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Heading to his Destiny

Halo 3: Destined for greatness.

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  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,279,589
    21 Nov 2014 12 Nov 2014
    93 7 9
    In the level "Halo" in Halo 3, right near the beginning as you come down the hill and see the large structures across the ravine, but before you drop down. There's a tunnel off to the right that leads to one of the terminals at the end to the left. Opposite this terminal, there is a large gap with a span on the other side that you cannot jump to, not even with a grenade jump.

    Have a co-op partner stand at the ledge and stand on top of his head. Then have your partner jump into the gap toward the span. At the peak of his jump midway across, jump off of his head and you can reach the span.

    From here, there is an alcove to the left with a half-naked guy floating in his boxers. This is one of the Bungie devs, and I think it's one that is still with them on the Destiny project based on the achievement name. You need to do a 'late jump' to reach the alcove because a normal jump will cause you to bump into the overhang and fall to your death. Make sure your partner has respawned on the span with you before attempting the jump in case you fail.

    Once you make it across head over to him and look at him for a few seconds up close to unlock the achievement.

  • Vengeful VoidVengeful Void334,506
    27 Dec 2014 28 Dec 2014 09 Mar 2019
    76 12 14
    SOLO Guide

    No 2nd player needed. No skulls cause none in Halo 3 can make jumps higher/easier...

    Obviously Halo 3.
    Mission: Halo.
    Location: Before the last Terminal.
  • Maka91Maka911,021,192
    14 Nov 2014 14 Nov 2014
    38 4 1

    Mission: Halo

    * Co-op Partner Required *

    At the very beginning of the mission, continue forward for about 1 minute until you notice a structure in front of you. Before going under this structure, head right where you will notice a small door in the cliffside. Once inside the door, you'll have to do a co-op jump across the gap to the right hand side.

    One person should stand near the edge, as the other stands on top of them. Have the bottom person do a running jump into the gap, and then the top person will have to jump off their head at the peak of their jump to land on the pillar. Wait until both players are spawned and then take turns trying to jump from this pillar to the left hand side. Once you make it into this new area, go into the corner and use your flashlight to find a half-naked dancing man who is Jason Jones co-founder of Bungie. Look at it to get the achievement to unlock.
  • xTCxxTCx1,318,245
    18 May 2015 18 May 2015 18 Jul 2018
    28 6 6
    If you're like me and you tried Vengeful Void's SOLO guide countless times without success, then use this method, it took me only 3 tries with this method :)

  • MasterCranderMasterCrander99,114
    25 Dec 2016 25 Dec 2016
    7 0 1
    Props to D3ST1NY and xTCx; both good guides. Unfortunately for me, I couldn't get it very easily as timing the jumps is a nightmare.

    Even if you're doing it alone, get a second controller. Walk them both to the terminal and leave the arbiter a safe distance from the jump. He will act as a checkpoint to spawn back to. This took me about 15 reloads to realize.

    Once you are both there, try xTCx's rocket jump. I couldn't do it but you may nail it. If you don't, you'll spawn back without the rockets but 2 grenades of each type. From there you can try the double plasma technique from D3ST1NY; which worked for me.

    Once you're are on the ledge, kill the arbiter and stand him on the ledge behind you; again he is a checkpoint because you'll probably fail this jump. Keep trying until you get to the ledge. If you're using a second account that needs the achievement, just kill the arbiter a second time and he will spawn on you as before.

    Grenade Jump Tips--
    -Jump Earlier than you may think
    -Use the Cowbell Skull
    -Run sideways, jump sideways, spin towards landing pad
    -If you fail, change one variable at a time so you can track what is going right and going wrong; ie height, distance, velocity etc.

    Shout out to Maka for the inspiration to use another account. If all else fails you may be able to use his method with a second controller. It would take some clever hands though.
  • PiCkLE SQU1DPiCkLE SQU1D850,787
    25 Oct 2017 29 Oct 2017
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    Here is a video guide by Halo Completionist who has done a guide for pretty much every achievement in the game.

    Here he is doing the mission Halo in Halo 3. If you're having any trouble, just watch what he does in his video.

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