where it has popped for me. You will not see the achievement popping on screen due to Xbox DVR recording limitations.

    3:24 into the video is where it happened.

    Summing up:
    Mission: Sierra 117
    Checkpoint: Alpha (first fight)
    Difficulty: Legendary
    Skulls turned on: IWHBYD.

    Hope this helps. This is not a "new solution" in any way, just that the time it took me on legendary is absolutely ridiculously small compared to the time spent doing it on normal.
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    Rock Is SpongeOne thing to note since I have seen some people confused about this. Another grunt name you can hear is Yap Yap which is a single voiced line ("You killed Yap Yap!"). This isn't the Flip Yap line.
    Posted by Rock Is Sponge on 02 Nov 21 at 19:19
    Foerlthank you for this, 1 checkpoint reload and i got it. insane... ^^
    Posted by Foerl on 28 Jan at 10:22
    WanderingNepNepSo I heard the line and the whole spiel as is in the video, but I didn't unlock the achievement...
    Posted by WanderingNepNep on 26 Mar at 03:02
  • Streetwalker JBStreetwalker JB658,628
    08 Oct 2017 08 Oct 2017
    31 7 6
    Real quick and real easy. I got this achievement in about 2 mins. Sierra 117, checkpoint charlie on normal with the IWHBYD skull. Get to the Quid Pro Quo cut scene. Kill nothing. Jump in the broken building below once the cut scene is finished and melee kill the yellow grunt in the LEFT corner. This is Flipyap. You have to make sure the other yellow grunt sees you do it. Once you kill him the other grunt will say "you killed Flipyap". Achievement unlocked. If it doesn't work just reload and try again. It took me 3 tries and about 2 minutes.
  • GreatPeepoGreatPeepo28,263
    26 Sep 2020 26 Sep 2020 26 Sep 2020
    22 0 9
    This is a method I came up with. The map is crow's nest on charlie point. Difficulty is set to easy. Skulls I use are mythic, thunderstorm, tilt, acrophobia and IWHBYD.

    Difficulty is on easy because they don't throw nades.
    The reason I use the mythic, thunderstorm and tilt skulls is because they shoot each other while I'm trying to set up the checkpoint. I use the acrophobia skull for a faster setup. (acrophobia skull is not required)

  • MASTER KlEF 420MASTER KlEF 420142,039
    04 Jan 2017 04 Jan 2017 04 Jan 2017
    17 1 1
    I might have found a solution. I partly followed Rat1NaCAG3's instructions, and a bit of improv seems to be triggering the achievement, I tried it on 2 accounts:

    ->Load up Sierra 117 at checkpoint Charlie on Normal
    ->Only turn on the IWHBYD skull
    ->Proceed to the Quid-Pro-Quo cutscene
    ->Once it ends/skips, kill the jackal and every ORANGE grunt on this side of the bridge, leave the RED grunts alive
    ->If Arbiter kills one of the RED grunts, reload the checkpoint, but him killing the orange ones seems to be ok. It could be that I killed whichever one was Flipyap before he did both times, so just try and kill them all before he gets any

    This should trigger the achievement, and I didn't even hear any of the dialogue.
    Hope it helps.
  • MasterCranderMasterCrander142,069
    27 Dec 2016 27 Dec 2016
    20 4 1
    After looking through all of the solutions and all the comments without luck, I finally got this. Shout-out to TPB Maestro for providing the core for this method. I tried to pay attention to some more details of my experience in case they were relevant.

    Career>Achievements>Halo 3>Flipyap
    --Keep provided settings
    --2 controllers

    Play through normally following kill strategy provided at the end. I killed every marine I encountered so that they wouldn't interfere. Some have said it pops for them before the cutscene but the next area is best for grinding.

    ⋅Kept the Arbiter at the cutscene ridge.
    ⋅Killed all enemies before bridge. (Including grunts)
    ⋅Killed all non-grunt enemies at bridge and post-bridge from before the bridge begins and in upper room at the beginning of the bridge. This seemed important because the grunts kept retreating further and I didn't get checkpoint until I had many stacked up.
    ⋅I gained checkpoint mid-bridge with only (or mostly) grunts left Johnson-side.
    ⋅I stayed to the back corner just after the bridge ends and took then out one at a time until the cheevo popped.

    If the end of the bridge is North, I strafed N-S while looking West and staying as far East as possible so as to not trigger a checkpoint. I didn't need to restart checkpoint but JIC.

    Notes on killing grunts [all encounters]:

    ⋅I killed them 1 at a time, always front-most grunt first
    ⋅Killed them front of the group to the back
    ⋅Headshot whenever possible
    ⋅Spread kills about 2-3 seconds minimum apart when able to allow for dialogue
    ⋅Last dialogue I heard was "You killed YapYap!"

    I was able to get this first try after getting to the bridge checkpoint. I had heard some of the other potentially FlipYap related dialogue in other attempts so I may have been further progressed than most.

