Tighten Up The Graphics achievement in Halo MCC

Tighten Up The Graphics

Halo 2: Complete every level of Halo 2 having seen it in both classic and remastered mode.

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How to unlock the Tighten Up The Graphics achievement

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    Tighten Up The Graphics

    This is the same basic idea as the Halo: CE achievement seeing in both remastered and classic.

    Note: This achievement seems to be a bit buggy, so when going for this one, doing any achievements make sure to stay in each mode for at least 5 minutes each, I went through the campaign constantly going in and out, finished with 88% progress, TA progress bar hasn't budged. If you find the answer please let me know via comment or private message, as soon as someone finds the answer or I unlock it myself I will update the solution. I did every mission doing this in Co-op so if you go for this, try doing solo, if it doesn't unlock, try Co-op.

    Using your cn_back button just go in and out on each level before finishing each mission and when finishing the campaign you will unlock this achievement.

    When going for this I go in and out of classic and remastered when I get to the skulls. In this I love to play on remastered most of the time, but when it comes to those skulls, just go back and forth. Or what a friend and I liked to do is compare the cut scenes the difference is insane.

    If you die before making to a checkpoint make sure to do it again (if you did it and it didn't save).

    There is no exact way to know which missions you did both ways so you will have to try and guess which one you missed and mark them off on paper or Notpad on your computer/laptop so you don't keep trying the same missions. (When you mark them off make sure you were at least 5-10 minutes in classic and Remastered mode.

    In Halo CE theres a method to do every level instead of finishing all the missions until you obtain the achievement, instead swap the mode, get to a checkpoint without dying, try the next mission.

    Note: This only works if you finished the level from beginning to end already. So give it a try and comment if it works for you smile

    Good luck and have fun toast
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    lightsup55If you (and your party if playing co-op) died and restarted from a checkpoint, you probably didn't receive credit for viewing that mission in both remastered and/or classic modes (depending on which mode you were in at the time of completion).

    Best thing to do is (especially since you don't know what levels you've done or haven't done) to re-play every mission on Easy, but try not to die at all.

    Also, make sure that you stay in remastered mode for about 3-5 minutes and stay in classic mode for about 3-5 minutes for each mission along the way.

    If you die, even once, make sure you are switching back and forth between remastered/classic modes again (especially if you restart from a checkpoint) before you finish the mission.
    Posted by lightsup55 on 25 Jun 18 at 23:31
    EmoW0lverineI played through every level on co-op and ended with about 60%. Then I went through each mission and just switched a few times during the opening cut scenes and then saved and quit. The progress updated with each missed level and I got the achievement in 5 minutes.
    Posted by EmoW0lverine on 07 Jul 18 at 18:58
    SashamorningConfirmed, if you've finished a mission, you can restart the mission, toggle the graphics and the achievement pops. It did it for me right at the beginning of Gravemind before the first checkpoint.
    Posted by Sashamorning on 05 Jul 19 at 21:38
    Big rick 1969I was missiing the arbiter and i only started the levels and watched the openings and quit out.
    Posted by Big rick 1969 on 27 Oct 19 at 01:56
    xShoot4WarAmpsxUgh..... Beat this game multiple times and even played whole game on Easy in Classic graphics and still at 96%.....
    Posted by xShoot4WarAmpsx on 03 Oct 20 at 20:55
    PurpleFiftyTwoMine is stuck on 0%. I've played through a couple of times switching between both modes. Any suggestions?
    Posted by PurpleFiftyTwo on 10 Oct 20 at 20:45
    lightsup55Many players are having issues with achievements that track progress using the Xbox One console.

    Some players have said that they track and unlock properly using a Windows PC (Windows Store/Steam). So if you have a Windows PC, you might want to try it there. If not, wait for a patch.
    Posted by lightsup55 on 10 Oct 20 at 20:54
    PurpleFiftyTwoWell, I just did yet another run though all the levels, watching the intro cinematics in full, switching between modes a few times. Then did a checkpoint in each mode without dying. When I got to High Charity, it popped as soon as I changed modes in the cinematic!
    Posted by PurpleFiftyTwo on 11 Oct 20 at 07:53
    MikeBugslayerThis is a pesky one. In career it is stated that there are 13 levels that count so I'd assume that Heretic and Armoury won't. Still I'm stuck on 12/13. I completed the game with 10/13, tried seeing each level's opening cut scene in classic mode, but it didn't record anything. Then I tried flipping mode a few times during cut scenes and it recorded 2 more.
    Posted by MikeBugslayer on 27 Nov 20 at 14:26
    MikeBugslayerGot it! I ran H2 on PC and tried to get a checkpoint in each level with no luck until "Great Journey" where it popped right after flicking mode a few times, no checkpoint was required. So it seems it just doesn't record correctly on xbox.
    Posted by MikeBugslayer on 08 Feb at 12:07
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