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Explore the Floor

Halo 4: Trick or force a Hunter to fall to its demise on Shutdown on Heroic or Legendary.

Explore the Floor+1.5
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  • GenSecCyanGenSecCyan217,510
    20 Nov 2014 17 Nov 2014 21 Nov 2014
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    EDIT: PLAY ON HEROIC. The achievement doesn't say so, but I (as well as my commentors) got it first try on Heroic. It also may unlock at a few minutes delay. It didn't pop for me until about 3-4 minutes after doing it.

    Load up Rally Point Delta on Shutdown and make your way through the area. With some jet-pack skills, you should be able to skip most of the enemies there.

    Method #1:
    Once you're on the platform with the Hunters, learn their movements; when they fire, when they charge at you, etc.
    Get it to where they are about to charge you while you are standing on the edge of the platform. Jump backwards and jet-pack up. Timing it right will make the Hunter fall to its death.

    Method #2:
    Just before the platform where the Hunters will come down from a beam, there is an Elite with a Fuel-Rod Gun. Kill him and pick it up.
    Once the Hunters come down, try to get one of them on an edge and blast it with the FRG until it falls off the platform.
    The FRG doesn't really blast them that hard, so this method is probably not going to be as effective.

    Unfortunately, no checkpoint happened (at least, not for me) during the initial run to the platform the Hunters are on. Unless it's different for you, you'll have to fight/dodge all of the enemies again if you fail.
  • Maka91Maka911,049,251
    07 Dec 2014 09 Jan 2015
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    Hunter are large armored enemies. There are two ways to do this achievement. The easier way involves having a jetpack when you get to the section with the two Hunters in mission 6. I recommend killing one of the hunters as fast as you can. Now you'll have to get the hunter to fall off the ledge. As seen in the video, what I did was stand at the edge, and then have him charge at you. As he begins charging, use your jetpack to get to safety, and watch as the hunter keeps going over the edge. Another method involves trying to make the hunter back up off the corner by looking at him and moving back and forth to try and have him step off the edge, although I found that method difficult.

    * Heroic or higher required
  • EliteAssassin13EliteAssassin13381,547
    29 Nov 2014 29 Nov 2014 29 Nov 2014
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    Mission: SHUTDOWN
    Rally Point: DELTA
    Difficulty: HEROIC orLEGENDARY

    The method i found most useful was to grab the Forerunner Pulse Grenades (orange spiked) when you reach the first platform. SAVE THEM. It's wise to clear some Covenant as you progress towards the Hunters to initiate Checkpoints. Then once you reach the Hunters, let one get right near the edge. Throw your Pulse Grenades at it's feet. He will back up to avoid it, and eliminate himself.

    *Anyone familiar with Aetheon from Destiny, will know this move. clap
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