    Hopefully this works for ya'll. Good luck.
  • l Forty Two ll Forty Two l45,557
    18 Jul 2020 16 Jul 2020 18 Jul 2020
    12 0 1
    Now that Halo3 is on PC, I have extracted the sound files for the grunts to see what I can do about the randomness. I have disassembled halo3.dll and found a function that is called for every sound file that is played in the engine. There is code that explicitly checks to see if the sound file is grunt4 lmnt_deadally9, then it calls some other functions which I assume will pop the achievement. As it turns out, the dialog for Flipyap is only associated with "Grunt4" of 4 grunts. "sound/dialog/combat/grunt4/07_exclaim/lmnt_deadally/lmnt_deadally9" There are 9 sound files in this class of lamenting exclamations, 7 is yapyap and 8 is poonflip but those did not get me the achievement. Grunts may randomly be assigned to one of the four dialog "personalities", which you can identify by the pitch of their voice (pitch is a static property of the dialog object). It is unknown if reverting a checkpoint rerolls the dialog assignment, so I wonder if you might have more luck starting anew from charlie checkpoint with the IWHBYD skull on Sierra 117 (the sound files are included on all maps with grunts). In this case, I was testing an AHK colour triggerbot and accidentally got the achievement on easy difficulty nonetheless. I think the Arbiter (AI) killed a grunt from the right side of the screen and that triggered the dialog of a nearby grunt.
  • Furr E NutsFurr E Nuts68,272
    03 Sep 2018 05 Sep 2018
    12 0 1
    On 9/3/2018: Wanted to say that we got this FINALLY, Sierra 117, Rally Point Charlie, the last mission, Legendary, CoOp, 4 of us. IWHBYD skull enabled. The mission started and we hopped over a ledge and came thru a small valley, There is a bridge. I believe either someone or I saw two grunts cross over the bridge, during this, as we started shooting enemies one at a time, BOOM, the achievement popped. We didn't even hear a grunt talk about Flipyap. It just popped. We may have not been close enough to hear them speak, however the bullets were, and they hit the right targets. I wish we could have heard or seen which exact one it was. So just putting this out there, you can get this achievement at the beginning of RP Charlie of Sierra 117. We tried at the cut scene and hopped down in to the broken shack where two grunts where however we could not get that to work, that was on Heroic. So we started over on Legendary and BOOM, there it was.
  • Slim HaleySlim Haley202,767
    06 Jul 2018 24 Apr 2018
    15 4 2
    Here has been my experience with this achievement.
    1st time I locking this achievement - I randomly unlocked this without even trying to go for it.

    2nd time - I unlocked it after many troublesome attempts to trigger the Flipyap dialogue. I soon was frustrated and decided to just play the mission (Sierra 117) normally.

    I figured out a solution that I told my friend which worked for him the first time through.

    My Solution 2018:
    Load up Sierra 117 on Normal with IWHBYD. Play through the mission normally as you would if you’ve never played the mission before. Do not do any de-loads or speedrunning trickster. Play it like a noob would play it, take the routes the developers intended the average joe would take. Take your time killing every enemy in each section.

    Progressing normally I managed to unlock the achievement the 2nd time through after hours and hours of failed attempts trying everyone’s solutions. I suggested this solution to my friend recently and he managed to unlock the achievement the first time through. I hope this can help someone who has tried every solution that there is. Good luck.
  • MissTaken IDMissTaken ID130,234
    05 Apr 2018 05 Apr 2018
    12 1 2
    Sierra 117, Charlie checkpoint, Legendary, Co-op (extra controller signed in) IWHBYD skull only, it popped after killing the very first grunt I came across, one in a group of 3 with a Brute right below the cliff. After trying to get it multiple times at the broken building on other difficulties, kind of ironic that turning it on Legendary popped it for the first grunt I killed, hopefully this means they made it easier to get?
  • Ericmax69Ericmax69364,964
    25 Jun 2019 26 Jun 2019
    10 0 1
    I finally got this one after lots of time trying - and it popped on Easy.

    I was doing speedruns, and had turned my Xbox off to prepare dinner. While it was cooking, I fired up the Xbox again, and decided to give the Flipyap achievement another go at Sierra 117, Quid Pro Quo. Sure enough, on the second reload, it popped. Checking my settings, I'd left it on Easy from the speedrum.

    So I'm thinking, it is random, the difficulty setting only increases the number of Grunts available, but re-booting may have increased the likelihood of it popping.
  • Tarot BTarot B160,104
    04 Aug 2020 04 Aug 2020 04 Aug 2020
    10 1 0
    If anyone is struggling with Sierra 117, I got this on Easy difficulty Crows Nest, after disarming the bomb.

    If you go through the cave (ignore the panicking grunts), you'll go down some stairs, get a checkpoint and then go out into a big corridor with some grunts and drones moving from the right.

    The advantage here is that there are no allies to get in the way, no other enemies to distract you (the drones only attack if you hit them), and plenty of grunts to work through.

    As others have said, just remember to take it one Grunt at a time, and when you hear them speak the line, stick close to the grunts so you're sure the game registers it.

    The whole line is "You killed Flipyap! Or Yapflip, was he... It was Yapflip... No, Flipyap is his brother. Don't tell me I don't know Flipyap! Flipyap and I went to Nipple Academy together! And.... and he's dead..."

  • Serge GoujonSerge Goujon558,125
    12 May 2020 13 May 2020 07 Oct 2020
    10 2 1
    To all potential negative voters: please, consider that RNG is something out of my control!

    May 12, Year 2020.
    Sierra 117 (Rally point Alpha) on Easy, IWHBYD Skull On, other skulls are off.

    Just play normally through the level, but kill grunts selectively (orange ones first) and one at a time (preferably pistol only) with some evasive/idle actions after each kill, allowing some time for other grunts to notice you killed Flipyap and say the coveted phrase.

    It's easier to try and hear the word "academy" in grunt's speech, rather than "Flipyap", since former is part of the sentence that leads to the achievement and latter can be heard in other, non-achievement related, stories. Plus I totally ignored other enemies until all grunts are dead (remember, we're on easy).

    Mine was unlocked shortly after the Covenant destroyed Pelican, on top of the platform with lots of Brutes and grunts which leads to "sniper valley". Just be patient, because the whole Flipyap story is 10-15 seconds long.

    Hope this will help. I was struggling with this one for several hours and countless retries on all difficulties, but in the end unlocked it on Easy on second run through the level (I suppose bad RNG first time) with above mentioned method.

    What are you waiting for? Go get it! :)

    As a side note: I believe this achievement is solely based on RNG (whether Flipyap is spawned in the area or not). That explains why there's so many different solutions. :) Mine is not panacea at all, I just described my experience of unlocking the corresponding achievement. And it helped to some people. Cheers!
  • UNSC MEXICOUNSC MEXICO122,726 122,726 GamerScore
    15 Jul 2021 16 Jul 2021 16 Jul 2021
    6 0 0
    Se trata de un diálogo que se inicia de manera aleatoria al eliminar a un Grut con el cráneo IWHBYD.

    "¡Tú mat*ste a Flipyap! O Yapflip, si fue él... no. ¡Fue Flipyap!... No, Flipyap fue su hermano. ¡No me digas que no conozco a Flipyap! Flipyap y yo fuimos a la Academia Nipple juntos, y... ¡Y ahora está muerto!".

    Misión: SIERRA 117
    Dificultad: NORMAL (Solo)
    Punto de Reunión: CHARLIE
    Cráneo: IWHBYD

    Avanza hasta la cinemática llamada "Quid Pro Quo". En este punto de control tendrás unos 8 Grunts en la parte de abajo, cada uno de ellos al ser eliminados tienen la posibilidad de activar el Easter Egg. Puedes simplemente quedarte en la parte de arriba y eliminar uno a uno los Grunts. Dejando al menos unos 3 o 5 segundos entre cada baja. El problema es que tal vez desde arriba no escuches con claridad los diálogos, así que recomiendo bajar y caminar entre los enemigos mientras los eliminas. Siempre dejando un poco de tiempo entre cada baja. Recuerda que el compañero más cercano del Grunt que eliminaste es quien puede activar el diálogo secreto. Puedes cargar ese punto de control cuantas veces quieras, no te tomará más de diez intentos y con un poco de suerte te saltará el logro.
  • DELT4 UKDELT4 UK164,218
    12 May 2017 12 May 2017
    10 6 2
    I can confirm I got this on heroic single player campaign - sierra 117 by literally just punching grunts in the broken down building. It didn't seem to have any particular trigger that I could identify.
  • Actl MarinesActl Marines186,363
    15 Mar 2016 18 Sep 2020 18 Sep 2020
    4 3 0
    I got my achievement after 2 hrs of reloading on the final area.
    Sierra 117
    Charlie Rallypoint

    I did this by killing random grunt and restarting durring 2 hrs.

    The most important thing is patience. You will get the achievement with patience.
  • slickochetslickochet230,855
    03 Apr 2022 04 Apr 2022 04 Apr 2022
    1 1 0
    This is indeed random as all hell. After trying for ages on PC on Sierra 117, Covenant and Crows Nest, I eventually unlocked it while playing on XBox One after about 20-30 attempts in the Sierra 117 "Quid Pro Quo" section after checkpoint Charlie. No real rhyme or reason to how. I just shot a Grunt, waited a few seconds to see if any other Grunts reacted, shot another, waited, repeat, reload checkpoint after most Grunts are dead.

    The one who seemed to be Flipyap for me was a red one walking around outside the house who was about to throw a grenade. Then a nearby orange grunt said the line and it popped a few seconds after he finished speaking.

    Just keep trying!

    Sorry, this Game Clip has been removed
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